Digital Marketing Skills In Demand

Take your performance review seriously - your HR department would appreciate that Digital marketing jobs are hot for 2014, with plenty of employers seeking to strengthen their online and mobile sales, reputation and content.

In September 2013, there was a 19% jump in posted digital marketing jobs, compared to the previous September. Within the broad spectrum of digital marketing, some specific skills are in particular demand. Here are the most sought-after skills and how to attain them:

SEO: Organizations need to cut through the massive clutter of the online world and connect with customers and the public. The most effective and cost efficient way to do that is through search engine optimization, or SEO, which helps enhance the chances of targeted audiences seeing your content. Develop essential skills such as using optimal keywords, linking effectively, and smart Web writing. Check out these Top 15 SEO blogs to help you get started utilizing these crucial practices.

Analytics: Faced with so much data and information, companies often don’t know how to best target their dollars and resources. That’s where digital analytics come in. Digital pros well-versed in analytics can mine data to identify the best information available to inform decision-making. Google has developed Analytics Academy, a robust resource that provides plenty of free information to help you develop and hone analytics skills.
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Make A Career-Based Resolution for 2014

NYNY_party_hatsInstead of committing to the gym or jumping on a trendy diet again, make a new year’s resolution that will help further your career.

Whether it is learning a new skill, updating a resume or even landing a promotion, consider a resolution that you’ll be more likely to work towards.

Here are 10 career-based resolutions to help you ring in 2014:

1. Increase Organization

Start with a clean desk. Being organized can make you feel productive and work more efficiently. Before you leave the office, clean finished projects off the desk, create a to-do pile for the next day and find a place for ongoing projects. Invest in a desktop or online calendar for appointments, meetings and deadlines so that you never feel frazzled or lost for time. In addition to calendars and planners, there are a plethora of productivity apps to help you keep on task.
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Promising Job Sectors in 2014

h_webinars_lgWill the U.S. job market finally turn the corner in 2014? And, if so, what will be the hottest careers as the economy improves?

Many experts say employment will continue to improve in the coming year. Kiplinger’s Economic Outlook 2014 estimated that net job growth will see an uptick from about 180,000 a month this year to roughly 200,000 a month in 2014. That trend would push the unemployment rate near 7 percent — a vast improvement from the recession during which joblessness topped 10 percent.

The job market appears to be improving across the country. In November, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 42 states had unemployment rates decrease compared to a year before, while just 5 states showed no change.

And a recent Los Angeles Times article painted a downright rosy picture for job growth and the economy, noting that “The overall economic outlook for the U.S. has improved sharply in recent weeks amid a string of surprisingly robust economic data.” The article noted increases in hiring, factor orders and consumer spending.

Of course, job prospects will vary depending on industry, location and a range of other factors. Yet, certain sectors and industries are well positioned to experience a more significant surge in hiring. Here is a look at the sectors that hold the most promise in 2014.
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Stand Out and Be Hired!

dev_new_skills_blogIn this competitive job market, it’s more important than ever to set yourself apart from the crowd if you want to catch the attention of busy recruiters and hiring managers.

Savvy job seekers need a personal promotion strategy to enhance their chances of rising to the surface in the vast sea of generic resumes. Here are six steps for getting noticed in all the right ways.

1. Rock your resume: Certainly the traditional resume has lost much of its importance in the age of social media and dynamic interactive portfolios. Yet the truth is, you still need a resume, and it needs to be compelling enough to catch and maintain a recruiter’s attention. A recent piece in Forbes, 6 Ways to Avoid the Resume Black Hole, offers up some good advice on crafting a resume that is an attention getter.

2. Craft catchy cover letters: Cover letters may offer your best opportunity to make the case why you are the right person for the job. Make sure the letter quickly conveys that you know and understand the role advertised, have an awareness of the company, and possess the skills, experience and attitude to deliver value. A generic cover letter that simply changes the name of the recipient is likely worse that no cover letter at all.
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Holiday Party Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts

Every office has stories of holiday parties past. The sordid tales range from co-workers showing up in jeans to a formal event, or the year that an employee drank too much champagne and entertained the office with dance moves. While holiday parties are supposed to be fun, your actions and behavior can affect your career opportunities in the future as well as the respect of your co-workers.

Here are seven tips to make sure that you don’t become part of office lore and limit your career in the process.

1. Don’t be Absent

Unless you have a death in the family, a contagious illness or a wedding (preferably only your own being a valid excuse), you need to be at the party. While holiday parties are worded as invitations, the event is considered mandatory. Rearrange your schedule, cancel other parties, or do whatever you need to do to be at the party.

2. Dress Appropriately

When picking out your outfit, make sure that you are dressing appropriately for the venue and the company. If you are attending a cocktail party at a fancy hotel conservative accounting firm, you would probably wear a different outfit than for a casual party in a local bar after work. Ladies should take care to make sure that their outfit is not too short, too tight or too low cut. If in doubt about what to wear, ask the event organizer about the dress code.
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Tips for Celebrating the Holidays in the Workplace

ADO_403x403_holidayThe holiday season can be one that is fun in the workplace. However, while gatherings, gifting, and celebrations can boost morale, social events with co-workers should be handled with care.

Workplace Culture

The attitude of your company can affect how you celebrate the holidays in the office. Is the mood light and laid-back or more formal? Do you deal with external customers on a daily basis? It is important to keep a few things in mind when planning how you will dress, decorate your desk or even talk about the holiday season at work.

  • Be respectful of different religious views. Much of the holiday season, from Hanukkah to Christmas, is steeped in religion and it can be easy to offend co-workers unintentionally.
  • Keep holiday dress to a minimum on a day-to-day basis. While a holiday-themed sweater is great for a party, it could violate the office dress code. Avoid items that make noise, such as jingle bell socks, because they can be distracting.
  • While workplace decorations are commonplace, keep them simple and unobtrusive. Avoid items that move or make noise as people walk by. Don’t allow decorations to invade on the workspace of another person.
  • Your holiday celebration is only appropriate if it does not make other workers uncomfortable and does not get in the way of getting your job done.
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