How Embellishment Damages Your Career

bwilliamsRight now, Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News Anchor is stepping away from the desk for the next several days following reports that he embellished a personal story during his 2003 Iraq invasion coverage. The public is now scrutinizing many of the stories this trusted news anchor reported and his credibility is being questioned. But it isn’t just Williams’ reputation that is taking a hit. His employer, NBC, is also dealing with the fallout.

Exaggeration can be quite commonplace and not just in the newsroom. A recent Harris Poll survey revealed that 58 percent of hiring managers caught embellishments on candidate resumes.

While those little white lies may help you get a new job, they can damage your reputation and credibility, and quite possibly damage your career in the long-term.

Meet 3-Pete: What’s in a name?

Now, 3-Pete may sound like a fun nickname, but the reality is that this individual quit after three days because he fabricated information on his resume and could not fulfill his duties.

Let’s start from the beginning of this story. Pete interviewed for a digital and SEO position at an integrated creative agency – a role for which he seemed like the perfect candidate. His resume boasted countless accolades and certifications, which painted a seemingly impressive picture of his SEO expertise.
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How To Hire For Your Tech Startup

Utilizing tech to make their meetings more efficientWorking for a startup can be an exciting and motivating experience both for the founders as well as employees. While there’s unfortunately no one-size-fits-all solution to hiring qualified employees for your tech company, there are a few key things to keep in mind when recruiting and hiring people. This is especially true for startups in the tech industry.

Innovating products and services are coming to life almost every day in the U.S. and a lot of highly skilled candidates are seeking positions at startups. Not only does the startup world have a unique vibe and culture, but employees get to contribute to something new and risky, making them more engaged and motivated.
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What You Need to Know on Social Media Recruiting

ADO_Q1-Webinar-followup_Fb-image_504x504Our most recent webinar highlighted the importance and value of using social media as a recruitment tool. Throughout the presentation, we had many thought provoking questions from participants coming from varying backgrounds and industries. But unfortunately, we didn’t have time to answer each one.

To keep the conversation going, panelists Ted Coiné and Mark Babbitt, authors of A World Gone Social, weighed in on some of the top questions from the webinar, including:

  • What advice would you have for a recruiter with a boss that is “social media resistant”?
  • What are some best practices for maintaining a healthy social talent community?
  • Where are my dream employees doing their job search?

Keep reading to learn more about how you can create and perfect your own social media recruiting strategy.

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Job Market Update: 2015 off to a Healthy Start Adding 257,000 Jobs


Source: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics “The Employment Situation – January 2015″ 

Great news in the labor market! January brought 257,000 new jobs to the U.S. economy – a jump of 5,000 from December and 113,000 from this time last year.

As reported last month, 2014 saw an average job growth of 246,000 per month, and was the most successful year of job growth we’ve seen since 1999. Based on January’s numbers, 2015 is off to a healthy start.
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5 Things New Hires Should Stop Doing in 2015

female-new-hireMany who walk into their first job or first step in a new career make common mistakes that can set back their career path and diminish their reputation in the workplace. Here are five subtle things that you can stop doing this year to be more successful at work.
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Announcing the 2015 Adecco Engineering & Technology STEM Scholarship

ADO_E&T-STEM-Scholarship-linkThe United States has become a global leader due in major part to the innovation and accomplishments of STEM workers; however, 74 percent of graduates who attained a STEM degree are pursuing unrelated career paths. Furthermore, the amount of high school seniors who are interested in pursing a STEM career is diminishing as well. These two factors are leading to a significant gap between adequate U.S. STEM workers and the jobs projected to be opening.
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