How to Get Your Geek On This Halloween: Top 5 Techy Costumes

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Halloween is right around the corner and people all over the country are getting ready, preparing their costumes and marking events on their calendar. It’s no secret that many people working in technology and engineering enjoy coming up with unusual costumes. After all, geeks know how to party.

Celebrating Halloween means a lot to techies — it’s the perfect time to showcase their originality. Not only that, attending a Halloween office party is also a great way to show that you #LoveWhatYouDo. Creating a clever and cool costume can bring you attention and show how much you integrate well with your team. Of course, those attending a Halloween office party should consider keeping things work-appropriate. Just like with any other social event, remember that come Monday, you’ll be back to work.

Here are 5 great geeky costume ideas – some inspiration to help you get started.

Firefox Costume

It doesn’t get any geekier than this. Disguising yourself as the Firefox web browser has to be the ultimate IT Halloween costume, and it’s rather easy to achieve. A simple orange shirt and shorts, an Earth balloon and some furry accessories can make for a great and memorable costume.

Source: Nayu Kim

Video Game Heroes

Don’t we geeks all love gaming? One of the most iconic video game heroes (apart from Mario and Luigi, of course), who we first encountered in 1986 is undoubtedly Link, from The Legend of Zelda. The franchise is still alive today and over 15 different games have been released since its introduction — making this a perfect costume to show off to your colleagues.

Obviously, you could replace Link with your favorite video game hero (or villain if you prefer).

Source: Kai

Electronic Demon Costume

Any geek will agree that the best Halloween costume should at least include some technology. Whether that’s in the form of sounds, lighting or in the accessories, it’s crucial in order to wow your colleagues.

Integrating LED lights in a Halloween costume has been done before and chances are if you’re attending a Halloween office party with other tech-heads, at least one of your colleagues will have some sort of lighting or sound device incorporated into their costume. It’s time to go all out! This costume by Phil Burgess is one-of-a-kind and has LED lights, a voice changer, synchronized lighting animation, and more. There’s even an overview video on YouTube to help you get started building your own.

Source: Phillip Burgess

QR Codes

An even geekier tech costume idea would be to create your very own QR code costume. This way all your colleagues can use their smartphones and scan you. Just make sure that one of your QR codes points back to your company’s website.

Source: FlickrRiver

Group Costumes

What better way to show that you #LoveWhatYouDo than to include your colleagues? For example, this group costume below had a great Windows 95 line-up. From fully-playable Solitaire and Minesweeper, to the infamous “blue screen of death”, as well as MS Paint and other Win95 applications.

Source: Imgur

No matter what you decide to wear at your Halloween office party, remember that having a passion for something beyond your day-to-day responsibilities will lead to success and recognition. Happy trick or treating!

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