Inflation and unemployment remains above average

Employment and inflation continues to riseOn November 2nd, the BLS released its latest “The Employment Situation” report, providing further evidence that the United States’ economic recovery is occurring at a steady pace. According to the report, the nation added 171,000 new jobs to the national economy in October – the fourth consecutive month in which more than 100,000 jobs had been generated.
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Regional consumer confidence remains low

With mounting unemployment and depreciating monetary units, global economists were not entirely surprised by September’s economic figures, which revealed that EMEA’s business and consumer confidence remained low. But, did October’s data provide any evidence that relief is in sight?

As an indication of the region’s present economic situation, the following statistics concerning inflation, business and consumer confidence, business climate, and reserve funds were recently released to the public.
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Consumer confidence and inflation weakened in October

In early November, Asia Pacific’s latest economic figures were released to the public just days after typhoon Son-Tinh struck the coasts of China, Vietnam, and the Philippines, leading to millions of dollars in damage. Prior to the release of the data, Asia Pacific was slowly recovering from two other devastating typhoons, Saola and Libra, which occurred this summer, as consumer prices had recently begun to drop, while employment was rising in some nations.
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Employment and inflation continues to rise

Global economists were recently encouraged by the release of the BLS’ “The Employment Situation – September 2012” report, which revealed that the United States’ national unemployment rate fell to its lowest level since January 2009, as 114,000 jobs were added to the national economy.

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Regional consumer confidence declined in September

Throughout 2012, news reports regarding EMEA’s economic situation have generally focused on the same issues – rising unemployment, depreciating monetary units, and high inflation.

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Consumer confidence weakens as prices remain high

As Asia Pacific continues to recover from this summer’s devastating typhoons, Saola and Libra, the natural disasters’ impact on the region’s economy has already been apparent.
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