Metropolitan Minimum Wage Increases Continue

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spaceneedleAt the end of last year, we wrote a blog post about California raising its minimum wage from $8 an hour to $10 an hour, and discussed the pros and cons of raising minimum wage.

This month, Seattle passed a bill that increases the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour, the highest in the country at almost double the national minimum wage.

The interesting difference between Seattle raising its minimum wage, as opposed to when California raised its minimum wage is that this law is only relevant to those working directly within the city limits. This means that there will be almost a five-dollar difference in pay between neighboring cities.

The impact of this situation is unknown, but people are paying attention. Some of the results economists are watching for include:

  • Increase in skilled workers moving to work in Seattle, at the detriment of younger and less-skilled employees.
  • Increase in economies of surrounding areas as workers commute into Seattle work and bring their wages back to spend in nearby suburbs.
  • Changes to wages in corresponding areas.

No matter the results, we probably won’t see any major changes soon. To help companies roll out this change, and to protect small businesses in Seattle, the changes will be rolled out in tiers from now through 2021.

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To learn more about how the minimum wage impacts you, and to get maximum results out of your team or your career, contact your local branch today.

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