Countdown to the 2016 Olympic Games

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 1.27.29 PMIn 100 Days… Athletes from countries around the world will meet in Rio. These talented men and women represent the best each country has to offer. The Olympic Games is an opportunity to unite the world and extend the arm of diplomacy. […]Read article

Adecco’s Veronica Day and her Olympic Sled

Veronica DayMy name is Veronica Day, I’m a Skeleton athlete and I also happen to work for Adecco with the United States Olympic Committee’s Athlete Career and Education Program. Don’t know what skeleton is? It’s a fast winter sport where athletes travel down […]Read article

Why Work in Medical Device

Healthcare worker, 40s, preparing CT scannerThe U.S. is the global leader in medical devices with a market size of $110 billion that is expected to reach $133 billion in 2016. And it will continue to grow. From an increase in demand to the constant churn of new […]Read article

Retail sales and importation rose in November

As the end of 2012 quickly approaches, Asia Pacific’s economic forecast remains cloudy. Unemployment is still well above average in many nations, business and consumer confidence is lower than usual, and, as has been the case in recent months, Mother Nature continues […]Read article

Regional economic recovery remains sluggish

Last month, economists were encouraged by EMEA’s fiscal figures, as regional business and consumer confidence rose in October, while consumer prices remained stable. Such news was certainly welcomed by global economists and regional governmental officials, in the midst of Europe’s double-dip recession.Read article