Interpersonal Relationships in the Workplace

As the responsibilities of the day hijack our schedules and strategy defers to reactivity, interpersonal relationships and common courtesy are often neglected faster than Mark Sanchez after his first pick-6.

Recently, while conducting a conference call, at least two people signed off as I was recapping the content and administering (what I thought was) a heartfelt goodbye.  I was furious…until it became humbly apparent that I am a habitual offender and on multiple occasions “beeped off” to gain a precious 7-10 seconds on my next “critical” endeavor.  I thought about how my bosses, colleagues and even clients must have felt after this seemingly simple oversight.  I am proud to say that “beeping off early” has been quit, cold turkey.

I trust that our team can learn from my mistake and hope to hear some of your thoughts on simple ways to improve communication and interpersonal relationships in the workplace.