How to Succeed in Medical Device

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a scientist working on a computer in a laboratoryThe medical device industry is not only diverse but it is also rapidly evolving due to new technologies. Career fields range from research and development, product design, engineering, production, and quality control to corporate management, sales, regulatory and legal affairs.

With these significant shifts it is becoming even more important for employees to keep up with the pace. Medical device companies are in favor, and are actively looking, for an agile workforce with new skill sets to propel them forward.

Besides experience, here are some ways to help stand out and bring even more value:


Take advantage of professional opportunities by attending classes and seminars to add to your skill sets and to learn new ones. Companies are looking for passionate employees who understand and speak to areas other than their own specialty, so adding to your skills is key. 

Team Skills

Collaboration between groups within a company and outside organizations are becoming the standard. Strong team skills and soft skills are becoming more important to have now than ever.

Global Knowledge

Even though the U.S. is the industry leader, staying up to date on the global market is critical. It will allow you to know where growth opportunities arise and what pitfalls to avoid. Here are a couple of sites to bookmark.


Join a professional network and be active on LinkedIn. These networks will help you to learn industry updates, insights and learn from other professionals. Below are some great organizations to join based on your field:

The Medical Device industry is projected to continue with its rapid growth but companies are challenged finding workers with the right skills. To be successful in this industry and grow your career don’t idly sit on the sidelines, instead be an active player and keep learning!

At Adecco, we are actively looking for qualified candidates such as, Development Engineers, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Engineers, Packaging Engineers, Process Engineers, and Project Managers to name a few..

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