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In Conversation With: Women in Transformation

In the latest interview in the “In Conversation With” series, Corinne Ripoche sat down with industry leaders Rani Yadav-Ranjan, Head of Technology and Innovation at Ericsson, Virginie Boucinha, Head of Global Transformation at Sanofi, and Reshma Ramachandran, Group Head of Transformations for the Adecco Group, for a lively conversation about Women in Transformation.  The women executives discussed […] Read Article “In Conversation With: Women in Transformation”

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How to Have More Autonomy at Work

CEOs and executive team members have clear lines of ownership and, ultimately, a great deal of accountability for their companies and teams. However, ownership isn’t an idea reserved for management.  Having a strong sense of ownership and accountability are traits top employees demonstrate as well, and introducing autonomy in the workplace can help increase these traits. […] Read Article “How to Have More Autonomy at Work”

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6 Soft Skills to Improve

Well that was awkward… That common catchphrase is usually good for a laugh, but it’s not so funny when muttered in the workplace. Why are Soft Skills Important The inability to effectively interact with others is one of the most obvious examples of the increasing lack of employee “soft skills” that are essential to landing – and keeping […] Read Article “6 Soft Skills to Improve”

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Jobs Shortage: Filling The Talent Pool

Jobs, at long last, appear to be back. The U.S. economy added 304,000 jobs in January according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is very good news for sure. Yet, good news that comes with a unique challenge. As the demand for workers grows, filling the talent pool becomes increasingly difficult. In this blog, […] Read Article “Jobs Shortage: Filling The Talent Pool”

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10 Tips to Create an Effective Resume

Working on the executive recruitment team, one of the most common questions I’ve been asked was, “Can you look at my resume?” Unless a resume was truly in need of help, I could reformat it fairly quickly. Since I’ve been in this industry the resume always seems to have a cloud of confusion and mystery […] Read Article “10 Tips to Create an Effective Resume”

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Internships 101: Simplifying Your Search in 3 Steps

Thinking internships might be a smart path for you? The good news is that the value of internship experiences are still strong in the eyes of employers. According to an annual survey done by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), 95% of employers reported that candidate experience is a factor when hiring. Finding the […] Read Article “Internships 101: Simplifying Your Search in 3 Steps”

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In honor of the Marine Corps birthday, a veteran milspouse tells us her story.

November is not just about giving thanks for plump turkeys, but it also gives the opportunity to thank our heroes. Leading up to Thanksgiving, we focus on the heroes across our country as it is National Veterans and Military Families month. The veterans, families and American service members that protect our country give us much to […] Read Article “In honor of the Marine Corps birthday, a veteran milspouse tells us her story.”

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10 Awesome Apps for Work

Using Apps to Fast Track Your Professional Development Goals It’s no secret that we live in a mobile-driven, on-the-go world. With Gen Z entering the workforce and gradually building their professional networks, it’s more necessary than ever to stay plugged-in if you want to evolve professionally. It’s all about building a personal brand, luckily there […] Read Article “10 Awesome Apps for Work”

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My Awesome Internship Experience at The Adecco Group

Last Summer’s Work (Maintenance Man) One year ago I would have never dreamed of interning for a global Fortune 500 company. Just last summer, I worked as an assistant for the head of maintenance at the elementary school where my mom teaches. I cleaned a lot of toilets and worked in the heat for the […] Read Article “My Awesome Internship Experience at The Adecco Group”

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Top Design Engineering & CAD Jobs

Welcome to Part I of our CAD Career Blog Series. Be sure to check out Part II The Four Cs of Design Engineering Education. Also, Part III lists the top 5 cities in the U.S. for finding a job in CAD Design. The shift to smart, connected products is impacting the structure of many industries, […] Read Article “Top Design Engineering & CAD Jobs”