How businesses can help close the skills gap

The-skills-gap-is-realAddressing the ongoing skills gap in the job market is a complex challenge that requires buy-in from every party involved: educators, job seekers, educational institutions, and employers and businesses as well. Placing the burden of responsibility on educators isn’t a sustainable solution, though it is true that these institutions require reform and adjustment, especially earlier on in the educational system. To see positive change more rapidly, businesses would be wise to undertake some of the responsibility in closing the skills gap. Here are a few things that employers can start implementing to get job seekers up to speed in the short-term and contribute to closing the skills gap in the long-term:
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Will government spending cuts be enforced in March?

Two days prior to the release of the BLS’ “The Employment Situation – January 2013” report, the Bureau of Economic Analysis published its latest “advance” estimate regarding Q4 2012 GDP.

The estimate’s findings shocked many financial experts. Despite a rise in personal consumption expenditures and business investment, real GDP declined by 0.1 percent last quarter, the first quarterly decrease since 2009, leading some economists to ask: why?
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Will the American Taxpayer Relief Act impact you?

As millions of Americans celebrated the dawn of 2013, the House of Representatives adjoined to vote on the Senate’s recently amended “American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012,” a solution to the nation’s impending “fiscal cliff.”

With a final tally of 257 votes in favor of the Act, the House agreed to approve the amendment on January 1st, which President Obama promptly signed into law the following day.

But will the Act actually impact you? And, if so, how?
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Will the “fiscal cliff” be avoided?

As the end of 2012 nears, many global economists are presently encouraged by the United States’ latest job growth trends. Not only was November’s employment report more positive than anticipated, but economic recovery has steadily occurred throughout the second half of the year.

Since July, nearly 789,000 jobs have been generated. The national unemployment rate has fallen from 8.3 to 7.7 percent. And, a majority of private sectors have been hiring, leading some economists to believe full-fledged recovery has begun.
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Will the U.S.-Panama TPA boost job growth in 2013?

On October 22nd, U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk met with Panamanian Minister of Commerce and Industry Ricardo Quijano in order to conclude and put into effect a six-year-long process – the enforcement of the U.S.-Panama Trade Promotion Agreement (TPA).

Now that the agreement has been fully enforced, the decades-long trading partnership between the United States and Panama is expected to strengthen even further throughout the coming months.
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Obama administration announces $40 million insourcing grant

To further strengthen the national economy and increase job creation, the Obama administration recently announced competitive grant funding worth $40 million.
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