April’s Job Creation Widespread Across Industries

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Source: BLS jobs report

The United States generated 288,000 jobs in April, making it the 50th straight month of positive job creation. These figures surpassed many of the expert predictions, as most anticipated 190,000 to 210,000 would be added. The unemployment rate fell 0.4 percent to 6.3 percent — the lowest it has been since 2008 — but was offset by a significant drop in the labor participation rate.

In March, job growth had revealed a milestone in the U.S. economy. Private sector jobs had recouped 8.9 million jobs since February 2010. This exceeded the employment figures of December 2007, which were the pre-recession peak levels. In April, the private sector contributed 273,000 new jobs, while government employment rose by 15,000.

Employment gains were widespread across sectors and were led by professional and business services, retail, food services and construction. Here are some key sector highlights from the BLS “The Employment Situation – April 2014” report.

Professional and Business Services

The industry reported very strong job growth statistics in April, with the addition of 75,000 jobs to the economy. Employment in this sector has grown by an average of 55,000 per month over the last year. Sub-sectors such as architecture and engineering added 3,800 jobs (1.4 million total workforce), IT consulting and design created 13,900 jobs (2.96 million total workforce) and temporary help services generated 24,000 jobs (2.85 million total workforce). In total, 19.1 million Americans were employed within the sector last month.


For the third month in a row this industry reported a surge in job creation. 18,700 jobs were added in total, which brings the total employed in this sector to 14.7 million people. Within the sector, ambulatory services generated 12,600 jobs (6.6 million total workforce), hospitals added 1,700 jobs (4.8 million total workforce) and nursing and residential care facilities grew 4,4000 jobs (3.2 million total workforce). Leading economists continue to remain very optimistic about the sector’s employment situation in the second and third quarter.

Leisure and Hospitality

One of the nation’s most reliable industries, this sector’s hiring continued to rise steadily in April by generating 28,000 jobs. The total number of employed in this sector has reached 14.5 million people. Looking at the sub-sectors, food services and drinking places employment was particularly strong, rising by 32,600 (10.6 million total workforce), while accommodations gained 4,900 jobs (1.9 million total workforce).


Once again this industry continued its strong hiring trend by adding 32,000 new jobs to the economy. The total number of employed persons in this sector has reached 6 million. Within the sector, heavy and civil engineering added 10,500 jobs (918,800 total workforce) and residential building grew by 6,900 jobs (659,300 total workforce). It is important to note the figures presented in this sector indicate that the economy is in a sustained recovery.


Employment in this sector showed promising growth in April by adding 34,500 jobs to the economy. Total employed in this sector has reached 15.3 million and over the last 12 months employment has grown by 327,000. Within the industry, food and beverage added 9,000 jobs (3 million total workforce), general merchandise stores added 8,200 jobs (3.1 million total workforce), motor vehicle and parts dealers added 5,200 jobs (849,400 total workforce) and non-store retailers added 4,100 jobs (482,000 total workforce).

Temporary Help Services 

This rock star job sub-sector reported its 15th consecutive month of job creation in April as total employment increased by 28,500. Since April 2013, this sector has had an average of 2.85 million people employed and continues in an upward trend as more and more businesses are taking advantage of temporary staffing solutions for their workforce needs.

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