13 tips for E-mail Etiquette: It Still Counts in a Mobile Generation

In today’s world, e-mails are often rapid fire communication with little thought behind them. Yet, they still make an impression – your e-mail approach is part of your personal brand. It affects your reputation when you are in the job market and continues to be noticed once you have secured a job. It’s important to remember e-mail etiquette and also that in certain instances, e-mail may not be the best method of communication.

Here are some important things to remember to make a good impression and avoid being “that person” with an annoying e-mail personality:

1. Consolidate. You wouldn’t walk into my office or call me eight times in an hour; you shouldn’t send me 8 e-mails during that time frame either. If you have multiple topics to discuss, consider consolidating them into a status update e-mail, scheduling a conference call or requesting a meeting.

2. Let the recipient know what they need to do in the beginning of the e-mail. Begin the e-mail with your request for action, whether it’s requesting their input, approval, or assistance with a project.  This ensures that messages that require action will be noticed. Busy people often don’t read beyond the first few lines of an e-mail.
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4 Reasons Why Recruiters Want Your Resume in Word Format

Since Microsoft Office 2007 allows candidates the option to save files as PDF versions, I have noticed an increasing number of resumes in .PDF format. I’ve also noticed resumes that are scanned copies of a paper resume, often resulting in a .JPG or .PNG image file. Below are four key reasons to always send your resume as a Word document (.doc) to ensure you don’t unintentionally hinder your job search:

1. PDF or image files often don’t translate to applicant tracking systems. Recruiting systems may accept all types of resumes, but many do not “parse” or translate files other than MS Word files completely. Pieces of your resume could be lost completely.

2. PDF and image files cannot be edited. Recruiters often need to change your resume prior to sending it to a client to add the staffing company’s logo, format it the way the client requires, or to remove your contact information.
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Loosening the Ties: Workplace Attire Through the Decades Infographic

Over the last 70+ years, the world of work has experienced a dramatic revolution. Mindsets around who’s eligible for employment, wages and wardrobe have all changed. We conducted a survey this summer to see how Americans felt about what is and isn’t appropriate for work and wanted to show how those opinions are different from decades past.

Check out the full infographic below that covers everything from the conservative dress of the 1950s to the casual, relaxed style of today. You’ll also find interesting statistics about the number of employed men versus women, how much they were paid and what they were typically hired to do during a specific time period.
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Saving Money with Personal Finance Apps and Websites

Have you ever wondered where all your money went? You haven’t bought any thing memorable, but the $100 you just had the other day is down to $5. Why is it important to manage your money well? The better you are at managing your income and expenses, the more money you’ll have left over – and you’ll be able to see the rewards of your hard work. If you’re currently on assignment through Adecco, we offer several tools to help you be financially successful:

  • Direct deposit ensures that you always receive your check on time, with immediate access to funds. Having direct deposit can eliminate checking account fees that add up at many banks.
  • Paperless pay allows you to view your pay stubs online – reach out to your local branch for more information.
  • As an Adecco contractor, you are eligible to contribute to a 401(k). These contributions are taken out of your check before it is taxed, which saves you money.

But wouldn’t it be nice if there was also an app or website that could track your purchases and show you all of your accounts in one place – instead of logging into 18 different websites? There is; and they’re free. Check out these 5 tools for financial success:
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Upcoming Webinar: Strategies for Maximizing a Remote Workforce

Sign up for our latest webinar this Wednesday, July 25 at 2 pm!

Hosted by Kristina Jokinen, Direct Placement Director of Adecco Staffing, we’ll be discussing the benefits of a virtual workforce and provide practical advice for implementing and managing remote teams.

Topics we’ll cover include:

  • The reasons why virtual workforces are becoming more common
  • Common challenges faced by companies deploying a remote workforce
  • Strategies for ensuring the success of employees who work outside of the office
  • Tools and technologies that can assist your company and your virtual workforce

Get the scoop on this growing employment trend and register now!



The Magic of Telecommuting

Ahhh, working from home; what’s not to like? You don’t have to get up as early, it’s generally a lot quieter, and more often than not you can still make all your meetings thanks to some digital or mobile device.

More and more employers are offering the option to work from home for at least part of the week. A recent survey from the Wrike corporation, showed that 83% of respondents worked remotely for at least part of the day. For anyone who’s ever had to make a journey into the office during bad weather or the holiday season (I’m looking at you, NYC) knows the value that comes with having that option to stay put and connect with your team virtually.
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