College Students: Line Up Your Summer Job Over Holiday Break

two-female-college-students-smilingFor college students, there’s no place like home for the holidays. And there could well be no better time to line up your next summer job.

Think about it. The extended winter break offered by most colleges and universities provides an ideal opportunity to find a job that would be a great fit six months from now.

For starters, you’re getting a huge jump on the competition. You also won’t have to hunt for a job in the thick of your spring semester when you likely have major projects and upcoming finals. And starting the summer job hunt now increases the chances that you will have more options, allowing you to pick the right job for you.

Here are some smart strategies to make it happen.
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Job Market Update: November Sees Largest Employment Increase of the Year


Source: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics “The Employment Situation – November 2014″ 

November not only met, but exceeded, our expectations with one of the largest increases of employment over the past few years. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released its November 2014 unemployment report, showing an overall monthly gain of a whopping 321,000 jobs – 100,000+ more jobs than the previous month. January remains the only month of 2014 with job gains below 200,000. In total, since the beginning of the year 2.6 million jobs have been added to the US economy.

The unemployment rate remained unchanged at 5.8 percent, which is still the lowest rate we’ve seen since September 2008.
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How Company Culture Can Attract & Retain Your Best Talent

Warehouse Workers SmilingCEOs like Tony Hseih of Zappos or Gary Kelly of Southwest Airlines understand that a strong culture is key to building the best possible team. Part of building a strong culture comes from understanding how companies are moving in new directions in terms of how they work on a daily basis, and as always, it involves learning from your employees and understanding their needs and attitudes. There are a few major areas to focus on when building a company culture:

If you’re in a leadership role, touch base with your strongest employees often.

For companies that are smaller or are beginning to scale, it is especially critical to keep your most loyal and talented team members engaged. Show them that you value their input when it comes to important decisions around strategy, hiring, and other areas – and be sure to schedule coffee meetings our brief syncs that prove you’re invested in them personally and professionally. Losing engagement from key team members often results in the loss of more than one employee.
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Happy Holidays from Adecco | Video

Another holiday season is in full swing! Every day we work hard to find jobs for top talent across the U.S. and at the holidays this mission becomes even more important to us. Tens of thousands of temporary jobs are added to the economy during the 4th quarter and for many people, these jobs are a necessity. Holiday jobs range from retail positions to warehouse and distribution roles. For example, last year Macy’s added 83,000 temporary staffers to their team, while companies like Kohl’s and Target added 50,00 and 70,000 respectively. And last year shipping companies added a combined total of an additional 115,000 temporary workers to help deliver millions of parcels. In fact, 73 million parcels were shipped in just one day in 2013! Without the effort of all these temporary workers, the holidays would not be able to run.

To show you how the busiest time of the year creates an opportunity for important, meaningful work, we put together this short video. Watch our video now: 

 Happy holidays from all of your friends at Adecco!

5 Tips for More Efficient Meetings

men-and-women-in-a-meetingA recent study by technology company Atlassian found that employees spend 31 hours every month in unproductive meetings. We’ve all been there: the meeting that doesn’t seem necessary, the conversation that rambles severely off-course…sometimes de-railing your entire day. Here are five tips to set meetings that are more effective and worthwhile.

1. Ask yourself if it’s necessary (really, though).

Chances are you’ve probably organized a meeting at one point that you didn’t need to set up. In the midst of a decision or need for creative input, gathering multiple minds together is a common way to take next steps. To cut back on meetings that never needed to happen in the first place, challenge yourself to take next steps without setting up a meeting. Instead, reach out to one or two people directly (actually walk over to their desk) and see what they think about the issue. If that doesn’t work, step away from the issue at hand and allow yourself some time to creatively brainstorm without the context of a meeting. Write down some ideas. Finally, ask yourself if the problem cannot be solved without calling a meeting. If the answer is yes, set up the meeting – but only invite those who must be in attendance for the best possible outcome.
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Why You Should Have a Staff Holiday Party


Image courtesy of m_bartosch at

During the busy holiday season, putting together yet another event or party can seem like an unwelcome chore. Companies that organize a holiday party, though, will be glad they did – here’s why:

Build relationships

Work functions with an emphasis on fun and socializing seem like an HR nightmare to some – but when conducted properly, they can have a lasting return on investment. Company culture benefits significantly from activities like a holiday party, and it provides a rare opportunity, especially for larger companies, to let employees from different departments and teams get to know one another. For some companies, the end-of-year party is one of the only occasions when everyone is able to get together and meet new faces. This type of low-key socializing is optimal for cross-departmental collaboration and is helpful as employers strive to build a cohesive team within a larger company.
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