EMEA’s business and consumer confidence remains low

There is no question that most EMEA nations faced countless challenges last year, as regional economic recovery continued. From depreciating currencies to double-dip recessions, the road towards recovery remains a test for most, if not all, of the region’s countries.

But, are there any signs that progress will occur in early 2013? Will business and consumer confidence improve? Has any information recently been released regarding the region’s business climate?
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Regional economic recovery remains sluggish

Last month, economists were encouraged by EMEA’s fiscal figures, as regional business and consumer confidence rose in October, while consumer prices remained stable. Such news was certainly welcomed by global economists and regional governmental officials, in the midst of Europe’s double-dip recession.

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Regional consumer confidence remains low

With mounting unemployment and depreciating monetary units, global economists were not entirely surprised by September’s economic figures, which revealed that EMEA’s business and consumer confidence remained low. But, did October’s data provide any evidence that relief is in sight?

As an indication of the region’s present economic situation, the following statistics concerning inflation, business and consumer confidence, business climate, and reserve funds were recently released to the public.
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Regional consumer confidence declined in September

Throughout 2012, news reports regarding EMEA’s economic situation have generally focused on the same issues – rising unemployment, depreciating monetary units, and high inflation.

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EMEA’s economic recovery remains volatile

As has been the case throughout 2012, EMEA’s economic recovery is still quite sluggish. Unemployment remains well above average in many nations.
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EMEA’s financial forecast improved in July

As autumn nears, a majority of global economists remain uncertain about EMEA’s economic future. Countless questions have yet to be answered by even the world’s most renowned financial experts.
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