Beyond the Resume: How To Present Yourself In The Digital World

digitalLike nearly every facet of society, today’s job market has undeniably been influenced by technology and social media. Not long ago, presenting oneself to a potential employer was a matter of having a polished resume, a strong network, and experience to speak to. Today, applicants and job seekers must work with a number of other elements that can either hinder or help their job search process. These newer platforms and methods of representation should be kept up to date and should reflect positively on your background and character. Here are a few tips for presenting yourself in the digital world that go beyond the resume.

In general, it is best to completely avoid “linear” representation and approach the abundance of digital platforms as an opportunity – looking for ways to represent yourself to potential employers on these platforms. In the least, make sure that your social presence doesn’t cost you a job opportunity! A few easy things to do to update your digital presence include:
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Maximize Corporate Giving and Employee Engagement During the Holidays

Volunteering gives you the extra edge you need to step out into the workforce and become a key playerIt would be impossible to count the number of people who have benefitted from charitable giving at the corporate level in some way. Not only is charitable giving beneficial for people and communities, it has a surprisingly positive impact on a business’ bottom line as well.

Companies can use their corporate giving programs to engage their employees, increase retention, attract new hires, engage with customers and create new business opportunities. 61 percent of all candidates take a company’s charity initiatives into consideration when evaluating a company and 83 percent of all employees prefer companies that focus on corporate giving.

If your company is looking for the right charity partner for the 2014 holiday season – or beyond – here are some things to consider:
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How You Ask One Question Could Determine If You Get A Raise

149319986_75Recently, a Wells Fargo employee sent an email to the CEO of Wells Fargo (which he estimates has over 300,000 employees) asking for a $10,000 raise for himself – and all 300,000 of his colleagues, most of whom were copied on the email. While this email is unique in that it indirectly takes on the form of a group demand for a raise, it still follows the most common dialogue used when employees negotiate salary: “can I have a raise?”.

Inevitably, most people approach their boss or manager and ask, “can I have a raise?” in some combination of words and sentiments. It’s often encouraged that employees make a case and speak up if they believe they deserve a raise. Due to the ask-receive format of this request, it’s not too surprising that this question is rarely met with a clear “yes.” However, one simple tweak that you can make when asking for a raise will almost always lead to a raise and align your work with your boss’ expectations.
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An Introvert’s Inner Strength

introvert-designerI grew up on a dirt road with folks who didn’t put much stock in things like personality tests or personal growth. It was more of a say-yes-ma’am-and-go-to-church kind of upbringing. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; it gave me a good foundation on which to stand.

Now, removed from that environment as a 30-something professional, I do regret not knowing my temperament at an earlier age. For a very long time I thought something was wrong with me because I didn’t want to attend parties and got anxiety over certain social situations. As it turns out, there isn’t anything wrong with me, I’m just introverted.

Our culture tends to put value on traits typically exhibited by extroverts leaving introverts to feel alone and broken. We’re not broken, we just function differently. Not sure which one you are? There is test after test online, but here’s the short version. Answer this question as truthfully as you can. Not how you think you should answer. Is your ideal night: at a huge party with lots of people and non-stop fun OR home alone reading a book or out with one other person you feel very close with? If the latter is your idea of a dream night, you’re an introvert. This doesn’t mean you’re shy or withdrawn, it just means you receive your energy from your internal world vs. the external world the way an extrovert would. Being introverted in an extroverted society can be difficult, but here are some tips to help an introvert navigate even the choppiest extroverted waters.
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Enhance Your Company Culture With Corporate Social Responsibility

Group-of-volunteersIn today’s working world, people tend to throw around the term “corporate social responsibility” with no abandon. It makes you wonder if the words have lost their meaning. Or maybe they’ve just evolved?

What does “corporate social responsibility” (CSR) mean to you – and to your company? Register for our webinar on November 5 to learn more and earn an HRCI credit.

Does it come in the form of holiday charity drives or a walk for a cure? Or is it more about go-green initiatives and environmental sustainability (smaller carbon footprint!)? Or maybe it means donating large chunks of money or time to worthy causes in faraway places?

Or maybe you’re still trying to define CSR for your company?
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Top Conferences for .NET Developers in 2015

developers-at-a-conferenceWith the New Year just a couple of months away, do you know which .NET Conferences you’ll be attending in 2015? We’ve gathered info on the top 14 must-sees for 2015 which will offer you the opportunity to hone your craft while making great connections with influencers in the industry.  Insider tip: book your tickets early to take advantage of early bird pricing or group discounts!

Must-See Conferences for .NET Developers

CodeMash (@codemash)
January 6 – 9, 2015
Sandusky, OH 

CodeMash is a unique event offering tracks in a variety of platforms such as .NET, Java, Ruby, Python and PHP that will educate you on best practices and tech trends. While pricing hasn’t yet been released, tickets in previous years cost up to $260 for the two day conference. The best part? This conference is held at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio each January, so prepare for some indoor water park fun!
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