Advantages of Outsourcing & Consulting For Project Management

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Special projects can solve big problems and be very rewarding, but often lead to unforeseen costs and big headaches. The key to avoiding complications is to ensure that you’re starting off every project with the best possible chance of not only succeeding, but also moving forward smoothly and on time. If your team’s workflow is too overburdened to tackle the planning phase, or really any phase, consider working with an outside vendor with the time and resources to do the project correctly.

Best practices for project management outsourcing and consulting

Projects often start off with a vague goal and a fuzzy plan of action – a problem that can grow into a monster over the course of its deployment.  Make sure to check the following tasks off your list before moving forward:

  • Identify a project manager
  • Define your statement of work and scope
  • Build a realistic schedule
  • Assign team members who have bandwidth
  • Identify where and when you’ll need external help, and secure it
  • Develop an implementation plan for the project’s outcome

It’s also important to remember that even a project that’s been thoroughly organized at its onset can quickly take on a life of its own. Throughout the course of your project, make sure your team members have ample time for constant evaluation.  If you don’t, errors that arise in the strategy may not be noticed until it’s too late, causing you to lose time and money.  Provided that your team is empowered to evaluate the project’s progress and processes, they should be able to adjust as needed along the way.

At the project’s close – prior to the implementation phase – evaluate it.  Were the correct processes in place to move it forward smoothly? Did it adhere to the initial timeline and budget and – most importantly – did it meet the goal or solve the problem for which it was created?  Find any best practices or lessons learned to keep in mind for future projects.

Securing quality outsourced project management help

Be realistic with yourself and your team.  Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are all the skills you need currently on staff?
  • Do the people with the right skills have enough bandwidth?
  • Are you confident in your team’s project plan?

You may realize that you’ll need to bring on extra people or consultants to make up for bandwidth or skill deficiencies on your current team. Determine if you’ll need them permanently or just short-term.  Either way, it’s a good idea to get help finding and attracting the right people, quickly.

Value and advantages to outsourcing projects

When you work with Adecco Engineering & Technical, you gain a partner that has experience:

  • Assembling experienced project teams in any geographic location
  • Building Project Scopes or Statements of Work
  • Providing ongoing guidance and direction during the implementation and build phases
  • Recalibrating resources based on needs, goals and budget
  • Providing accountable solutions backed by our Global Fortune 500 organization

The advantages of using contingent labor from Adecco Engineering & Technical for your projects:

  • Skilled turnkey teams for short- or long-term projects
  • Ability to free up existing staff to concentrate on core competencies
  • Paying only for what you use (i.e. project duration)
  • International footprint and delivery system
  • Virtual solutions
  • Software/firmware test solutions
  • National delivery centers
  • Ability to leverage remote, low-cost geographies
  • Scalable solutions rolled out by a Global Fortune 500 located in your backyard or local market

Recruiting takes time and attention away from other tasks you need to be doing and projects you oversee.  Fortunately, you can work with a partner like Adecco Engineering & Technology to recruit the skills you need or even manage the entire project from start to finish. Get started on your project by contacting us today!


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