Nine pieces of career advice to live by

job tipsI’ve recently been invited to speak to students about the “real world” and give them advice on how to succeed after college.

As I’m preparing my little talk I’ve been thinking back on my career and why I’ve enjoyed success and disappointments along the way – and what I’ve learned from both. So here’s a sneak peak at my presentation – I hope it gives you a good idea or two in your journey!


1. Be a positive force!

This is probably the one thing that has served me the best over the 28 years since I graduated. People want to hire people (especially college grads) that bring positivity and a can-do mentality to the workplace. Nobody likes a whiner – at least nobody that’s successful. Be a force for good. Be enthusiastic about your work, even if you think it’s beneath you. You don’t have to be outgoing if that’s not your nature. You don’t have to light up a room with your personality. But you should always come from a good mental place no matter what gets thrown at you. If you try to always be a positive force, you will always be valued by your boss and your team.

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7 Job Search Tips for Veterans Entering the Civilian Workforce

Veterans Entering the Civilian Workforce

Making the transition from military service to civilian life can be exciting, but also challenging for many veterans. Often, one of the biggest hurdles is the job search process and knowing how to effectively market their skills, experience and passion to employers.

This challenge can be particularly acute for veterans coming off long stints of military service. New technology, social media and other trends have led to some major changes in the hiring process in recent years.

Fortunately, a wide range of resources and information is available to help veterans and military spouses significantly improve their chances of landing a job. To get started, here are a few key suggestions for a post-service job search:

  • Setting realistic, achievable goals
  • Determining how your skills will transfer to the corporate world.
  • Being able to clearly explain those applicable skills and experience to a non-military person.
  • Networking
  • Preparing an effective interview
  • Crafting a winning resume
  • Using social media to aid in your job search

Another valuable resource is Adecco’s Career Connections for Military Spouses and Veterans. Career Connections is a partnership between Adecco and military installations around the country to recruit and hire military spouses and veterans. The program features an initiative geared specifically to military families that includes recruiting from military job fairs and job boards, as well as directly from military bases. In addition to job placement, additional career services available through the program include:
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Five Job Interview Skills Your Competition Doesn’t Have

5 tips for a successful interviewOur marketing team is in the middle of an organizational redesign. We are moving from a mostly traditional structure (organized by skill sets) to a demand generation and revenue marketing team aligned with our sales and recruitment funnel. Because of this, we’ve needed to hire additional modern marketers who are content creators, understand analytics and are fully digitally fluent.

So, I’ve been doing a lot of interviewing over the past several weeks and I have to say, overall I am not impressed.  While we’ve hired some really great people, we’ve left a lot more candidates out of consideration because they just don’t know how to interview. So here’s a few tips on what interview skills you need to brush up on to have a better chance of interviewing successfully with me (and I’m sure a bunch of other people too):

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Resu-Me: A new way to share your career story


There are lots of ways to talk about your career, and more and more of them include sharing your information on social media, especially on LinkedIn. Now, what if you could take your LinkedIn profile and turn it into a movie?

On that note, we’d like to introduce Resu-Me, a platform that takes your traditional resume and weaves it into an animated movie based on your LinkedIn profile. Not only is Resu-Me an exciting new way to promote your career story and personal brand, but it is great to share via social media. Check it out now and create your own Resu-Me video!

Want to share this on social? Post a link to your Resu-Me video and use the hashtag #ResuMeVid.

Top Conferences for .Net Developers

A list of 9 conferences for .Net Developers to attend.With 2014 just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your conference calendar. These 10 conferences offer exceptional opportunities for .Net Developers to learn and network. Whether you work in web, mobile, or gaming, there’s bound to be something that fits your interests. 
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Seeking Positive Solutions for Millennial Unemployment

Millenials now account for 1 in 3 employees in the workforce.

How do we lower the Millennial unemployment rate?

Lately, much of the national narrative around Millennial employment has been reduced to the blame-game. Some employers and commentators portray Millennials as soft, needy and unwilling to work their way up the corporate ladder. Meanwhile, some Millennials counter that employers won’t give them a fair shake at a decent salary.

The reality, of course, is that neither extreme is accurate. And it would serve everyone well to focus on recent positive momentum and look for constructive ways to get even more Millennials into meaningful, well-paying jobs. In a recent Forbes Blog post, Millennial branding guru Dan Schawbel urged business leaders to support and encourage Millennials, which by next year will account for one in three people in the workforce.
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