Six second resume review

The organization of your resume is extremely important, given that recruiters generally only spend approximately 6 seconds evaluating whether you could be a good fit for a job.

Generally, the most important items will be your job title and start and end dates at your current and previous position, as well as your degree.That said, if you have a non-traditional job title, it may be best to put the mainstream title in parentheses. While the content in your resume is critical, the layout is just as, if not more, important.

The image you’re seeing on the left is a heat map of a recruiter’s eye movements across two separate resumes. The red and yellow spots indicate where the recruiter spent the most time looking on the documents. The resume on the right got more of the recruiter’s attention because it was clearly laid out and easy to read.

How do you lay out your resumes? What’s your process for revising and reviewing before you submit it with a job application? Tell us in the comments!

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