Webinar Wrap-Up: Acquire & Retain Talent, Despite the Skills Gap

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The skills gap has been a popular topic of conversation among the media, politicians, employers, industry luminaries and more for the last couple of years. Most people can agree that yes, the skills gap does indeed exist, but how many people really have a grasp on the solutions to overcome it? What historical factors have contributed to this gap, and what’s causing the gap to continue to widen?

Answering those questions was the goal of Adecco Engineering & Technology’s most recent webinar: Acquire and Retain Talent, Despite the Skills Gap. Our expert panelists discussed the successful strategies that they’ve witnessed in the private sector, and offered advice for how employers can implement those strategies within their own organizations.

Watch the webinar online here!

The expert panelists

We had the best in the biz share their recruitment and retention techniques from both sides of the desk:

  • Gary Beach – Advisor, Massachusetts High Technology Council; Publisher Emeritus, CIO Magazine
  • Lou Franco – Software Industry Veteran
  • Jesse Wright – Senior Leader in Technical Staffing Recruiting and Sales, Adecco USA

The three Ps

One way to alleviate the skills gap is to establish public/private partnerships with educational institutions, especially in the region in which your company operates. As an employer, you benefit from the arrangement by getting to start conversations with school administrators about the types of skills you need and are actively searching for. If the skills are not being taught, then it will be clear to the administrators that it’s time to adjust their curriculum to meet the demands of businesses in their area. You also gain exposure to the students who will be actively looking for jobs upon graduation, allowing you to build your reputation as an “employer of choice” in the community. Educators are (or ought to be) open to these types of partnerships because they want their students to get hired after graduation.

Poll results

During the webinar, we asked a couple of poll questions to better understand our audience.

How difficult is it for your organization to fill positions in a reasonable amount of time?

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 3.43.48 PM

A mere 1.8 percent of audience members said they are not finding it difficult to fill positions at this time. 46.2 percent said they are having a moderately difficult time filling positions, 36.8 percent said it was somewhat difficult and 15.2 percent responded that it was extremely difficult.

Which of the following activities is your organization currently doing? Select all that apply.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 2.55.32 PM

The majority – 71.9 percent – reported that their organization is increasing recruiting efforts, which is a somewhat broad statement. Diving deeper, 54.5 percent are working with a staffing agency, 47.3 percent are partnering with colleges and 61 percent are training existing employees. 38.9 percent of audience members reported that they are actually raising wages to combat the skills gap.

Watch the webinar online here!

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