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What does comfort mean to you? If you ask ten people that question, chances are you are going to get ten different answers. If you ask any military child who has been the recipient of a comfort quilt that question, they would tell you that comfort is the warmth and closeness they feel when they wrap themselves in a quilt with their mom or dad’s picture on it.

Operation Kid Comfort is a program that the South East Armed Services YMCA sponsors for military children in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado. The program offers any child of a deployed military member a free quilt or pillow that has a photo of that child’s military parent and family. These quilts and pillows are handcrafted to help comfort children during a parent’s deployment.

On Friday, April 24th, Adecco was on-hand to participate in the YMCA’s quilt and pillow distribution day to celebrate the month of military children. This event brought participants and spectators together and gave military children a way to accept their personalized gift.

Adecco also had the privilege of presenting the YMCA with a $500 donation – funds that were raised through Adecco’s philanthropic campaign Win4Youth. This global initiative raises money for youth-based charities based on the amount of kilometers participants run, bike, and swim.

Paralympic athlete and Adecco employee, Alison Jones leads a spin class for Win4Youth.

In February, a handful of Adecco colleagues and clients combined kilometers biked during a spin class led by Paralympic athlete and Adecco employee, Alison Jones. As an official United States Olympic Committee (USOC) sponsor, Adecco was proud to bring USOC staff, Adecco colleagues and a Paralympic champion together to cycle for a good cause – comfort!

Adecco proudly continues the long-standing tradition of supporting the military community through our military spouse and veteran recruitment programs. Having the opportunity to extend our commitment to military children resonated with every participant and attendee, and motivated the entire group to cycle a little harder that cold day in February.

A portion of the money raised through Win4Youth and donated to the YMCA will be contributed to Operation Kid Comfort. Other portions of the donation will go to help military families participate in various YMCA events and activities throughout the year.
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Adecco employees and their families visited the South East Armed Services YMCA to present a check for $500.00.




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