Landing a Job After Graduation

Great Grads need great jobs

How can you overcome unemployment statistics and get your career off to a fast start?


If you haven’t already graduated this year, graduation is probably around the corner. Along with yourself, your fellow classmates and possibly your roommate there are approximately 1.8 million new grads entering the workforce this year.

According to our recent survey, a majority of employers (58 percent) are not planning to hire college grads this year. Of those that are, they only plan on hiring one or two candidates. With numbers like that, chances are you can use a little help in your job search.

The best way to answer the question above is to get advice from someone that has been in your position. Well, we’ve got someone for you to meet; Kevin’s a recent grad just like you.

Kevin is also an outstanding member of the Millennial generation. Millennials – also known as Gen Y or echo boomers – represent the fastest-growing segment of the workforce and bring unique skills to the workplace; skills including ambition, agility, creativity, multitasking and technical aptitude.

What can you do to prepare yourself to enter the job market?

It’s time to change the minds of the 58% of employers that don’t plan on hiring recent grads. Honing in on and changing or excelling at changing these stereotypes will definitely put you ahead of the game.

“Today’s college graduates are entering a highly competitive job market, so honing their skills to develop a standout resume and ace an interview are extremely critical,” says Joyce Russell, president of Adecco Staffing US. “For many new grads, the job search itself can become full time work, but in the end, those who take the time and use all of the resources at their disposal to prepare will be best positioned to land a job.”

Here are a few of those statistics that are keeping you and your generation from landing your dream job and how to fix it!

Concentrate on the basics.

Remember what is most important – the basics! It may be a surprise to learn that the GPA and prestige of the college/university that the applicants attended are considered among the least important qualifications for a job. Previous work experience and level of education are two of the most important factors for hiring managers. Be sure to emphasize your qualifications and express how they apply to the job you are applying for:

  • You earned your degree, so tout your major and let your hiring manager know all of the great ways that your studies helped you develop as a future employee and relate to the industry you are applying to.
  • Past work experience is a huge plus, so make sure you speak confidently about your experiences, including internships and any past work experience, on your interview.

Preparing a strong resume and cover letter will help tie all of this together. But don’t forget spell check!  Spelling errors (43 percent) are listed as the single most common mistake found on resumes that can automatically disqualify a candidate from consideration.

Put your best(and best dressed) foot forward.

Half  (50 percent) of the hiring managers surveyed said one of the biggest interview mistakes young adults make is dressing inappropriately, while 44 percent said showing up late or on the wrong date was the biggest flub.

What does this mean? First impressions are extremely important when it comes to interviewing, and the best way to make a great first impression on an employer is to look your best by dressing well. Unfortunately, one of the biggest interview mistakes young adults make is dressing inappropriately for an interview. You can avoid making the same mistake by following a few simple guidelines.

To play it safe, the general rule of thumb is to:

  • Dress up rather than dress down, so be conservative. If you know that the culture of the office is more business casual, or if you are in a more creative industry, you can dress to fit in with the work environment, however you should still be dressed professionally.
  • Take the time to make sure your outfit is clean, pressed, and fits properly.
  • Grooming is also important – hair and nails should be clean and well-groomed. Conservative jewelry should be worn, and tattoos and piercings should be hidden.

Finally, always show up early, just in case you need to run to the bathroom fix or change anything!

Adecco connects more people to more jobs than any other company in the world. We know who is hiring, when they are hiring and what they are looking for in young professionals like you! We know about opportunities before anyone else, which means you’ll know about them before anyone else, too.

But we don’t just find you a job, we give you the tools, support and experience you need to form the foundation of a successful future.

To learn more about how Adecco can help you graduate to a great job, contact your local Adecco office today.