The Lemonade Stand: Do you remember your first job?

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Do you remember your first job? The first time you put in hard work and then tasted sweet success?

Whether it was washing dad’s car, mowing the lawn for mom, or selling lemonade with your friends, you’ll never forget your first job. Even though you learned that work can be hard, you also learned it can be really rewarding.

We celebrate rewarding work, and aim to make the future of work more fun. So we decided to give the next generation of hard workers the opportunity to fall in love with work.

Watch as we gave this group of kids their very first job…ever. They worked together, found that they were able to create something pretty cool, and had a great time doing it. It reminds us why loving what you do is so important.

And, as you can see, these kids found out that the juice was totally worth the squeeze.

Lemonade Stand: Do you remember your first job?


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