National Staffing Week’s Need to Know Acronyms

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national staffing week

Happy National Staffing Week!

We all do it. Over time, it becomes easier to create linguistic shortcuts. The staffing world is rife with acronyms. If you don’t eat, breathe and sleep staffing, then you probably have no idea what CPE’s or MVP’s are.

No worries! Adecco to the rescue during National Staffing Week to break down the language barrier and make staffing services more accessible to everyone. Without further ado, let’s introduce you to staffing.

What’s an SLA?

It stands for Service Level Agreement. If you want to get the gist of it, say “slay”. Vendors and clients are looking to measure the success of a temporary staffing program, and an SLA is a collection of the agreed-upon goals & parameters. So when you slay the SLA, you’ve mastered the account!

What a QBR?

A Quarterly Business Review (QBR) is kind of like the adult version of a parent-teacher conference. The staffing vendor is the nervous parent, meeting to discuss their company’s performance with the client. Instead of going over notes passed in class, QBR’s are all about the grades. Client and vendor set service level agreements (SLA’s) before the contract begins. During the meeting, the vendor is graded on ROI, usage trends, turnover, order activity and more.

What is an MVP?

It’s not the Most Valuable Player, though that isn’t far off.  It means Master Vendor Program (MVP). An MVP centralizes vendor management by appointing one staffing supplier to do it all. It’s sort of like being the team captain. The staffing vendor has to be a strong player, able to fill orders better than any other vendor. In addition to strong ability, they have to be a strong leader. Your MVP should be able to help manage everything from subvendors to process improvements and reporting.

What is an MSP?

If an MVP is the team captain, then a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is the coach. The coach doesn’t play. They focus on strategy, ensuring that your company makes the right moves a the right time. MSP’s manage your contingent staffing program from A to Z.

What is VMS?

A VMS or Vendor Managed Service is the handy app that helps everyone manage their team. It keeps the team organized and in the know of the latest news and stats in real time.  Basically, it’s a web-based tool that expedites the staffing process to get you the best match.

What is an RCE?

The Recruitment Center of Excellence (RCE) is Adecco’s own Mr. Fix-It. Imagine you go outside in the morning and see an alligator sitting at your front door. Are you going to take care of it yourself? Of course not – special problems like that need a special solution. Think of the Recruitment Center of Excellence as the animal control to your staffing alligator. By utilizing the power of scale and technology, orders are filled faster with better candidates.

What’s a CPE?

A CPE is a client payrolled employee. Think about the difference between a catered meal and a potluck. Your typical staffing services are the catered meal. We supply all the services according to your specifications. It’s pain-free.

A CPE is more like a potluck. The client already knows who they want to pay to do the job. They do the hard work and we take on the burden of payroll and benefits. A little more work, but less expensive and just as tasty.

Want more?

During National Staffing Week, we’ll be bringing you info to help you hack the industry. It may seem like you’ve learned a lot about staffing already, but there is a lot more to learn. If you are interested in decoding more staffing mysteries, read our exhaustive list of Need to Know Staffing Acronyms. 

national staffing week

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