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Mortgage and banking jobsWith technology changing at an unprecedented pace, IT jobs are hot these days.

Yet for job seekers pursuing in-demand roles such as those highlighted in this infographic from K Alliance, the challenge is often acquiring the skills necessary to do the job, as well as keeping those skills up-to-date.

There’s been considerable focus on the IT skills gap in recent weeks, particularly in the wake of President Obama’s State of the Union speech during which he called for an across-the-board review of federal employment and training programs to help ensure people ready to work have the skills for high-demand jobs.

While the President laid out an ambitious agenda, the reality is that those seeking to develop and enhance marketable IT skills need to devise and execute their own training program. Here are three ways to make it happen:

Go Local 

Many state and federal job training programs offer classes and resources to beef up your IT skills — and depending on your situation the training may be free or at a nominal cost. The U.S. Department of Labor has a searchable directory of federal and state job training resources and programs. Also, check out the nearby community college. IT training has become a sweet spot for many community colleges throughout the country, offering one-off classes in specific skills as well as two-year degrees and certifications that can be earned more economically than at four-year institutions or private training facilities.

Train Online

More and more, IT training is moving toward self-directed online courses that provide instruction on a wide range of marketable IT skills. While many sites are fee-based, there are plenty of free resources that can provide a good baseline of knowledge. For more advanced training, serves as a bridge between those seeking IT training and hundreds of IT training providers “who provide affordable, high-impact and flexible online training courses.”


Instead of formal online training or going to a job center, the wealth of information on the Internet offers the opportunity to create your own coursework for enhancing IT skills. For instance, Lifehacker offers resources such as Learn to Code: The Full Beginner’s Guide. Other resources such as or the open-source community offer huge libraries of instructional videos on subject such as Web design and app development.

So how do you pay for it?

As highlighted in this post, many resources are free or may be accessed for nominal cost. Yet, getting more advanced training or to acquire certification often comes at a price. If you are already employed, always check with your employer to see if they have an established training program or if they are willing to pay for a specific training. You may also be eligible for financial aid or free or reduced cost training. Check out for more information about whether you are eligible for state or federal training assistance.

The bottom line

If you are resourceful and open to a variety of training options, you can enhance your skills and be a hot commodity on the job market.

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