Nothing Personal, Just Business!!!

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I have always been told in my recruiting career “it’s nothing personal”. That can be a tough pill to swallow if your livelihood and success as a recruiter is dependent on the success of others. We all know its all about the timing but timing isn’t everything.

We live in a very political world where connections, networking and “who you know” plays a huge factor in getting a job, developing friendships, and succeeding in one career. It’s bitter sweet in a way. When you finally gain the respect of others, make the right connections, and start to make your way through the inner circle, the hungry wolves are following right behind you waiting for their shot.

There are a lot of people that you interact with that have their own agendas, a lot of people that you work with in a forced relationship. As you battle to stay on top, aiming to please new managers, sell candidates on why they should work with you, make sure that your cover all basis and have a plan B set in place just in case plan A falls through.

Well, guess what?! Just as a great recruiter will not fill everything, you will not win every battle and win over everybody that you encounter in your life. Nothing personal, right? Please, it is 100% personal, especially when your friends and allies decide to turn their head the other way. What bothers me is when the best guy for the job doesn’t get the job or when the worker that has been dedicated with an outstanding track record is laid off before a laundry list of people that should have gone.

Whatever situation you are in I have realized that the world that we live in is extremely hard to build true friendships, people that you can count on no matter what.

As the economy tightens up and opportunities and jobs continue to be hard to come by, the business world will continue to live by “it’s nothing personal”. Just remember not to give up!


A Sr. Technical Recruiter with 12+ years as an IT/Engineering recruiting hiring consultants for some of Adecco’s top customers, Todd has a passion for social media strategy and sharing his insights with colleagues. In his spare time he coaches one of the top AAU Girls basketball programs within the state of Massachusetts. Todd's three children keep him young and his lovely wife keeps him grounded.

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  1. I agree! I see this all the time – a client will have an extremely specific job description and deny every candidate we submit (some who are very close, but not 100% on – or “not a personality fit”) – and then they will hire a referred candidate who has absolutely no experience, but is someone’s son or cousin, etc.

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