Team USA skeleton athlete Morgan Tracey and the USOC Athlete Career Program

In today’s USOC Athlete Career Program video, Team USA skeleton athlete Morgan Tracey talks about her sport, her life off the track, and her partnership with the USOC Athlete Career Program, sponsored by Adecco. When she isn’t training on the ice, Morgan is an AmeriCorps volunteer, a wild land firefighter and also works as a Legal Assistant for GE Capital.

Click here to learn more about the USOC Athlete Career Program sponsored by Adecco, which helps aspiring Olympic and Paralympic athletes find flexible work opportunities that afford them the time and financial resources necessary to train and prepare for competition.

STEM skills essential to driving innovation

An analysis of each state was recently conducted by Bloomberg Rankings on the focus of several innovation factors, including: the number of STEM workers, research-and-development spending, the percentage of public tech companies, and patent approvals. Based on those and other factors, Washington was named the most innovative state in America.

Check out this infographic and learn why Washington is currently ranked as the most innovative state in America!
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Using memes and macros in your viral marketing strategy

Went viral before it was mainstream - hipster meme about creating a viral marketing strategyIn the past few years, I’ve seen Internet marketers divide themselves into two distinct camps:  those who embrace memes and consider them a powerful marketing tool, and those who dismiss them as an off-brand waste of time. The battle lines have been drawn in blogs, forums, and by the water cooler, and there are compelling arguments for both cases.

But here’s the thing: The term “meme” has been in use for almost 40 years, encompasses a vast variety of cultural phenomenon, and is an absolute cornerstone of modern marketing.

If you’ve ever seen an Energizer Bunny commercial, been privy to a “Kodak Moment”, or watched as Gatorade was poured over a coach’s head and felt just the slightest twinge of professional jealousy, then you’ve already bought into the power of memes in marketing.

What Is A Meme?

This is a question that’s been asked many, manymany times, but I’ve yet to see a source that succinctly encapsulates the richness of the medium. In its simplest form, a meme could be thought of as the manifestation of a social phenomenon — one that spreads and evolves as it progresses throughout its lifespan. In its purest form, the term “meme” is broad enough to be applied to nearly anything (think Greek architectural styles still used today).  But for the sake of this article, let’s boil it down to five relevant categories:
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BLS regional and state annual averages report for 2013 released

Jobs report: in your region

Source: BLS 

In 2013, as evidenced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics “Regional and State Unemployment — 2013 Annual Averages” report, the unemployment rate decreased in 43 U.S. states, plus the District of Columbia. It rose in only 2 states, and remained unchanged in 5 states. On average, the national rate fell 0.7 percent from the previous year, with December 2013 seeing the largest year-to-year rate drop of 1.2 percent. By the end of 2013, the national unemployment rate fell to 6.7 percent — the lowest since October 2008 — and in January 2014, the rate inched down to 6.6 percent.

All four U.S. regions saw remarkable decreases in their unemployment rates, with the West having the largest drop of 1.2 percentage points. While the West had the largest decrease, it still was well above the national rate, at 8.0 percent. Conversely, the South region had the only unemployment rate significantly below the national average, at 7.0 percent.

Zooming into the 9 geographic divisions, 6 of them had notable year-to-year unemployment rate decreases. The largest decrease occurred in the Pacific — which dropped 1.4 percent, and the South Atlantic — which fell 1.0 percent. Just like its parent region the Pacific had the largest percentage drop, but unfortunately retained the highest national unemployment rate of 8.4 percent — an unwanted title it has owned for the sixth year in a row.
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Top Reasons IT Projects Fail

STEM skills worker in the fieldManaging an IT project and seeing it through to completion usually requires more than simply monitoring a team and motivating employees. After all, Project Manager is a very broad job title. Even though the shortage of resources is one of the many reasons IT projects fail, it goes deeper than that.

According to Virginia Tech, most IT projects will go through five stages:

  1. initiation
  2. planning
  3. executing
  4. monitoring
  5. closing

This is often referred to as the project’s life cycle. But why exactly do IT projects fail? And what can project managers do to reduce the failure rate?
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Connecting US reservists and their families to jobs

LTG Talley pic

Left to right:
Lieutenant General Jeffrey W. Talley
Rachelle Chapman, Sr. Manager, Recruitment and Military Liaison for Adecco
Erin M. Thiede, Director Employer, Partnership Office
Angel Faggins, Manager Employer, Partnership Office

Finding a good job is challenging these days, and it can be especially difficult for a civilian soldier in the Army Reserves.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the unemployment rate for reservists and veterans is several points higher than the national average.  For junior enlisted reservists, it’s twice the national average.  So when Adecco was asked to help our nation’s reservists find jobs, we jumped at the chance.

In early 2009, we publicly committed to recruit and hire Army reservists through the Employer Partnership Office (EPO) in a ceremony at the Capitol in Denver, Colorado.  Over the past five years we have worked with our EPO partners all across the country to connect reservists and their families from all military branches with our clients.  The only state without an active EPO presence was Hawaii – until now.
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