The Virtual Job Hunt

How many of you have used an online job board or networking site, such as LinkedIn? Probably almost everyone has by now and it seems like the next phase in job hunting is more digitally focused than ever.  Even Facebook may be getting in on the action.

Online communities called “talent networks” have sprung up across the internet, cleverly marketed as a dedicated destination for recruiters looking to hire in specific industries. But do these talent communities really work? How is it more beneficial to the job seeker? Sure, it’s great for the recruiter or HR professional to have all those like-minded applicants in one place but I’m still not sure it helps the candidates shine.

Then there are more interactive approaches to sourcing new hires, such as the Mashable Online Career Expo. A live virtual event, the career expo allows applicants to submit their resumes and wait in a queue to speak with one of several recruiters from various companies to see if there’s any potential chemistry. Sort of sounds like speed dating (eek!), but overall I think it’s a great concept. It gives employers and job seekers the chance to learn more about one another and make an informed decision.

In reality, job seekers and employers alike have to make themselves present on the internet to stay competitive and stand apart from the crowd. How many of you would attend a virtual event to get your foot in the door? Do you think everything will be online eventually? I’m interested to see what happens after all of these great cyber introductions…what happens when we eventually have to take the conversation offline?

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