Most Admired Companies of 2013 by Millennials Age 18-24

When you’re taking your first steps into the working world, not all companies are created equal. By the time graduation — or even your first internship — comes along,  you’ll have had plenty of time to form opinions about the companies that dominate the hiring space, and it’s no surprise that your favorites are likely to become your first choices when seeking employment. Fortune magazine’s annual report on the World’s Most Admired Companies is a veritable Who’s Who of the world’s biggest and best-loved brands. It’s also a great list of companies to target when embarking on your job search.


This one’s a no-brainer. The iPhone and iPad manufacturer tops the list for the sixth year running. In addition to consistently placing among the world’s most profitable companies, Apple’s customer base is fanatically loyal and growing quickly.

Apple loves to hire the best and the brightest, especially from within the Tech sector. A healthy salary, fun work environment, and access to the latest gadgets are among the perks Apple employees enjoy.

How has Apple made it to the top of the list year after year? Just like the millennial workforce, Apple has based its successes on three major factors: innovation, execution and opportunity.

Why has Apple topped Fortune's most admired companies six years in a row?

Apple’s Corporate Financial History
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Fortune Magazine’s Ranking: #1
Headquarters: Cupertino, CA
Founded: 1976



While the search giant comes in second on the “Most Admired” list, it’s still first among the most desired companies to work for. Google’s working environment is famous for fun and innovation. On the top of the checklist for job search and work life balance for the Millennial workforce is the ability to make an impact, and this is exactly the culture that Google Co-Founder Larry Page aims to provide.  No matter your seniority or position in the company, all employees are encouraged to ask how they can make a difference.

What makes Google so different? Well, for starters, it could be the free breakfast, lunch and dinners. Or maybe its free bike repair, unlimited sick days, the amazing education reimbursement programs? We think its definitely a healthy mix of all of these things.

The company’s already-massive profits should continue to grow, as the Android OS is expected to overtake Apple’s iOS as the number one mobile operating system in North America in 2013, steadily keeping it on the top of the most admired list.


ResumeBear breaks down the perks at working at the top social media tech giants. Google has one of the most awesome workplace environments and perks.
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Fortune Magazine’s Ranking: #2
Headquarters: Mountain View, CA
Founded: 1998



With no real competitor in sight, Amazon is growing at a phenomenal rate, and its hiring is keeping pace. Financial stability, huge name recognition, and a reputation for exceptional leadership make Amazon a prize among potential employers. For job seekers who might not be swayed by thought of working for an online retailer, the emergence of Amazon’s Web Services and Kindle businesses will keep them at the forefront of the digital game for years to come.

Fortune Magazine’s Ranking: #3
Headquarters: Seattle, Washington
Founded: 1994


The world’s largest beverage company is — perhaps surprisingly — one of the world’s most socially conscious corporations. Their dedication to sustainability is well known, and their recent forays into the public health ramifications caused by soda consumption have set a well-regarded precedent for other soft drink and snack companies. However, Coca-Cola recently announced job cuts in its Atlanta base, so landing a job here may not be in the cards in the near future.

Fortune Magazine’s Ranking: #4
Headquarters: Midtown Atlanta, GA
Founded: 1892



The company that made “grande” and “venti” part of the American lexicon suffered during the financial crisis, closing hundreds of stores nationwide. However, the world’s foremost purveyor of caffeine has rebounded well, and profits are back up. It also maintains a commitment to social responsibility, and champions a range of causes, including sustainable job growth in the U.S.

Fortune Magazine’s Ranking: #5
Headquarters: Midtown Atlanta, GA
Founded: 1892


For the entire list visit Fortune’s Top 50 List.

Question time! We’ve given you the list that Fortune deems to be the world’s most admired companies, which company or organization do you admire most and why?


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