How Will Microsoft’s New .NET Support Policy Impact Businesses & Developers?

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Casual Indian Office WorkerThe .NET Fundamentals team announced in a blog post this past August that support for .NET Framework 4.5.1 and older will be ending in 2016. Microsoft also reported that the company will be changing its product lifecycle support policy for the older .NET Framework 4 and 4.5 versions.

What does this mean for businesses?

This announcement puts pressure on businesses to get up to date on the latest technology and stay there. There may be increased cost and time needed to make the updates, but in the long term the benefits outweigh the costs. By forcing companies to stay current, Microsoft is ensuring that their customers’ systems are inherently more secure. The upgrade process has become seamless, allowing for quicker and more timely security updates. With the amount of important and sensitive data available within companies and increasingly in the cloud, the importance of security is at an all-time high.

From a talent acquisition perspective, businesses will simultaneously be faced with a larger (not necessarily more available) pool of candidates that can make an immediate impact and a population of candidates with more choices than ever before. To compete for and attract the best talent, companies will need to make sure they are an employer of choice. The most attractive employers tend to have the best combination of benefits, technology, work environment, flexibility and growth opportunity. They are also the ones with the most candidate friendly hiring processes.

What does this mean for developers?

We see this as a positive for the development community, allowing .NET developers to stay on the cutting edge of technology. This will come as great news for developers working in environments that haven’t yet made the move to latest .NET technology, allowing them to increase their marketability. In a job market with skyrocketing demand for talent and limited supply, candidates already have many choices on where they can apply their talents. Those with the latest technology tend to have the most choices and are in the highest demand. This announcement will have the positive impact of giving a bigger population of Developers more options on where to work.

This announcement has the added benefit of freeing up time and resources of development teams. By having less legacy technology to support and update more time can be spent doing what they do best, create amazing applications that drive the world’s business!


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