Top 5 Benefits of an Onsite Program

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Many people aren’t aware of it, but Adecco actually offers a program where we have a dedicated resource sit on location at your organization to manage all of your temporary workforce needs. It’s a solution that takes the burden off of you and your team, allowing them to focus on their main tasks while we partner with you to build a great staffing program.

Here are the top five reasons to engage with an Onsite Program:

1. Recruiting

We recruit and source the top talent your organization needs—sounds simple, but it covers a lot. The Onsite Manager from Adecco handles every stage of the recruiting process. This person is solely focused on finding candidates with the right skill sets. Since our standardized vetting process is so in-depth and includes things like background and drug tests as well as skills and personality assessments, we’re able to deliver a higher caliber of employee.

2. Retention

Searching for the right candidates helps provide insight into what their needs are so that we can continue to keep them engaged with their work. Companies that have high employee morale also have employees who are 22% more productive. Several ways we address this are:

  • A well-defined onboarding system
One point of contact: we handle everything for our 
onsite associates and they can come to us directly
A rewards program
  • Administering necessary training

We’re committed to providing a positive experience to our associates, and that’s one of the things that keeps them coming back.

3. Experience

Our Onsite Program launched 30 years ago. Since then, we have implemented and managed hundreds of programs and currently manage more than 300 nationwide. We work with our clients to maximize their investment in their contingent labor program and have seen many successful partnerships come out of it. We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes, across a variety of industries. This has given us a level of expertise in recruiting, sourcing and retaining candidates you won’t find anywhere else.

4. Avoiding co-employment

Ensuring your company is compliant with rules and regulations is already challenging. And, with a large contingent workforce, it can be difficult to maintain clean records. Through our Onsite staffing model, we significantly reduce the risk of co-employment to your organization. Adecco manages all recruiting, onboarding, associate performance management (including coaching and counseling), benefits and payroll activities. By sitting on location with the associates, we’re able to address any issues that come up immediately so that your HR team doesn’t have to.

5. One vendor to handle everything

Having one vendor in place to manage everything from onboarding to payroll gives internal HR teams the ability to focus on their business, their core competencies, and any human resources issues they might have with internal colleagues. They don’t have to worry about their temporary work force—we do that for them. We’re also able to handle any billing requirements, including managing billing from other staffing vendors, and managing processes at multiple locations, nationwide.

If you’re interested in learning how an Onsite Program can be customized for your organization’s needs, contact us now!

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