Webinar Wrap Up: Using Social Media as a Recruiting Tool

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In this candidate-driven job market, job seekers are approaching their job search the way they would a substantial purchase of a consumer product. This includes:

  • Doing extensive research on a potential employer’s reputation
  • Studying up on the company’s brand and researching what the work experience might be like
  • Turning to their own personal social network for connections to their target company

This presents several challenges – and opportunities – for recruiters and hiring managers, as smart job-seekers are circumventing the “front door” and the traditional resume-submittal-and-job-application process. Job seekers are more educated and aware than ever before. Many candidates want to work for great companies, rather than accept the first job offer that comes their way. What’s more – sometimes the best candidates are not even actively looking for work, but are already employed. This wont stop them from interacting with potential employers online and making assessments about their employment opportunities.

Integrate A Social Media Recruiting Strategy

Using social media for recruiting is a proven way for companies to combat these challenges and uncover qualified job candidates in the midst of a complex digital world. However,  a social media recruiting is not a one-size-fits-all solution. No two sites are exactly alike, and although most candidates are active on social media, not every candidate frequents every site. Correctly determining which sites to target to find your best fitting candidates is critical.

Adecco’s recent webinar, “Using Social Media for Recruiting” provides answers to many of your questions about social recruiting. Our three panelists, Matilda Anderson, Ted Coiné and Mark Babbit, are experts at utilizing the most effective and up-to-date social media recruiting techniques. During the webinar, they discuss the following topics:

  • The current employment landscape
  • The job seeker journey
  • The effectiveness of using social media to recruit
  • Your personal brand
  • Developing your social media for recruitment strategy
  • The ROI of social recruiting

If you’re responsible for recruiting and hiring at your company, or if you just want to learn more about social media, view or download the presentation slides by clicking here.


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