Work-Based Learning Programs: Changing the Talent Pool

interns-on-the-job-looking-at-computerWork-based learning programs are educational tracks that provide direct exposure and experience to a career path. These programs offer a valuable look at a career path for anyone considering their career options, and they offer experience and networking that would otherwise be unavailable. The more common types of programs include internships, co-ops, and pre-apprenticeship programs. Here’s a quick primer on the difference between these programs:

  • Internships – An internship is a temporary position with an emphasis on on-the-job training rather than merely employment, and it can be paid or unpaid.
  • Co-ops – Cooperative education programs establish and maintain strong collaborations (partnerships, associations) between secondary education and key members of industry.
  • Pre-apprenticeship – Pre-Apprenticeship programs are designed to prepare students or professionals before they apply for an Apprenticeship. An Apprenticeship is a combination of on-the-job training (OJT) and related classroom instruction under the supervision of a journey-level craft person or trade professional.

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Webinar Wrap Up: Using Social Media as a Recruiting Tool

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In this candidate-driven job market, job seekers are approaching their job search the way they would a substantial purchase of a consumer product. This includes:

  • Doing extensive research on a potential employer’s reputation
  • Studying up on the company’s brand and researching what the work experience might be like
  • Turning to their own personal social network for connections to their target company

This presents several challenges – and opportunities – for recruiters and hiring managers, as smart job-seekers are circumventing the “front door” and the traditional resume-submittal-and-job-application process. Job seekers are more educated and aware than ever before. Many candidates want to work for great companies, rather than accept the first job offer that comes their way. What’s more – sometimes the best candidates are not even actively looking for work, but are already employed. This wont stop them from interacting with potential employers online and making assessments about their employment opportunities.
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How to Assess & Improve Your Company’s Online Reputation

techwomanWe now live in a world where people are constantly sharing their thoughts and opinions about anything and everything. As a company, this can be a curse or a blessing. A few mentions on social media or some online reviews or blog posts about your company can greatly improve your image — or may very well tarnish it.

So, how can you make the best of this and ensure that your brand’s reputation does indeed flourish? How can you handle criticism and negative reviews and still keep your company’s reputation intact? Just as job candidates need to keep a close eye on their online reputation, especially on social networks, companies should invest enough resources to managing their own reputation.

The cost of a poor online reputation should never be underestimated. People will talk about your company, it’s a given. How your company reacts to those mentions is crucial. Let’s have a look at a few tips and tricks as well as some tools that can help you do just that.
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Webinar Sneak Preview: Jan. 28th @ 1PM EST: Using Social Media as a Recruitment Tool

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 9.10.31 AMIt’s no surprise that social media (or, ahem, #socialmedia) is infiltrating every industry and vertical within the business world. We know it as a great tool for attracting consumers, but it’s also advantageous for attracting new employees.

Now more than ever, it’s essential for recruiters, or those looking to hire new employees, to have an up close and personal relationship with hashtags, sponsored posts and organic shares.

Have we lost you?

If so – never fear! Register for our webinar on January 28th to learn how to best use social media as a recruitment tool, and where to go to find qualified jobseekers within your industry. Throughout the hour, we’ll be discussing:
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Why a Diversity Initiative in 2015 Will Strengthen Your Hiring Process & Culture

Happy employeeA 2013 Harvard Business Review post points out that “companies replete with both inherent and acquired diversity, we find, out-innovate and outperform the competition.”

This understanding that diversity and inclusion are actually essential to building a strong company – and scaffolding good business overall – is still a fairly new idea in the business world. Gradually, more companies are adopting this belief and some are even committing to focused diversity efforts that take on an internal and external role for the company. Companies like Coca-Cola, Starbucks or Johnson & Johnson have public statements about diversity but more and more, you’ll see companies beginning to adopt actionable programs and goals that go beyond an “ethos.”
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How to Maximize Your Job Search in 2015

Recruitment or Employment Issues Chalk DrawingEnding one year and staring another without job prospects can be draining and discouraging, but with data suggesting that 2015 will offer a stronger market for job seekers, those looking for a new job should approach the New Year with a fresh perspective, re-boot their search and stay open minded about prospects. Here are a few ways that job seekers can make the most of the New Year:
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