Temping in Medical Device

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Temporary work is a career option on the rise that is chosen by thousands of professionals each day.

Due to the Medical Device Excise Tax, some medical device companies have had to make cuts to their full-time staff and are using temporary employees to keep costs down and stay nimble. Although you can’t expect a temporary or contract positions to lead to a full-time position it can still be worth it especially with the unique opportunities it provides.

What are the benefits of being a temporary employee in the medical device industry?

Decent pay & Benefits

By working with a staffing company, there are various temporary employee benefit programs to take advantage of such as; affordable group preventative medical coverage plan, skills training, 401 (k), career counseling services, and more. 

Adds to your resume

Some of the top medical device companies from exciting startups to Fortune 500 organizations are utilizing a temporary workforce that can really stand out on a resume. 


Having the ability to pick and chose when to work and where is heralded as the ultimate benefit of temporary work.

Sharpen and Develop New Skills

With each new assignment there is the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people and gain valuable experience to enhance your value.

Variety of assignments

As a temporary employee working on short-term projects, there isn’t a chance to get bored or complacent working on the same thing. By working with a recruiter from a staffing company, new assignment opportunities are only a call or email away. 

Builds Your Professional Network

Working with and meeting other temporary employees or even full-time employees at different companies can significantly boost your professional network, which in turn can help grow your career.

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