5 tips for getting a summer job

Working with recruitersNow that summer is almost at our door, students all across the country will be looking to gain some work experience by seeking out a summer job. Some students will take a summer job to fill the downtime, some do it out of necessity to pay for tuition, and others to put some money aside for other projects such as traveling or buying a car.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there has been an increasing number of high-school and college students looking for summer jobs in the past few years. In fact, that number rose to over 23 million students in July of last year.

Finding a summer job may be easy for some, but for many it can be a struggle since many employers are weary of hiring students with little to no work experience. How can you, as a student, overcome this obstacle and find a summer job that will be both satisfying and help you reach your goals?

Here are 5 tips to guide you:
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Is it time to update your workforce readiness program?

iStock_000014864068XLargeIt is very popular in today’s society to talk about the younger generations’ negative personality traits. I, as a member of these younger generations, always assumed this was just an unfair but not unusual tendency of older generations to complain about “what the world is coming to.”

However, this belief that younger people are lacking certain skills has spread beyond the casual conversation and has become a talking point in the workplace.

According to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), employers around the country believe that the workforce is ill-prepared to meet today’s business challenges. A majority of hiring managers interviewed said that those just entering the workforce are missing both the soft and hard skills necessary to succeed.

With the Baby Boomer generation slowly retiring out of the workplace, and no qualified replacements joining the workforce, employers must now take steps to build up and retain their employees to prevent major talent gaps.
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May BLS jobs report: Industry breakdown

201302-wpe-post-headerSource: BLS jobs report

In May, the United States generated 217,000 new jobs, returning our employment rate back to pre-recession conditions. With this growth, the US has more jobs than it has seen in over four years – claiming 8.8 million new jobs since January 2008. The unemployment rate remained the same at 6.3 percent — this, following a 0.4 percentage decline in April. Over the year, the unemployment rate has dropped 1.2 percentage points, or 1.9 million people respectively.

In April, job growth continued to surpass 200,000 new jobs, improving upon March’s milestone of 175,000. Employment gains were widespread across sectors, and the professional and business services saw the largest increase, with an addition of 75,000 jobs. Temporary help continued its upward trend, gaining an average of 2.85 million jobs over the last year. Revised numbers were released in May, showing that we had gains of 282,000 jobs in April, not 288,000.

Employment gains were widespread across sectors with the highest gains led by professional and business services, healthcare and leisure and hospitality.Here are some key sector highlights from the BLS “The Employment Situation – May 2014” report:

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Cultural fit in marketing departments

OJP0024131In most marketing departments, cultural fit is defined as having a strong set of soft skills as well as values, beliefs and behavior that are in line with the organization’s culture.

Skills can be taught or improved. Finding a candidate with the right personality and character traits, on the other hand, is often more difficult.

Whether you’re recruiting or seeking employment, cultural fit is something that should be kept in mind throughout the entire hiring process. From the initial phone interview to the final skill assessment — cultural fit is often a deciding factor when it comes to hiring employes, especially in marketing departments.

Cultural fit within a marketing team highly affects work ethic and creativity. It is, therefore, considered by many as a crucial component to building a strong team. Every team will have different dynamics, and it’s important that each team member understands what holds the team together – what makes it tick. For example, having similar working hours, a sense or urgency, and a handle on priorities will help tremendously in building a cohesive team as well as establishing a comfortable, result-driven culture.
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May BLS report: 217,000 jobs added, jobless rate unchanged

201302-wpe-post-headerSource: May 2014 BLS report

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released its May 2014 unemployment report, which showed an overall gain of 217,000 jobs and the unemployment rate holding at 6.3% after last month’s drop of 0.4%. This data confirms a rebound of economic conditions from the winter slowdown.

With these gains, employment has now exceeded its pre-recession levels. Between January 2008 and February 2010, 8.7 million jobs were lost. But in just over four years, employment has slowly risen by 8.8 million.

Revisions to prior months showed that March remained at 203,000 jobs added and April subtracted 6,000 jobs from last month’s report bringing it down to a still impressive 282,000 jobs added. Gains for total nonfarm payroll employment has averaged 197,000 new jobs per month over the last 12 months.
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Announcing the winner of our 2014 Future Engineers Scholarship

Future Engineer Scholarship Winner_Chandler BurkeAs part of our dedication to closing the STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics) skills gap by promoting and supporting STEM education, we at Adecco Engineering & Technology award our Future Engineers Scholarship to a promising engineering student each year. We are happy to announce that our 2014 winner has been selected.

Chandler Burke is a rising sophomore and engineering student at Rice University where he also plays trumpet in the MOB, the Rice Owl Marching Band. He plans to specialize in electrical or biomedical engineering and currently holds an impressive 4.0 GPA. An Eagle Scout, Burke is also a member of the Rice Owls Photonics Society, Engineering Leadership and Robotics Team.

This summer, he plans to participate in a Quantitative and Physical Sciences Research Fellowship at the University of Texas Southwestern. One of his many achievements includes earning the 2013 President’s Environmental Youth Award.

After earning his Bachelor’s Degree, Burke plans to pursue his Masters and Ph.D. with an emphasis in Neuro-Engineering, the emerging discipline that uses electrical engineering techniques to study the human brain. His ultimate career goal is to become a research scientist. As of now, he plans to use engineering techniques to study the human brain to both learn more and, potentially, help alleviate those with neuro-degenerative diseases.
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