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My Awesome Internship Experience at The Adecco Group

Last Summer’s Work (Maintenance Man) One year ago I would have never dreamed of interning for a global Fortune 500 company. Just last summer, I worked as an assistant for the head of maintenance at the elementary school where my mom teaches. I cleaned a lot of toilets and worked in the heat for the […] Read Article “My Awesome Internship Experience at The Adecco Group”

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Top Design Engineering & CAD Jobs

Welcome to Part I of our CAD Career Blog Series. Be sure to check out Part II The Four Cs of Design Engineering Education. Also, Part III lists the top 5 cities in the U.S. for finding a job in CAD Design. The shift to smart, connected products is impacting the structure of many industries, […] Read Article “Top Design Engineering & CAD Jobs”

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10 Applicant Tracking System Resume Tips

Times have changed. Job applicants face an interesting challenge: creating a digital resume that is readable not only by humans, but by the machines that process it. Applicant tracking systems are being used more often by employers. With hundreds of resumes being submitted per job opening, this system allows resumes to be kept organized and limited to […] Read Article “10 Applicant Tracking System Resume Tips”

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Top 5 Jobs in Healthcare & Life Sciences

In today’s job market, positions in the healthcare and life science fields are on a steady incline. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the healthcare industry are expected to grow by approximately 18% and life sciences by approximately 10% over the next decade. With unemployment rates being the lowest in years and […] Read Article “Top 5 Jobs in Healthcare & Life Sciences”

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Associate Success

At Adecco, we’re connecting candidates to more than just jobs – we’re connecting them to life changing careers. We are proud of what we do, and our associates are proud to love what they do! We sat down with Kathy Kenyon, a Human resources associate, to ask her a few questions on her great experience […] Read Article “Associate Success”

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10 Common Sense Interview Tips

We coach our candidates extensively before interviews with our clients. We stress the importance of doing the proper research on the position, preparing for unusual interview questions as well as other key job interview tips that can make or break an interview.  However, recently, I’ve seen an increase in mistakes made by candidates. These mistakes are […] Read Article “10 Common Sense Interview Tips”

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6 Steps for Making your Temporary Job Permanent

Temporary employment has seen quite the increase in the last couple of years. Employers in various industries are hiring temp workers, freelancers and contractors to fill positions for a few weeks or months at a time. Many of these positions can be temp-to-hire: you begin on a temporary assignment but are hired as a permanent […] Read Article “6 Steps for Making your Temporary Job Permanent”

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Meet our Summer 2018 interns!

Our Adecco Operations team has eleven interns joining them this summer. What’s it like to be one of them? Read and see what some of them have learned so far! Ivana Majerle John Carroll University Major: Psychology with an Industrial/Organizational Concentration “You can typically find me working on various projects for the Field Operations and […] Read Article “Meet our Summer 2018 interns!”

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The Top Five Traits You Need for Work (and Tips to Acquire Them)

Hard skills can be learned in a teaching environment whether that’s high school, college, or, most likely, in the workplace. When you think of hard skills, think more technical skills—industry know how, technology familiarity, etc. On the other hand, traits—or soft skills—are qualities that are learned over time based largely on experience, observance and relationships. […] Read Article “The Top Five Traits You Need for Work (and Tips to Acquire Them)”

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What to Do When You Lose Your Job

With the job market nearing full employment, have you considered your next steps should you suddenly lose your job? Do you have a plan in place to find your next gig? We always talk about how to find a job, but now it’s time to discuss what to do if you lose a job. Decide on […] Read Article “What to Do When You Lose Your Job”