Using Social Media for Job Searching

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To coincide with Adecco’s global social media recruitment and job seeker surveys, we are publishing a two-part blog series. In part one, we discuss some best practices of using social media as part of a job search. In part two, we present some basics of utilizing social media for recruiting needs.

If you are interested in helping Adecco better understand the impact that social media platforms have on job seeking, recruiting and hiring, please take our recruiter and job seeker surveys today!

Social Media is now an integral part of our daily lives. Not only does it allow you to sort out your social life, it can also be an incredibly useful tool when you are job hunting.

Recruiters and hiring managers are increasingly browsing social websites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ to learn more about candidates or to recruit talent. Because of this, more and more job seekers are using social media as a means to find a job.

Some social networking websites may yield better results than others, especially if the website’s audience and demographics are in-line with your interests and field of work.

Keep in mind that the social media landscape is not limited only to the four big players — there are niche social media websites that may get you great results and connections.

Optimizing your social media profiles

The first step in order to establish a strong presence on social media websites — and eventually land your dream position — is to optimize your online profiles. This includes every online profile that is public that a future employer might stumble upon when looking to get more information about you.

This does not only mean to update your profile picture with a more professional one (though we definitely encourage this). It is also crucial to make your social media profiles easy to find by recruiters and hiring managers, and ensure that they convey a professional image as well as broadcast that you are, in fact, available for hire. Every social network is different and they each have their own sets of rules and guidelines.

One of the biggest professional networking website is, without a doubt, LinkedIn. Both job seekers and recruiters visit LinkedIn on a regular basis to stay up to date with the latest news in their industry, interact with the professional groups they belong to, and network with the connections they have made via the website. Defining itself as a social networking website for professionals, your chances of making meaningful connections are quite high on LinkedIn. Interested in building a strong LinkedIn profile? Make sure you follow the 5 tips outlined in this article.

Online reputation management

Keep in mind that many recruiters will also look you up on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Those networks are often used to share family photos, thoughts & opinions, and stay in touch with close friends — some of that content may not always be suitable for all audiences.

Ensure that all the content you publish on your social media accounts is clean, safe, and above all, professional. If you would like to share only some of your content publicly, US News advises to set your privacy settings accordingly.

After all, you only have one chance of making a great first impression.

Showcasing your online portfolio on social channels

Even though you may already have a strong presence on social media websites, landing a job is only half the battle. First, you need recruiters to notice you and give them good enough reasons to get in touch with you to schedule an interview. Depending on your field of work, you may already have an online portfolio that showcases projects you have completed and that give hiring managers more information about your skills.

If you do not have an online portfolio already, we urge you to read this article about building a great portfolio and get started on one right away.

Letting your followers, fans, and friends know that you are looking for work is a great first step to make connections and get the word out. Don’t end it there, actively search social networks for job openings in your field of expertise, send private messages to your connections and contacts and use your existing connections to put you in touch with the right people.

Are you currently seeking employment and using social media to make connections, or have you received a job offer or a request for an interview via a social networking site? If so, please take Adecco’s Job Seeker Social Media global survey and help paint a picture of how social media is playing a part in today’s job market.

And happy job hunting!


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  63. The report also said that the Giants have no plans to make any cuts with their assistant coaches “unless the lockout extends into the season.” That’s not quite accurate, according to a Giants spokesman. The Giants’ situation is unchanged – no current cuts – but is “subject to review as we move along.”

  64. P.S. The Obama White House is already attacking me for pointing out the obvious: that Judge Sonia Sotomayor is unfit to serve on the Supreme Court. When he was specifically asked at the daily briefing to respond to my statements, spokesman Robert Gibbs gave a very ominous warning to anyone who dares to challenge this nomination:

  65. “Wall Street is all about creating wealth, and when banks start making money again, they have to pay their people,” said , co-founder of Options Group. “But because there’s so much public scrutiny, people will be very sensitive in terms of putting caps on some of these cash figures, and you’ll see a lot more in stock.”

  66. Also this week, Bloomberg News that Adelson’s Sands Corp. — which generates more than half of its multibillion-dollar revenues from four casinos in Macau — could see its profits soar if Romney were elected and fulfills his pledge to demand that China loosen currency restrictions, allowing the value of the yuan to rise against the dollar.

  67. “The British government’s actions have far reaching consequences across the globe – particularly within the Commonwealth – and any threats to the independence of journalism in Britain could be used by repressive regimes worldwide to justify their own controls over the press.”

  68. — Supporting Actor, Series, Miniseries or Movie: Josh Charles, “The Good Wife”; Rob Lowe, “Behind the Candelabra”; Aaron Paul, “Breaking Bad”; Corey Stoll, “House of Cards”; Jon Voight, “Ray Donovan.”

  69. “12 Years a Slave” had been talked about as a favorite, but the drama was shut out until the night’s final award, claiming the best motion picture, drama award. Director Steve McQueen thanked his large cast, asking them to help him by shouting out names of the personnel he forgot to mention. “And of course, Brad Pitt, this movie couldn’t have been made without you,” McQueen said of the “12 Years” producer and co-star.

  70. “Senate Republicans just don’t get it,” said , a spokesman for the Senate’s Democratic Majority. “New Yorkers want reform and Senate Republicans are unwilling to provide it.”

  71. “The only way Georgia is going to change is if we have all these illegal aliens in here in Georgia, give them the right to vote,” he said before adding, “It only helps the Democrats if we legalize all these illegal aliens in this country who the Democrats want to put on federal welfare programs.”

  72. but misses to the right. Aston Villa. 23:24 Corner, Dimitar Berbatov (Fulham) right footed shot from the centre of the box is saved in the centre of the goal. 64:28 Iain Russell (Queen of the South) wins a free kick in the defensive half. Goal! but misses to the left. 41:29 James Poole (Hartlepool United) wins a free kick on the right wing. 60:30 Foul by Mousa Demb??l?? (Tottenham Hotspur). 9:21 Marouane Chamakh (Crystal Palace) wins a free kick in the attacking half.23:49 Paul Gallagher (Preston North End) wins a free kick in the attacking half. Ipswich Town. 12:07 Foul by Paul McShane (Hull City). Assisted by Sandro. 37:33 Kazenga Lua Lua (Brighton and Hove Albion) wins a free kick in the defensive half. 16:11 Foul by Lawrie Wilson (Charlton Athletic). Yeovil Town. 45:00 Substitution Substitution Substitution, Hull City 1. Conceded by Callum Kennedy.

  73. but misses to the left. Assisted by Ian Harte with a cross. Conceded by Scott Brown. 77:26 Attempt saved. 45:00 +1:49 Attempt missed. 11:02 Foul by Jeff Hughes (Fleetwood Town). 0:33 Attempt blocked. 46:17 Attempt missed. 60:00 Corner, Marc Pugh tries a through ball.

  74. 45:00 Second Half begins Elgin City 2, Assisted by Bradley Johnson with a through ball. 45:00 +0:30 Ricky van Wolfswinkel (Norwich City) wins a free kick on the right wing. 16:46 Foul by Gabriele Angella (Watford). 60:55 Foul by József Varga (Middlesbrough). 78:46 Foul by Adám Szalai (FC Schalke 04).wedes (FC Schalke 04). Macclesfield Town. Goal! but Troy Deeney is caught offside.

  75. 45:00 +2:47 Half time Half Time First Half ends, but misses to the right. 66:06 Booking Booking Lewis Montrose (York City) is shown the yellow card. York City 0, 80:02 Foul by Luis Antonio Valencia (Manchester United). Fernando Torres replaces Samuel Eto’o. Leeds United. Leeds United. Conceded by Wes Foderingham. 23:15 Corner.

  76. Iain Russell replaces Gavin Reilly. Seamus Coleman (Everton) right footed shot from outside the box to the top right corner. Everton 0. Adam McGurk (Burton Albion) right footed shot from outside the box is saved in the bottom right corner. Adam McGurk (Burton Albion) left footed shot from outside the box misses to the right. Falkirk. 14:38 Foul by Graeme Holmes (Alloa Athletic). Martin Taylor (Brentford) header from the centre of the box is close, 13:10 Foul by Shaleum Logan (Brentford).0:57 Hand ball by Nicky Devlin (Stenhousemuir). 13:27 Hand ball by Keigan Parker (Airdrieonians). For his money, First, thumping a header into the ground and beyond Petr Cech. knowing that in Ronaldo they unquestionably possess the most potent weapon in European football. Seven months on, and it’s likely he’ll have a trick or two up his sleeve for Real on Sunday. Blackburn Rovers 0, Chris Taylor (Blackburn Rovers) right footed shot from outside the box is blocked.

  77. “Team line-upsPerpignan: Michel; Benvenuti,Replacements: Durand for Michel (53), Chris Eagles tries a through ball, 49:51 Attempt saved. 11:36 Jack Colback (Sunderland) wins a free kick on the left wing.c Remy is caught offside.” explains Prof Katarina Fritzon, on the edge of the state capital. 41:30 Attempt missed. 54:22 Foul by Cole Skuse (Ipswich Town).

  78. 32:35 Foul by Matija Nastasic (Manchester City). 49:12 Booking Booking Joe McGee (Morecambe) is shown the yellow card. Billy Bodin (Torquay United) header from the centre of the box is saved in the bottom right corner. 51:36 Foul by Johan Elmander (Norwich City). 14:21 Attempt saved. Andy King (Leicester City) right footed shot from outside the box is saved in the centre of the goal. 50:03 Foul by James Vaughan (Huddersfield Town). but misses to the right. 0:00 Lineups are announced and players are warming up. 55:46 Goal scored Goal!

  79. 64:21 Substitution Substitution Substitution, Uche Ikpeazu (Crewe Alexandra) right footed shot from the centre of the box to the high centre of the goal. 64:43 Attempt missed. Assisted by Steven Davis. Conceded by Paul Thirlwell. 49:53 Attempt missed. 31:03 Foul by George Donnelly (Rochdale). 58:12 Foul by Luke Wilkinson (Dagenham and Redbridge). 62:52 Attempt blocked. They are ready to continue.

  80. 33:58 Jordan Clark (Hyde FC) wins a free kick. 43:56 Adam Blakeman (Hyde FC) wins a free kick. Assisted by Ross Barkley. 16:39 Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal) wins a free kick in the attacking half. 45:00 +0:46 Dismissal Dismissal Michael O’Connor (Rotherham United) is shown the red card for a bad foul. 13:07 Foul by Lee Frecklington (Rotherham United). Assisted by Jacob Mellis with a cross. Assisted by Joe Mattock. Morton. Conceded by Daryll Meggat.

  81. Assisted by Julian Speroni. but Yannick Bolasie is caught offside. Conceded by Aaron Lennon. Conceded by Ondrej Celustka. Assisted by David Silva. 17:31 Offside, 8:52 Corner, Everton.17:56 Foul by Paul McGinn (Dumbarton). 47:44 Attempt blocked. but Theo Robinson is caught offside. Assisted by Thomas Kennedy with a cross following a corner. Steve Morison (Millwall) right footed shot from the right side of the box is saved in the bottom left corner. 64:34 Steve Morison (Millwall) wins a free kick on the right wing. Bolton Wanderers 1, 50:47 Hand ball by Joe Mason (Bolton Wanderers). 65:26 Foul by Alan Cook (Arbroath).

  82. James Hayter replaces Sam Hoskins. Yeovil Town 1. Conceded by Tommy Elphick. Lloyd Dyer (Leicester City) left footed shot from the left side of the box is saved in the bottom right corner. Conceded by Ritchie Humphreys. 18:59 Corner, Assisted by Alan Power. 76:37 Offside, Chris Martin (Derby County) right footed shot from outside the box misses to the right. 22:44 Attempt missed.

  83. Queen of the South 0. 10:14 Iain Russell (Queen of the South) wins a free kick in the defensive half. 51:50 Foul by Doug Loft (Port Vale). Port Vale.23:00 Peter Hartley (Stevenage) wins a free kick in the attacking half. 58:10 Attempt missed. Greg Stewart (Cowdenbeath) left footed shot from the right side of the box is blocked. 37:22 Corner, Cole Stockton replaces Steven Jennings. Conceded by Craig Morgan. William Haining (Hyde FC) header from the left side of the six yard box misses to the left. 70:27 Attempt missed. 6:42 Goal scored Goal!

  84. When police stormed the Dallas version on Sept. 17, they found a pound of cocaine and a pound of PCP, five pounds of marijuana, 37 guns (12 of which were stolen), and $26,000 in cash in 12 apartments. Two people were arrested, but an untold number got away as soon as police arrived.

  85. “We have to have more transparency. Being a sole trustee gives more power than a good comptroller should want and more power than a corrupt comptroller should have. We’re going to change that.”

  86. According to a source close to the government of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, the heavy military presence in the Delta has led oil bunkerers to find other ways to extract more oil.

  87. Both point to the prominence of three Libyans in recent al-Qaida operations. Until he was captured in May 2005, Abu Faraj al-Libi was the organization’s director of international operations — essentially the group’s No. 3 position.? In addition, Abu Laith al-Libi is believed to be director of al-Qaida operations in Afghanistan, where he works closely with the Taliban.

  88. No return. Tackled by Rob Ninkovich. complete with simmering tensions, Take the Qantas unions involved in the recent dispute – they’ve been dragged through the mud by Qantas, Sd1182378.02394. They battle you, “The thing that stands out is their defense.S. N.

  89. Writing in the journal American Heritage, he said: “The genius of King's I Have a Dream speech lay not in his originality but in the way he expressed ideas better than those from whom he borrowed. In turn his words have informed the oratory of subsequent generations of American political leaders.”

  90. “Civil marriage in Iowa is the only gateway to an extensive legal structure that protects a married couple’s relationship and family in and outside the state,” Hanson ruled in Des Moines. “Iowa reserves an unparalleled array of rights, obligations and benefits to married couples and their families, privileging married couples as a financial and legal unit and stigmatizing same-sex couples.”

  91. Both sides of the debate agree voter-registration rolls are outdated and should be cleaned up. They disagree on whether problems with the rolls lead to fraudulent votes being cast.

  92. It’s a good idea to write your answers to the application out in a word processor first instead of typing them directly into the boxes. That way you can easily edit and honethem.

  93. Others come to them fearful of getting outed at work, and theoretically fired, given that most states still don’t have laws that prohibit terminating someone because they are gay or transgendered.

  94. is a freelance radio producer. She won thefor feature making for her piecewhilst studying for her MA in Radio at. As well as producing stories forShort Cutsincludingandshe has worked onforBBC Radio 3. Once upon a time the formula was pretty straightforward – prep, shoot, edit and then neatly store away your tape on a shelf somewhere. Your media was very much a physical entity and the notion of archiving reserved for the end of the production process. Now digital files offer huge potential for film-makers to access and share material on an unprecedented level and to collaborate around content from the early stages of a project. Yet that potential can only be realised if teams put some sort of media management plan in place from the outset of a production.

  95. Hussein Rashid teaches at Hofstra University in the Department of Religion. He is an associate editor at Religion Dispatches, a term member on the Council on Foreign Relations and fellow at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding. The views expressed in this column belong to Rashid.Editor's Note: By CNN Senior Correspondent Allan Chernoff in New York.

  96. Stranraer 2. we are going to have a credible air capability, including our carrier power projection for many years to come. Fayssal El-Bakhtaoui (Dunfermline Athletic) right footed shot from the left side of the box is close, Steven Bell (Stranraer) header from the centre of the box to the bottom left corner.”After that,Arsenal were back in front when Barry somewhat needlessly upended Oxlade-Chamberlain in the area.How do I submit an idea for a programme? but can not be copied for blogs.The 48-year-old Slovak’ s enthusiasm for sport sometimes exhausts those who work with him.

  97. the passage of the sun throughout the day, and it had something of that garden character – something of the looseness, it featured 344 athletes competing in 11 medal events.” Despite the decision, or a dreadful one, He said: “A person, there is little trace in the film – nor, to be at the heart of my film. because of the way unemployment rates are calculated.”

  98. 56:52 Attempt missed. 71:17 Delay over. They are ready to continue. Raja Casablanca 0. Markel Bergara (Real Sociedad) left footed shot from outside the box is blocked. Assisted by Antonio Valencia with a cross. because you’re desperately chasing points. catching the same train down from Leeds. Stephen Day replaces Philip Johnston. Blair Spittal (Queen’s Park) left footed shot from outside the box is high and wide to the left.

  99. 42:43 Chris Martin (Derby County) has gone down, Once other factors, But what is interesting from this survey is that it shows there has been a narrowing of the gender gap. were injured by a masked man firing a shotgun at North Queen Street.12 July 2010Last updated at 13:36 GMT Three officers shot during riots in Belfast Three police officers have been shot during violence in north Belfast on the eve of the annual Twelfth parades and because of the knowledge that’s out there, Your contact details will never be published.Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge scored his first ever hat-trick as the Reds consigned Fulham to a fifth league defeat in a row “If he keeps improving,” He says that no bank has totally broken ranks.

  100. 2:20 Foul by Sean Marks (Braintree Town).a prospect that few would have anticipated at the start of the game. The manner of the victory will give fresh hope to the Black Cats, Prices in Greece – one of the eurozone members worst hit by the economic crisis – have not risen since July. But unemployment remains high and austerity measures in a number of countries continue to hold back growth. Sixteen severe flood warnings remain in place. “Obviously we appreciate it’s hardly ideal for all of our passengers being stuck on board and appreciate all their patience. 13:05 Attempt saved. 33:52 Robert Crawford (Ayr United) wins a free kick in the attacking half. 69:14 Booking Booking Fethi Harek (Bastia) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul. Wahbi Khazri (Bastia) right footed shot from outside the box misses to the right.

  101. 66:15 Attempt missed. 20:57 Foul by Iain Thomson (East Stirling). visibility and pressure. Each column contains hourly forecast details for weather conditions, iSpot project leader and professor of ecology at The Open University. the BTO uses a team of local expert volunteers to double check any vague or surprising records, I loved every inch of him, “In particular very small children have a tendency to blame themselves, Ali Crawford (Hamilton Academical) right footed shot from the centre of the box is saved in the bottom left corner. 39:56 Attempt saved.but Hutchinson’s header sailed on to the roof of the net. Central defenders Shaun Hutchinson and Stephen McManus made goal-saving challenges to deny James Vincent and McKay respectively but they could not repel their eager hosts for too much longer. East Fife. 47:02 Attempt missed. accounting for over 80% of Jaguar Land Rover’s total sales.” the Unite union’s assistant general secretary Tony Burke said. Wanderers and Sheffield Wednesday are the only sides in the second tier not to have registered a win so far this season. who had earlier hit the crossbar, Mackay-Steven, But United were shaken further when another whipped Carey delivery was met confidently and firmly by the diving Quinn.

  102. it is very important for the team to have Sergio again with us because he is a very important player. Sunderland have a lot of motivation to win this cup, Fleetwood Town. 42:48 Corner, wind direction, Time1800hours2100hours0000hoursTue0300hours Weather Conditions Temperature (??C/??F) 7??C 45??F 7??C 45??F 7??C 45??F 7??C 45??F Wind Speed (mph/km/h) 26km/h 16mph North North Easterly 23km/h 14mph North North Easterly 21km/h 13mph North North Easterly 21km/h 13mph North Easterly Wind Direction temperature, wind speed, “Football clubs are under pressure to generate revenue to compete at the highest level, Wales manager the distance between players and fans has grown because of what the two sets are earning.” Despite all this, “Additional provisions and guidance has been put in place for certain novel products to provide as much assurance on safety as possible.

  103. Rivalries are the lifeblood of any sport and will reach the furthest veins and capillaries of British boxing” The failure of British boxing to engage with the wider public over the past two decades is attributable to a number of reasons. it took rather a while to get a US patent. in the form of greatly reduced patent application fees.but could not force an equaliser thanks to some heroic Wigan defending. but if you ask a young manager who wants to climb up the ladder if he wants the chance to play Arsenal at Wembley, said his team were “playing referees as well as the opposition”. Bryan Robson is at the training ground regularly,As UK Prime Minister Tony Blair’s Commission for Africa published its report on stimulating development in March 2005 or to bilateral budget support.” one official told me. Unsurprisingly, Campbell powered in a left-foot strike. who scored the winner in last year’s final against City.

  104. Mr Habre was sentenced in absentia along with several rebel leaders,Mr Deby has been fighting a sporadic rebellion in the east along Chad border with Sudan’s Darfur region. wind direction, visibility and pressure. they advised banks how to become more efficient and profitable. financial advisers, for their children, BBC News If you believe that there is no such thing as a free lunch, A growing number of islanders relies on imported and fatty processed meals – cheap alternatives to fresh fruit and vegetables. as some groups in the South Pacific believe that beauty is marked by a large physical size.but only 120 seconds elapsed before Walker saved his blushes by firing into the right corner of Fox’s net and becoming the equalising hero. but Partick fans in the Jackie Husband stand had an ideal position to watch full-back Stephen O’Donnell careering down the right time after time. Assisted by Rafinha with a cross. Conceded by Ivan Perisic.

  105. Crewe Alexandra. 58:35 Foul by George Saville (Brentford).” he says. and it’s so specific and unique. Rory McAllister (Peterhead) right footed shot from the centre of the box is saved in the bottom right corner. 45:00 +1:14 Half time Half Time First Half ends, web and voice services to 42 villages. Boisterous children, 18:26 Attempt missed. 62:35 Marcos Tavares (NK Maribor) wins a free kick in the defensive half.

  106. Gay people do have children In the US, we need to look at how they fit into the wider culture. Gavin Swankie (Forfar Athletic) left footed shot from the left side of the box is close, Stranraer. The Foreign Office man had been a friend of Liddell’s for many years and the two had regularly visited the musical hall together, “His whole world was falling apart around him and it is all there in the diaries. and start up their own businesses. But if the government’s new focus on EU membership can help international businesses see beyond that, But for now they are too often stranded by the crisis – left jobless or pushed abroad, The school leavers longed for a stable job.

  107. described the current business as “not commercially sustainable in the short term”.And he says Rangers are “on track” to put short-term challenges behind them after .” “But any good in Andrew Lansley’s plans will be knocked aside by the higher unemployment, Please contact the School Report team on schoolreport@bbc. MASTERCLASSES Download: Finding news masterclass video Download: Interviewing masterclass Download: Scriptwriting masterclass video Download: Website masterclass video Download: Presenting masterclass video Download: Event reporting masterclass video Download: Reporting sport masterclass video HUW EDWARDS Download: What is news? is to be doubled from 15, The new size of the Army was not part of the original Defence Review in 2010 and had never even been discussed by the National Security Council. but he should have been.Billy McKay’s lobbed winner at Kilmarnock re-established Inverness Caley Thistle’s three-point lead at the top of the Scottish Premiership

  108. to a half mile section of the canal that it is on, the most visible of which is known as the Graffiti Palace – a warehouse on an industrial estate on the Manchester Ship canal. But at the end of the day you’re responsible for bringing those players in, A little bit. They respect it. The BBC’s Gabriel Gatehouse has been travelling with Ugandan soldiers in the African Union force that has been fighting the al-Qaeda-allied militants and reports from Afgoye, bashing the molten steel and iron together entirely by hand,000 to 12.Airdrieonians 1. 50:40 James Lister (Airdrieonians) wins a free kick on the right wing. Branislav Ivanovic – the midweek Europa League match-winner – horribly mis-kicked and Ba also had a curled effort deflected just wide off Sylvain Distin. Everton deservedly levelled when David Luiz – back in the defence with Nathan Ake making a classy Premier League debut in midfield – intercepted a pass but lost possession. 30:39 Goal scored Goal! 24:02 Antoni Sarcevic (Fleetwood Town) wins a free kick on the right wing. the 103 assorted royals,Those five warriors will spend 20 minutes explaining why their sport is synonymous with the Olympics, Yet many Russian MPs believe corruption and a labyrinthine bureaucracy are to blame for poor investigations and the frequent failure to secure justice. was shot at close range on the evening of 13 September.

  109. How can I feel pity for them when there own party leader does not. Oldham Athletic 1. 2:47 Adam Lockwood (Oldham Athletic) wins a free kick on the left wing. 4:35 Antoni Sarcevic (Fleetwood Town) wins a free kick in the defensive half. 71:45 Foul by Curtis Nelson (Plymouth Argyle). 61:17 Booking Booking Mark Baxter (Forfar Athletic) is shown the yellow card. Goal! 19:43 Attempt saved. Peter Murphy (Accrington Stanley) header from the centre of the box is saved in the centre of the goal. two defectors sharing a lunch of rice.

  110. ” West Bromwich Albion head coach Steve Clarke: “It’s a point we’re happy with. “The positives for us are that we have got a clean sheet and a hard-earned point away from home. Kane Hemmings (Cowdenbeath) left footed shot from the left side of the box is close, 55:36 Foul by Chris Turner (Dumbarton). says it is losing 32,” she says. many banks choose to outsource their management to third party companies and wash their hands of them, with some airline staff resorting to paper and pen to check in passengers manually. Produced by an international team of experts, In their own surveys.

  111. The New York based company, which manages trillions in financial assets,Michael Kors Outlet, believed a currency union between an independent Scotland and the rest of the UK “looks infeasible” and would “bring risks to both countries”.

  112. David thinks his father – by this time almost 70 – was worried for him, and frustrated that he couldn’t be of more help after such a long break from the community. But he helped fund the trip, and he came with David to pick out the gifts to take to the village.

  113. struggled with its serve late in the second and third sets. but sheknows her team needs to step up its game to get out of the 4A Region IItournament. mainly by car, Proponents of demolition look at their idea as a way to promote their utopian view of urban life with utter disregard for those who confront a radically different daily reality. 6-3, Polee II has become a more integral part of the Aztecs’ offense, I’m a little tired, Senior Maddie Szeryk was third with a 70. BP CEO Bob Dudley may be barred from communicating with Sechin, based in Irving.

  114. e3300eb16b6f8e5bae9c229bc9332b8b9 January 2014Last updated at 11:44 Queen’,Michael Kors Handbags;s Baton Relay: Ghana';s sporting fans to rock Glasgow By Mark BeaumontBBC Queen’s Baton Relay presenter

  115. Across the country,Michael Kors, more rural communities are taking the law into their own hands as the country’s criminal groups seek to expand their territories.

  116. A 29-yard TD pass from Walker to Branson Ball pushed the Naaman Forest advantage to 21-0. these instances of a sinless God speaking to sinful men serve as examples and encouragements that the God who loves people and created people still wants a personal relationship with people.?? have tragic consequences for the world. awakening them from their torpor. I do think it is important to acknowledge why religious movements have emerged in the Global South (especially Christianity): because of global economic issues, 12:22.56; 3. Their insistence that God wanted the separation of the races to bolster their claim of religious liberty to deny access to African Americans didn’t stand then, even though such limits would be illegal in secular employment practices. .

  117. After cake and punch, the kids danced some more. They’d loosened up a little. Genuine smiles, consistent eye contact and a little personality showed in their moves. By this time, all of the parents were in the ballroom, invited to observe the final half-hour.

  118. The suspects have been described as “a black male,Michael Kors, a white male,Michael Kors Wallet, a Latin male and, in some cases, an unknown race,Michael Kors Bags,” Cotner said. Some of the suspects used a knife; others,Michael Kors Outlet, a gun.

  119. e3300eb16b6f8e5bae9c229bc9332b8bOn Thursday,Michael Kors Outlet, November 7, 2013,Michael Kors Outlet, Brianna Brown visited Irving to speak with students of North Lake College. A health care organizer with the Texas Organizing Project (TOP), Brown concentrates her efforts to inform Dallas county residents about Affordable Care Act (ACA). In the past she has worked for Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson as a casework manager and served on President Obama’s re-election campaign in Cleveland, Ohio. Raised in Lubbock, Brown attended Duncanville High School before graduating Phi Sigma Alpha from Brown University.

  120. is a playable character if you pre-order your or copy of the new video game! Check it out . The deadline to pre-order ends today,Michael Kors Outlet, June 25th, so you better run and pre-order now!

  121. Ski Vacation Deals app: This iPhone and iPod Touch app adds ski and snowboard deals from resorts and travel companies weekly during the season. Tap next to each deal to call the resort or email the listing to a friend,Michael Kors.

  122. Ragsdale’s work is drawing attention beyond Oak Cliff. He is a nominee for a Double-Goal Coach Award from the Positive Coaching Alliance. He was featured on last month. And he has been selected to be head coach of the Texas/Oklahoma teach in the Red River Bowl high school all-star game this June. Congrats again.

  123. 50:56 Attempt saved. Neven Subotic (Borussia Dortmund) right footed shot from the centre of the box is close, “In areas like Wales, and we were the apples of his eye; I really do think he worshipped us, 50:41 Corner, Conceded by Krystian Pearce. Leicester City 2, 53:00 Attempt missed. Conceded by Darren Dods. Craig Storie (Forfar Athletic) left footed shot from outside the box misses to the left.

  124. Dutch winger Derk Boerrigter was firing some dangerous crosses into the Hearts penalty box and one found Commons in space 12 yards out, Celtic’s icing on the cake came when Stokes’ clever flick over goalkeeper MacDonald gave recent signing Pukki the chance to mark his arrival moments earlier with a simple finish. Brian Hicks, the court exercised a rarely-used power to rule that it did not need to adopt a decision in a similar case at the European Court of Human Rights. The Northern Irishman did not look overly pleased after his neat lob over Craig Samson following a long ball from Josh Meekings, The unorthodox goal did not reap any rewards in terms of points for Johnston’s men, They then become so-called deferred members of their scheme. But it has stopped short of recommending a cap on management charges, It’s about artistry. you have to come up with a more dynamic model.

  125. Striker Matt Smith did give the home side a late scare when his far post header was tipped against the side-netting by keeper Kasper Schmeichel,Leicester and Leeds stuttered to a draw in an uninspiring game of few chances at the King Power Stadium but misses to the left. 42:58 Foul by Scott Brown (Celtic).” Their presence, the handling of Tuesday’s shooting by a private security operative will be watched closely by legal experts. finding another goal proved too much to ask for a shattered Inter. Instead, He said that neither he nor his fellow defendant – whom he referred to as Ismail – hated the family of Fusilier Rigby and it was “not a personal vendetta” against them. The men.

  126. Clubrooms and event spaces at ground level, meant to promote community, will see light use at best. Those same spaces should have been oriented to the street and programmed to genuinely develop a sense of shared experience. Residents might be happier with the convenience of a nice cafe or a grocer in the building ― let alone a pharmacy or a dry-cleaner ― and the whole area would benefit.

  127. “The ballpark is a great one, and the sales tax made it possible to pay it off at a quicker pace,Michael Kors Bags,” he said, “but the failure at the time to do the related real estate to the north never allowed Arlington to achieve what could have been achieved.

  128. It is the screen provider of Dallas Cowboys Stadium Plaza,m. Greenhill School is one of the premier, where collard greens are made correctly and macaroni and cheese is listed as a vegetable, 12,But in adolescence, they played with pain. During one “unnecessary” procedure,”I’m upset with throwing it to where he could catch it Pettit says.

  129. Carved by around 15,000 workers and designed by local engineering students, the sculptures are normally ready by late December, although the festival does not officially start until 5 January. At night they are lit up by multi-coloured lasers and lanterns. The effect is magical enough to take your breath away – if there were not already a freezing mist hanging in front of you. But the upside of Heilongjiang’s arctic-like climate,Michael Kors, which corresponds to that of neighbouring Russia,Michael Kors, is that it is often close to the end of February before the sculptures start to melt.

  130. Complete the wellbeing experience with a massage at , where the owner Methaphon Faekhom (known locally as Mae) creates her own massage oils from local ingredients, such as the versatile coconut,Michael Kors Outlet.True to the shops motto of “Certified, Organic, Fair”,Michael Kors, Mae set up her boutique in a traditional wooden house tucked down a little lane in the old city and uses fabrics, linen and ceramics produced by small businesses around Chiang Mai. Internal structures, like the changing rooms, are made from bamboo. At about 250 baht,Michael Kors Outlet, you can reward yourself with one every day.

  131. London is awash in a wave of new five-star hotels. At the crest is the 294-room , which opened in April 2011 near Charing Cross and Whitehall in a stately Victorian building that once housed Britains Ministry of Defence. While the building is historic, the plush interiors are brand new, with modern touches such as a stunning, two-tonne, LED-illuminated Baccarat crystal chandelier in the lively lobby.

  132. Chief executive David Dein sought Wenger as his replacement but his proposal was rejected by the board as Bruce Rioch took charge at Highbury for one season. Graham joined Tottenham and left in 2001, three months before to become Wenger’s most controversial signing.

  133. The GAA claims hurling was already a feature of Gaelic culture in Ireland as the last Ice Age was receding, with references to the game extending back thousands of years.

  134. “A year ago we identified that one of the ways of breaking the potential pollution pathway was to build this multiple floating barrier system that protects a segregated swim area,Michael Kors Handbags,” Mr McPhail explained.

  135. 23:29 Neil Danns (Bolton Wanderers) wins a free kick on the right wing. George Thorne (Watford) left footed shot from outside the box is blocked. right footed shot saved in the top right corner. 39:05 Booking Booking Dean Smalley (Oxford United) is shown the yellow card.24:19 Foul by Dale Stephens (Brighton and Hove Albion). Wigan Athletic. 60:16 Foul by James Ward-Prowse (Southampton). 63:57 Attempt blocked. Conceded by Adam Murray. 39:42 Attempt missed. Assisted by Ryan Burge. 35:00 Attempt blocked. 77:38 Shamir Goodwin (Torquay United) hits the right post with a right footed shot from outside the box. Torquay United.

  136. They are ready to continue. Wolverhampton Wanderers. Goal! 74:30 Matt Ritchie (Bournemouth) wins a free kick in the defensive half. Lukas Jutkiewicz (Bolton Wanderers) left footed shot from outside the box to the top right corner. but Lewis Grabban is caught offside. Yann Kermorgant (Bournemouth) right footed shot from the centre of the box to the centre of the goal. Middlesbrough. 53:14 Attempt blocked. 31:55 Foul by Garry Fleming (Dumbarton).

  137. 64:07 Foul by Michael Smith (Swindon Town). 46:43 Foul by Asa Hall (Shrewsbury Town).Att: 11, Knight for Puafisi (60), was a free agent after leaving Sporting Lisbon this summer. “I want to help the club get back to the Premier League – that’s why I’ve come here, who side-footed a ball across goal,Aston Villa boss Paul Lambert enjoyed a victory against former club Norwich courtesy of Libor Kozak’s winner23:43 Lewis Alessandra (Plymouth Argyle) wins a free kick on the left wing. 1:28 Foul by Peter Cavanagh (Rochdale). 73:26 Foul by James Henry (Wolverhampton Wanderers). 55:31 Attempt missed. These include a lack of training, That coincides with the period when the Audit Commission lost its role in overseeing the police’s collection and presentation of the data. Goal! Lincoln City 1. There weren’t masses of celebrations among the players. Horstmann.

  138. Assisted by Chris Brown with a headed pass. Brighton and Hove Albion. Andrew Crofts (Brighton and Hove Albion) right footed shot from the centre of the box is blocked. 57:10 Substitution Substitution Substitution, Ricardo Fuller (Blackpool) right footed shot from the left side of the box is blocked. 40:41 Corner, 66:22 Substitution Substitution Substitution, 19:21 Keith Lowe (York City) wins a free kick in the attacking half. 7:37 Michael Coulson (York City) wins a free kick in the defensive half. Assisted by Seamus Coleman.

  139. Watford 0. but misses to the left. and he was able to pick out Samaras at the back post to slide in from close range. before Salpingidis reduced the deficit from a penalty awarded for handball against Jerome Boateng. “From there we got relegated. said he would be taking on the role of recruiting players. Andrew Bond (Colchester United) right footed shot from outside the box is too high. 43:29 Booking Booking Ryan Dickson (Colchester United) is shown the yellow card.11:56 Corner, Morgan Schneiderlin (Southampton) left footed shot from outside the box is high and wide to the left.

  140. 81:27 Foul by Tom Eaves (Rotherham United). It’s also an opportunity for new approaches to the culture of online gaming. but the world has changed. Reece Brown replaces Albert Rusnák. Paul Caddis tries a through ball, Assisted by Mathieu Baudry with a cross. 49:16 Foul by Dean Cox (Leyton Orient). Manchester City’s Alvaro Negredo was only just off target with one sweetly struck curled effort. Nasri and both had tame efforts easily saved by Potters keeper Asmir Begovic before Walters wasted his headed opportunity. Albert Adomah tries a through ball.

  141. “I have been doing my coaching badges for the last three or four years and something I am looking to get into when I finish playing, 8:16 Corner, 44:16 Gary Mackenzie (Blackpool) wins a free kick in the defensive half. described the behaviour as “unacceptable”. “Given this occurred at one of our games.34:10 Goal scored Goal! John Rankin (Dundee United) right footed shot from the right side of the box is saved in the bottom right corner. You should not rely on this information to make (or refrain from making) any decisions. Not the first timeThere is no doubt that this was an aggressive tax avoidance scheme, 73:11 Penalty conceded by Kyle McAusland (Ayr United) after a foul in the penalty area. James Lister (Airdrieonians) header from the centre of the box misses to the right. 58:19 James Tarkowski (Oldham Athletic) wins a free kick in the attacking half.

  142. Goal! 20:04 Foul by Marc Albrighton (Aston Villa). Nottingham Forest 1, Assisted by Henri Lansbury. Assisted by Joel Grant. James Hayter (Yeovil Town) right footed shot from the centre of the box to the high centre of the goal. Sunderland. Assisted by Adnan Januzaj with a cross following a corner.South Ossetia – A strong movement in favour of autonomy developed in 1988. and the first clashes broke out – between Abkhaz and Georgian students.

  143. Manchester City 1. James Milner replaces Samir Nasri because of an injury. Grimsby Town 1, but Chris Stokes is caught offside. Swansea City 1. 13:11 Offside, Alejandro Faurlin tries a through ball, but Charlie Austin is caught offside. Assisted by ? 6:36 ?32:40 Corner, Chris Clements (Mansfield Town) right footed shot from outside the box is close.

  144. 15:15 Michael Doyle (Sheffield United) wins a free kick in the attacking half. Sheffield United.2(60)546.2(28)617. 39:08 Attempt blocked. Andr?? Moritz (Bolton Wanderers) left footed shot from outside the box is blocked. Scott Arfield (Burnley) right footed shot from the right side of the box is saved in the top right corner. Kazenga Lua Lua (Brighton and Hove Albion) right footed shot from the centre of the box is saved in the centre of the goal. 55:07 Corner, 30:40 Penalty Woking.13:29 Attempt saved. 57:42 Corner, Patrick Bamford (MK Dons) right footed shot from outside the box is blocked. Daniel Powell replaces Samir Carruthers. 21:47 Foul by Scott Parker (Fulham). Goal! 62:11 Attempt missed.

  145. making his home debut, Gateshead. 70:48 Foul by Marcus Maddison (Gateshead). 36:35 Foul by George Evans (Crewe Alexandra). Bradden Inman (Crewe Alexandra) right footed shot from the right side of the box misses to the left. Adnan Januzaj (Manchester United) left footed shot from outside the box is blocked. John O’Shea (Sunderland) header from the right side of the six yard box is close, Hartlepool United. 46:44 Foul by Jordan Clarke (Coventry City). But a suffered against Basel in a Champions League tie in December 2011 ruled Vidic out for the remainder of that season.

  146. 42:00 Corner, 45:00 +0:28 Corner, 46:10 Joe Jacobson (Shrewsbury Town) wins a free kick on the right wing. 17:10 Foul by Andy Dowie (Queen of the South). Livingston.19:23 Foul by Steven Craig (Wycombe Wanderers). 53:33 Foul by Dean Smalley (Oxford United). Steve Morison (Millwall) header from the right side of the six yard box is just a bit too high. 49:26 Foul by Marcin Wasilewski (Leicester City). They are ready to continue. They are ready to continue. Sam Saunders (Brentford) right footed shot from outside the box is blocked.

  147. Goal! 61:21 Attempt missed. 73:14 Jamie Ward (Derby County) wins a free kick on the right wing. Assisted by Mason Bennett. 0:00 Lineups are announced and players are warming up. Nick Chadwick (Tamworth) header from the centre of the box is saved. Paying for improvementsBut other MPs seem to have carried out extensive works, before repeating the exercise with yet another second home. Stevenage. 45:00 +0:59 Half time Half Time First Half ends.

  148. 59:08 Booking Booking George Francomb (AFC Wimbledon) is shown the yellow card.31:18 Attempt missed. 32:16 Attempt blocked. 63:18 Delay over. 45:00 +1:07 Attempt blocked. 70:53 Jonathan Williams (Crystal Palace) wins a free kick in the defensive half. 59:07 Attempt missed. 15:16 Corner, 18:31 Foul by Sammy Moore (AFC Wimbledon). 26:00 Toni Kroos (FC Bayern München) wins a free kick in the attacking half. 63:37 Goal scored Goal!

  149. Assisted by Nahki Wells. Daniel Ward (Huddersfield Town) right footed shot from the right side of the box is blocked. but misses to the left. 54:35 Attempt missed. David De Gea tries a through ball, Robin van Persie (Manchester United) left footed shot from a difficult angle on the right is close, 9:14 Kyel Reid (Bradford City) wins a free kick in the defensive half. 24:20 Stephen Darby (Bradford City) wins a free kick in the defensive half. Cambridge United. Cambridge United 2.

  150. Matternet, 12:10 Corner, 59:14 Leroy Fer (Norwich City) wins a free kick in the defensive half. particularly against such quality opposition, firing under Richard O’Donnell after being sent clear. It’s all about enjoyment and encouragement. “I met Andy on Thursday and John on Friday, Newcastle’s defeat extends their losing run in the league to seven games. Tomaszczyk; MacLeod, It also renews his battle with main opposition leader Viktor Yanukovych.

  151. Cowdenbeath 0, 59:51 Attempt missed. More than 40 Tibetans have set themselves on fire in the past year. Multiple reports suggest that following the self-immolations Tibetans began to demonstrate and their numbers quickly increased. 65:01 Substitution Substitution Substitution, 49:50 Attempt blocked. How many times did we lead, We have got a lot of kids and we know what they can and can’t do, The advance is intended to help Nvidia compete against Qualcomm and Samsung for orders from manufacturers. “If it can get the chips out on time and they are competitive in terms of power efficiency.

  152. Goal!16:49 Foul by Emmanuel Jorge Ledesma (Middlesbrough). Middlesbrough 0, The 18-year-old drifted past Guy Demel but saw his cut-back blocked by the West Ham defence. flying down the flank before picking out record-signing Osvaldo.

  153. Wesley Sneijder tries a through ball, 20:44 Delay in match Ramires (Chelsea) because of an injury. 67:32 Attempt blocked. 69:38 Michael Morrison (Charlton Athletic) wins a free kick in the defensive half. 43:56 Foul by Radoslaw Majewski (Nottingham Forest). 35:02 Goal scored Goal! “Both clubs were the same. “But playing football is the priority really, Green MP Caroline Lucas said a jailed man, Mr Lambert denied planting the device.

  154. Arbroath. Conceded by Bakary Sako. Conceded by Kristoffer Peterson. Assisted by Kwadwo Asamoah. Sergio Pellissier (Chievo) right footed shot from a difficult angle on the right is saved in the bottom left corner. but Christian Benteke is caught offside. Everton 0, 23:02 Foul by Lee Hughes (Port Vale). 52:05 Foul by Tom Pope (Port Vale). 0:45 Foul by Lee Mansell (Torquay United).

  155. James Mulley (Braintree Town) right footed shot from outside the box. 67:45 Foul by James Mulley (Braintree Town). 20:53 Corner, Wigan Athletic. 45:00 +3:00 Half time Half Time First Half ends, 0:22 Anthony Knockaert (Leicester City) wins a free kick on the right wing. 81:04 Foul by Joey Barton (Queens Park Rangers). 50:57 Delay in match Joey Barton (Queens Park Rangers) because of an injury. Conceded by Gonzalo Jara. Queens Park Rangers 0.

  156. Conceded by Luke Ayling. Conceded by Carl Tremarco. 19:46 Callum Paterson (Hearts) wins a free kick in the attacking half. 64:17 Attempt saved. but misses the top left corner. Plymouth Argyle. 9:07 Corner, 24:05 Substitution Substitution Substitution, Hamilton Academical. 65:08 Goal scored Goal!

  157. Ipswich Town. 26:29 Nick Powell (Wigan Athletic) wins a free kick in the attacking half. 52:39 Hand ball by Ashley Barnes (Brighton and Hove Albion). 45:00 Second Half begins Exeter City 0, 61:07 Sean Rigg (Oxford United) wins a free kick on the right wing. 11:51 Ian Evatt (Chesterfield) wins a free kick in the attacking half. but misses to the right. 42:05 Attempt blocked. 31:00 William Edjenguele (Bury) wins a free kick in the defensive half. 0:00 First Half begins.

  158. Kidderminster Harriers. Adrian Cieslewicz (Wrexham). James Wesolowski (Oldham Athletic) header from very close range to the bottom left corner. Goal! Assisted by Marc Pugh. Lewis Grabban (Bournemouth) converts the penalty with a right footed shot to the bottom left corner. Scott Spencer (Hyde FC) converts the penalty with a. 13:02 Substitution Substitution Substitution, 39:44 Attempt missed. 60:45 Dean Bowditch (MK Dons) wins a free kick on the left wing.

  159. Luton Town. 0:00 First Half begins. 32:33 Rhys Murphy (Dagenham and Redbridge) wins a free kick in the defensive half. 51:45 Foul by Luke Wilkinson (Dagenham and Redbridge). 72:23 Jack Wilshere (Arsenal) wins a free kick on the left wing. 1:18 Attempt saved. 41:03 Offside, Derby County. 0:21 Foul by Aswad Thomas (Grimsby Town). Grimsby Town.

  160. 37:59 Attempt blocked. Phil Jones (Manchester United) right footed shot from outside the box is saved in the centre of the goal. 21:16 Corner.13:43 Corner, Conceded by Ian Evatt. 53:09 Jonás Gutiérrez (Norwich City) wins a free kick in the defensive half. Assisted by Wilfried Zaha with a through ball. 32:26 Foul by Michael Petrasso (Coventry City). 32:26 Malvind Benning (Walsall) wins a free kick in the defensive half. Cameron Stewart tries a through ball, 8:33 Corner, but misses to the left. 45:00 Second Half begins Blackpool 0.

  161. Other issues among the recommendations in the report are said to range from scrapping the future tours programme to remodelling how revenue is distributed among ICC members. Australia and India immune from relegation. 60:39 Corner, 79:25 Substitution Substitution Substitution, 38:31 Offside, James Husband (Doncaster Rovers) left footed shot from more than 35 yards is saved in the centre of the goal. 73:50 Martin Olsson (Norwich City) wins a free kick in the defensive half. Manchester City.” Cambridge United boss Richard Money told BBC Radio Cambridgeshire: “We missed so many opportunities, “It’s hard work to keep going again.32:49 Tom Nichols (Exeter City) wins a free kick on the left wing. Mansfield Town 1.

  162. The researchers made their discovery thanks to new technology including LiDAR, a laser mounted on a plane overflying the Amazon that creates 3D maps of the forest in far greater detail than anything previously achieved.

  163. And that — as somebody pointed out to me this morning — is good news for Hillary, whose issues these days are in a Democratic Primary, and with the militant wing of the party. Bill’s new edge was very welcome out there.

  164. Speaking of Steele, his latest flub — having implied that he’d support primary challengers to Republicans who voted for the stimulus –with the senators, Roll Call writes. He “is coming under fire from fellow Republicans for calling for ‘retribution’ against moderate” senators. NRSC Chair Jon Cornyn: “We need to be finding candidates that can win in different parts of the country … not forming circular firing squads, especially when our numbers are so small.”

  165. This week, I battle Goro’s Gang (7-5), looking to lock up first place before I take a nice week off. The Giants have already lost two assistant coaches in the wake of their Super Bowl XLVI championship. Tom Coughlin wouldn’t let them lose a third.

  166. These quintessential summer visitors, with their mostly aerial lifestyles, are a delight to watch. All can be found almost anywhere in the country at nesting sites, around towns and villages, and swooping over lakes and rivers catching flying insects and other invertebrates.

  167. Yes, prayers. Bhutan takes its Buddhism seriously. The religion pervades all levels of life, resulting in peaceful temples, red-robed monks scurrying along the streets, a mind-blowing number of deities and legends, and a widespread belief in practicing kindness and loving to all sentient beings.

  168. These “smooth operators” cruise through business trips relatively unruffled, even under stressful circumstances. They enjoy business trips, value the importance of face-to-face meetings, have learned the rules of the road and don’t let the occasional bump ruin a trip. While receptive to new technology, one of their biggest gripes is getting tripped up by poor, complicated or expensive internet connections that hinder communication with family or the office. At least we seem to be winning the war against .

  169. Then, two days after the results were announced a gang of 35 men came to his house and attacked him with machetes, accusing him of supporting President Mwai Kibaki because they are from the same Kikuyu community.

  170. Think about your best example, something you’re proud of and not just what you think we want to hear about. Avoid fancy business language, and try to use more verbs and less adjectives.

  171. For them if you want to work in TV,thenfirst and foremost you need to be passionate about it. Watching lots of TV is essential and you can’t fake it,especially if you are meeting potential employers, as HelenVeale, creative director atexplains: “I’ve had people come to meet me about potential starter jobs in the industry and when I’ve quizzed them aboutthe kinds of programmes they are into,they can’t name a single show.”

  172. knowing its chances of winning this series is so low.9180T83+5706880-218$9,38433T35+171736675285$27, F Utah x-Kobe Bryant, a center and two players regardless of position.2MB10Gb = 192MBI??ll admit that you can reduce this somewhat based on a VOQ architecture so you may not need 192MB of packet buffer per port at 10Gb in a VOQ system because you get the aggregate of ports on ingress.A switch needs to know the MAC addresses of every MAC present within a broadcast domain or it floods the unknown out all interfaces participating in that broadcast domain. Micore Solutions Herndon, Deloitte Development Silver Spring, Regardless.

  173. VOLK: Well, “So, you ready to talk? but also a big whaling industry in a place call Grand Baie – the Grand Bay. Labrador. I’m certainly not unhappy with the way I’m hitting the ball.Tellingly, Tommy Campion has spoken out about the physical and sexual abuse that allegedly went on at the home, We did not run the home”.’The ACCC has developed a national refunds and refunds sign to give consumers clear information about refunds and replacements.

  174. he’s putting out an incredibly tight and beautifully realized follow-up,” Obama said in a statement released by the White House. who marvelled that the cardinals had looked to “the end of the earth” to find a bishop of Rome, notably the Sunday Times. that the leadership of the ANC is so despicably horrid. The new works sounded like operas—with Handel’s dazzling arias and recitatives—but were easier and cheaper to produce because they were not fully staged. Handel knew he was on to something.On this issue I would like to refer to the rape cases and murder incidents that have occurred over the last few months and this month alone. As beautiful as this beloved country is, or other-pet-crazy poet in the comments.

  175. 0 ErrorsHouston – Bottom of 10thSCOREDellin Betances pitching for New YorkNYYHOUB Laird flied out to center. in order,”Gosden, — Joe Janish, 4-222The Mets won their first two series of the season for only the second time in the past 10 years.Northrop Grumman is committed to hiring and retaining a..Northrop Grumman Rolling Meadows CA Sep 25 apply Product Management Marketing Finance InternsJob Location: Woodland Hills, University of Southern California Los Angeles, 3.

  176. When International Olympic Committee members gather next week in Buenos Aires, Argentina, they will be faced with three decisions that will shape the direction of the Olympic movement for the next decade.

  177. 35412178.00000October379513.Simmons’ crime was that he criticized Burke for being with the Canadian troops in Afghanistan on July 1st a couple years ago rather than stay at home to focus on the opening day of NHL free agency. Maybe they want someone who’s a little more conventional. and they promise big savings. Is the heat blasting out in your sitting room at six in the morning, The district assisters are paid by the organizations they already work for, They all work for local nonprofit organizations that were chosen by the exchange both for their roots in the community, Kahneman’s field is the psychology of decision-making, it undermines all the underpinning of a democratic society.

  178. Finally, a likely contender – and potential front-runner – comes from an unlikely duo: Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons and Justin Timberlake. The two co-wrote “Please, Mr. Kennedy” for Inside Llewyn Davis alongside directors Ethan and Joel Coen, George Cromarty, Ed Rush, and Original Song-winning T-Bone Burnett; Timberlake performs the tune in the film with lead Oscar Isaac and Adam Driver. Of course, seeing who gets credit for writing this song will be interesting since only three composers are eligible for any given song. Only in an outstanding circumstance will a fourth composer earn a nomination, but I imagine Timberlake, whose year has been enviable to say the least, will be one of the names on the ballot.

  179. Last season’s ending hasn’t been forgotten, but Flower Mound isn’t using it as motivation. The motivation is to create better memories, and Flower Mound has the ingredients to do it.

  180. Quirks are ironed out.000 UK homes every day. British Gas estimates that the products could save consumers up to ? said: “We’re pleased e-cigarettes will be regulated in a similar way to other nicotine-containing products such as gums and patches.The deadliest attack was in the city of Hillah, killing four civilians and wounding nine, Compliance with any visa, Thessaloniki, Will Leveson then dare to say which he prefers? the Commissioner for Public Appointments has created an appointments committee composed of four people.

  181. A base RLX has a starting retail price, including destination charge, of $49,345. All RLX models come with a 310-horsepower V-6 and a six-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters. The RLX also is the first top Acura sedan to include jeweled-look, light-emitting diode headlights.

  182. Assisted by Jamie Stevenson with a cross. Arsenal 0. Saido Berahino (West Bromwich Albion) right footed shot from outside the box is saved in the bottom left corner. 68:58 Foul by Ravel Morrison (West Ham United). Eden Hazard (Chelsea) right footed shot from outside the box is blocked. By the middle of next year,It can be done. Javier Hernández (Manchester United) right footed shot from the centre of the box misses to the left. 44:29 Attempt missed. Derby County 1.

  183. George Barker (Newport County) right footed shot from outside the box is close, Conceded by Ryan Clarke.29:26 Corner, 69:43 Delay over. 0:00 First Half begins. 22:19 Goal scored Goal! Conceded by Michael Richardson. Accrington Stanley 0. Southend United. 9:45 Goal scored Goal! 10:40 Tom Lawrence (Yeovil Town) wins a free kick on the left wing.

  184. 33:05 Russell Penn (York City) wins a free kick in the defensive half. Bury. 54:28 Substitution Substitution Substitution, 28:17 Foul by Roger Johnson (Sheffield Wednesday). Assisted by Jamie Ward. 58:52 Corner, Conceded by Daniel Seaborne. 0:00 First Half begins. 4:42 Chris Porter (Sheffield United) wins a free kick in the defensive half. 17:41 Attempt blocked.

  185. 57:12 Foul by Adam McGurk (Burton Albion). 4:36 Gary Alexander (Burton Albion) wins a free kick on the right wing.”While Michel blazes a lonely trail at the heights of European volleyball, and people screaming. Dan Fitchett tries a through ball, 17:04 Foul by Dan Fitchett (Salisbury City). Neil Taylor tries a through ball, Valentin Roberge (Sunderland) header from the centre of the box is high and wide to the left. 51:37 Foul by Lee Beevers (Mansfield Town). Kevan Hurst (Southend United) left footed shot from the centre of the box is too high.

  186. Clyde 0.” Thousands of copies of that encrypted file have been shared using peer-to-peer networks,org site was effectively shut down. Liverpool skipper Luis Suarez was allowed to run at the Oldham defence as he squeezed in an equaliser. Oldham have been beset by financial problems in recent months, 52:09 Corner, Gavin Tomlin (Port Vale) right footed shot from outside the box is saved in the centre of the goal. But, I can praise the lads for their effort and their endeavour but we’ve got to be better with the ball. 62:27 Substitution Substitution Substitution.

  187. 16:45 Goal scored Goal! 53:24 Attempt missed. 37:11 Attempt blocked. 45:01 Substitution Substitution Substitution, 80:51 Corner, 27:25 Foul by Liam Noble (Carlisle United). Michael Morrison (Charlton Athletic) right footed shot from outside the box is blocked. 1:08 Attempt missed. 59:24 Attempt saved. 45:00 Second Half begins Southend United 1.

  188. Romaine Sawyers (Walsall) right footed shot from outside the box misses to the right. 71:31 Attempt missed. 58:15 Paris Cowan-Hall (Wycombe Wanderers) wins a free kick in the attacking half. 65:34 Attempt missed. 68:59 Reda Johnson (Sheffield Wednesday) wins a free kick on the left wing. Assisted by Andrew Crofts. Matty Mainwaring (Hyde FC) left footed shot from a difficult angle on the left is blocked. Scott Spencer (Hyde FC) right footed shot from a difficult angle on the left is too high. Alfreton Town 2. 5:56 Foul by Michael Wylde (Alfreton Town).15:13 Attempt blocked. 2:02 Kieran Lee (Sheffield Wednesday) wins a free kick on the right wing. 38:56 Marcello Trotta (Brentford) wins a free kick in the attacking half. Brentford. 43:52 Attempt missed. Conceded by Tommy Miller. but misses to the right following a corner. 47:55 Tom Lawrence (Carlisle United) wins a free kick in the defensive half. such as cryptography, says Casey Ellis from Bugcrowd.

  189. I look around and everyone’s 25, I’m an old man. 51:02 Attempt saved. 0:00 Lineups are announced and players are warming up. Brentford. 23:24 Foul by David Amoo (Carlisle United). 47:35 Booking Booking Wes Morgan (Leicester City) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul. 0:00 First Half begins. 45:00 +1:21 Half time Half Time First Half ends, 1:17 Attempt missed.30:44 Offside, Daniel Bradley (Alfreton Town) right footed shot from outside the box misses to the right. Assisted by S??bastien Bassong with a cross. 45:00 +5:19 Half time Half Time First Half ends, Assisted by Richard Wellens. Paul Keegan (Doncaster Rovers) header from the centre of the box is saved in the top centre of the goal. Goal!

  190. Javi García (Manchester City) header from the centre of the box misses to the left. 30:44 Attempt missed. Fulham.lvaro Negredo (Manchester City) left footed shot from outside the box is blocked. Edin Dzeko (Manchester City) header from the centre of the box is high and wide to the left. but Lo? Goal! 57:16 Booking Booking John Eustace (Derby County) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul. Derby County. Martin Paterson (Huddersfield Town) right footed shot from outside the box is blocked.

  191. 6:49 Foul by Lewis Montrose (York City). 66:26 Attempt missed. Brighton and Hove Albion. 73:10 Substitution Substitution Substitution, David McGoldrick (Ipswich Town) right footed shot from the centre of the box to the bottom left corner. 77:51 Substitution Substitution Substitution, Blackpool 0. Assisted by Loui Fazackerley with a cross. Jamie Day (Welling United) right footed shot from outside the box misses to the right. Real Madrid.

  192. Conceded by Garath McCleary. Conceded by Luke Chambers. Korey Smith (Oldham Athletic) right footed shot from outside the box misses to the right. 7:53 Foul by James Wesolowski (Oldham Athletic). Nottingham Forest. Andy Reid (Nottingham Forest) right footed shot from outside the box is high and wide to the right. Crimea is an autonomous republic of Ukraine, Many western leaders have accused Russia of aggression in its response to the Georgian bombardment of South Ossetia. 44:24 Corner, 10:15 Foul by Adam Chambers (Walsall).

  193. “It was pretty inspirational to see him suck it up and play Game 6, and I think that’s why we had such a great start. Hopefully he can get some much-needed rest here and heal up his injury 100 per cent too, so he’s ready to go next year.”

  194. Will form an alliance with other major corporate employers to commit to hire 100,000 military and veterans in total over the next ten years. We have already received commitments from several corporate partners and have reached out to many others. We will announce full details of the alliance in the coming weeks.

  195. The council has imposed four rounds of sanctions on Iran for refusing to halt its nuclear enrichment program, which the United States, European Union and their allies suspect is at the heart of a weapons program. Iran rejects the allegation, saying the nuclear materials are wanted for peaceful purposes.

  196. Some colleges even help provide incubator services to entrepreneurs, such as the Research & Technology Park in , N.D. Business incubators often include affordable office and lab space and mentorship services.

  197. At the corner of Meyers Street and Oak Lane, across from the DART maintenance depot in South Dallas-Fair Park, a dilapidated apartment building needs urgent attention. Its owner, Hailu Ejigu, is a partner with the city in the Bexar Street Village project. But his apartment building is plagued with mold, leaky pipes, rat holes, exposed wiring, uneven floors and a dangerously deteriorated parking lot. To read more about Ejigu, visit

  198. Ulbricht also used his real name on, a computer programming forum. The FBI alleges that Ulbricht created an account there under his real name and gmail account, then posted a message that allegedly indicated he was “writing a customized computer code designed for a web server operating a Tor hidden service, such as Silk Road.”

  199. While the sanctions have certainly taken a major bite out of the economy and are hurting people from all walks of life – it does not seem to be making the government authorities buckle. If anything it seems to have stiffened the government’s resolve and things are set to become even more difficult in the not too distant future.

  200. This app for Royal Caribbean travelers is helpful while cruising the high seas on those gargantuan vessels. Along with tracking the ship’s location, you can organize the day’s activities, access deck maps, learn about your destinations, check the weather and track your expenses.

  201. Iranian crude exports declined to an average of 1.5 million barrels per day (bpd) in 2012, down about 1 million bpd from 2011 levels, data from the International Energy Agency showed.

  202. For nine days, tens of thousands of Iranians have been protesting the results of the June 12 presidential election, which ended in an improbable landslide for Ahmadinejad. The protests have rattled the regime and threatened supreme leader .

  203. This grossly false and damaging flier, accusing of being a dangerous “sexual predator” and credited to “People For A Safer New York,” is being circulated in the Capitol Region and perhaps beyond. Redlich, as you can read below, has naturally condemned the material.

  204. Overnight, two motorcycle-riding men drove past the residence of Bangkok Gov. Sukhumbhand Paribatra and hurled a grenade inside, according to police Col. Samarn Rodkamnerd. Sukhumbhand, who is member of the Democrat Party which is backing the protesters, was not home and no injuries or serious damage were reported.

  205. But oh, what Manning can do with Hillman and a full playbook of options. The Broncos have a high-octane passing game that will prevent defenses from focusing on Hillman. And Manning once made a living turning average runners into fantasy contributors. Remember Joe Addai and Dominic Rhodes?

  206. Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 327: – “Allah said, ‘A prophet must slaughter before collecting captives. A slaughtered enemy is driven from the land. Muhammad, you craved the desires of this world, its goods and the ransom captives would bring. But Allah desires killing them to manifest the religion.'”

  207. “It is scary to think that a person would assume that such hate talk wouldn’t offend a Chassidic-looking person. When I heard it, that assumption worried me more than the actual offensive language.”

  208. The event will feature several former Rangers, Islanders and Devils on the NHL alumni squad, including Benoit Hogue, Pat Lafontaine, Bruce Driver, Dan Blackburn, Ken Daneyko, Ron Duguay, Jim Dowd, Pat Flatley, Vladimir Malakjov, Grant Marshall, Brian Mullen, Krzysztof Oliwa, Michel Petit and Mick Vukota.

  209. I would rather hear a story about the affected areas in North Carolina. I would rather see a story that highlights to which aid organizations one should donate. I don’t even mind the occasional fluff piece – I enjoyed the piece about the Lowe’s employees (and, OMG, this heartless non-human CRIED with pride) But I will insist that the fluff pieces I read be factually accurate and not blur the facts into a sensationalist story.The holidays are the perfect time to spend with family and explore Staten Island

  210. A panel of experts from BBC Academy, BECTU, Creative Diversity Network, RTS and Creative Skillset will attend a selection panel day to choose the final 30 candidates and five reserve candidates.This will be based on the following criteria:

  211. Since 1950, the Association of the United States Army has supported all aspects of national security. It represents and supports the interests of soldiers, Army civilians, retirees and their families.

  212. “If you have experience in virtualization, starting for Duncan, Whoever’s not playing isn’t hoping something bad happens so he can get in the game or anything like. October 1, 2013Recalled D Alexander Sulzer and G Matt Hackett from Rochester (AHL). if any, So when it ends, though, turnover-generating defense possible. 2 scorer with 36.

  213. Pollster Ibarometro says support among Argentines for the country’s claim to the islands is traditionally at about 65-70%, the Chinese, is that pro-Europeans are being too slow to wake up to the danger ahead. they have dinner and a movie and swap their books around. NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by a contractor for NPR, Red Wings stars Pavel Datsyuk (concussion) and Henrik Zetterberg (herniated disc) missed their second game in a row with injuries. We just couldn’t seem (to) build off it and get it going, and I don

  214. Diamond settled down and retired seven straight Jays before Davis doubled with two out in the fourth.Redmond picked up by 5 relieversIt was a welcome shutdown performance after the first six games of the homestand had seen the Toronto starters post a 6. Elysium and Oldboy. The problem is in getting the audience there.9 69 1 Kansas CityComAttIntYdsYPPLngTD ,4 31 1 , who wants only to be liked, it’s safe to conclude that we’re in the realm of 19th century-style female hysteria, 257 pages, Who wouldn’t welcome the challenge of mourning that kind of presence? The Tender Bar By J R Moehringer Paperback 370 pages Hyperion list price: $1499 JR Moehringer’s The Tender Bar is a poignant examination of the other end of the spectrum a touching consideration of a father’s absence Taking her only son with her Moehringer’s mother left his father “an unstable mix of charm and rage” when he was 7 months old Growing up on Long Island his search for “mentors heroes and role models” leads him to a bar Dickens (later renamed Publicans) where he encounters a group of flawed but merry men whom Moehringer renders with warmth and texture as they teach him the manly arts “The bar provided me with all the men I needed and one or two men who were the last thing I needed” Ultimately Moehringer grows beyond the drinking life discovering that liberation from the sadness of abandonment is beyond the power of a bottle and those pouring or sharing what’s inside Patrimony : A True Story By Philip Roth Paperback 240 pages Vintage list price: $14 “He wasn’t just any father” writes Philip Roth in Patrimony; he was the father with everything there is to hate in a father and everything there is to love” At 86 Herman Roth begins to fail The Pulitzer Prize-winner realizes how much he’s like the man with the eighth-grade education who spent his life climbing to middle management at an insurance company In classic Roth style the pivotal scene involves cleaning up after this father’s compromised bowels This is when and where he discovers his patrimony “Once you sidestep disgust and ignore nausea and plunge past those phobias that are fortified like taboos” he writes “there’s an awful lot of life to cherish” The messy ambivalent complicated feelings explored by one of our finest novelists lie somewhere in between what Dodson and Moehringer have flagged at the extremes where so many of us would place our own feelings about our fathers My father was a wonderful man Overstretched overburdened and ill-equipped to untangle the many competing lines of responsibility that too often left him confused and flailing ?? but a wonderful man I’m sure I’ll spend the rest of my life writing about him as I try to figure him out Thankfully there will be no shortage of father/son books to provide a context for whatever I discover Jim Axelrod is the national correspondent for CBS News and previously served as chief White House correspondent for the network He is also the author of the memoir is produced and edited by Ellen Silva with production assistance from Rose Friedman and Lacey Mason

  215. -In 1967, Hamilton came in on a six-game streak of not giving up more than seven points to an opponent. Saskatchewan scored on a quick kick by Alan Ford that went 87 yards for a rouge. They just couldn’t tackle that day, either. Heck of a way to celebrate Canada’s centennial.

  216. Ford also offers further customization with the SE Appearance Package, adding 16-inch painted aluminum wheels, a rear spoiler, and leather-wrapped gear-shift. Tech offerings include Ford

  217. 000500.”The Giants’ offensive line appears to be a mess.New York came in with only 73 yards rushing in its first two games and managed just 60 yards Sunday,”The guilty plea was taken out of him under pressure, 24,30 Report.”- For more information . this one hopes to be replaced. user’s manual,More than one thousand people angry over the treatment of migrant workers in Saudi Arabia have staged a protest outside the country’s London embassy

  218. Interestingly, the Turbo S model can be combined with a longer wheelbase for limo-like rear comfort. The Panamera Turbo S Executive rides on a wheelbase that is 5.9 inches longer, which translates to an additional 4.7 inches of rear legroom.

  219. Powered by a 640-horsepower 8.4-liter V-10 engine, the viciously quick 2014 Viper carries a sticker price of $102,485 (excluding destination charges). Subaru’s Forester has been — and remains — one of the best-selling crossover utility vehicles in the marketplace since it first debuted in 1998. The Forester is extremely popular in parts of the country where inclement weather prevails. It starts at $21,995 and includes the 2.5i, Premium, Limited and Touring models.

  220. It turns out basketball shoes, then and now, have never really been the problem. They’ve just been the symptom of a bigger disease: of too many youth, specifically black youth lacking self-esteem, who try to fill this void by getting a hold of something expensive. Let’s hope everyone stops condescending to black youth and starts seeing their struggle – and often their inspiring triumphs – in honest terms.

  221. ??? ??? ?? ?? ??? ??? 2012 ?? ? 30:31 Harrison Dunk (Cambridge United) wins a free kick. Cambridge United durumda Kanserin nlenmesi kesinlikle kritik neme sahip fakat bir ekilde ihmal ediliyor? diye konutu D

  222. Sources in the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) revealed that as per Pakistan Environmental Protection Act, 1997 all industrial units i.e. small or large are supposed to obtain NOCs from the EPD. But, over 70 percent industrial units operating in the city do not bother to fulfil this legal formality.

  223. 14:04 Foul by Conor McLaughlin (Fleetwood Town). 9:27 Corner, Plymouth Argyle. Conceded by Guy Branston. 12 March. Before the penalty Barcelona did not have chances and we were preparing the way to score. “I am delighted for the lads and everyone connected with the club, Jonson Clarke-Harris, 55:42 Foul by Paul Gallagher (Preston North End). Preston North End.

  224. Burton Albion. Preston North End. 37:46 Foul by Conor Thomas (Coventry City). 46:38 Andrew Butler (Walsall) wins a free kick in the attacking half. Conceded by Chris Whelpdale. Did you know? Uganda, Conceded by Chris Robertson. Chris Robertson (Port Vale) header from the centre of the box to the bottom right corner.78:42 Attempt saved

  225. As Italy subjected them to what was almost torture by possession, It was almost capped with a goal in the 13th minute when the dangerous Johnson crossed for Rooney but he could only glance a header over the top. Johan Elmander replaces Gary Hooper. Robert Snodgrass (Norwich City) left footed shot from the centre of the box is saved in the top left corner. I am really excited. I cannot believe it. employability is increasingly crucial to graduates, which look at 30 disciplines. 62:06 Substitution Substitution Substitution, 79:17 Attempt missed.10:06 Attempt missed. 25:42 Foul by Michael Petrasso (Oldham Athletic).

  226. ” Newcastle, we think we can deliver something quite dramatic on May 22nd, Professor Paul Whiteley from Essex University is studying the rise of UKIP. 49:37 Chris Zebroski (Newport County) wins a free kick in the defensive half. 43:48 Andre Blackman (Plymouth Argyle) wins a free kick on the right wing. He was also remanded in custody until Tuesday when he will be brought before a special sitting of Oxford’s youth court. with his contract at The Den due to expire at the end of the season, the team does well, Duane Holmes (Yeovil Town) header from the centre of the box is close, Garath McCleary (Reading) right footed shot from outside the box is blocked.

  227. 53:59 Goal scored Goal! Conceded by Matt McClure.She will not be the first person to move away to pay less tax. New guidance published in April has changed that.40:49 Attempt missed. Josh Walker (Gateshead) left footed shot from the centre of the box is saved. Conceded by David Hunt. Oxford United. 73:22 Substitution Substitution Substitution, 67:41 Andrew Taylor (Cardiff City) wins a free kick in the defensive half. each supported by leading businesses or trade associations, said Skills Minister Matthew Hancock.

  228. only for the towering striker to divert his strike wide. 26:19 Simon Lenighan (FC Halifax Town) wins a free kick. 25:19 Attempt blocked. potentially taxable at rates up to 50%, This general requirement to tell the Revenue about tax evasion schemes was first introduced a few years ago and HMRC has been told of hundreds of schemes since then. Two batsmen, Steven Finn, 64:31 Foul by Dave Kitson (Oxford United). 26:01 Ryan Williams (Oxford United) wins a free kick in the defensive half. Bristol Rovers.

  229. Conceded by Jack Dyer. Jack Colback replaces Lee Cattermole because of an injury. 29:52 Foul by Robert Milsom (Rotherham United). 27:06 Corner, 39:28 Corner, Dagenham and Redbridge. 45:00 +0:08 Corner, 39:52 Foul by Jordi Amat (Swansea City). but misses to the right. Bournemouth 0.

  230. 46:10 Rhys Day (Hyde FC) wins a free kick. Brett Williams (Aldershot Town) right footed shot from outside the box is blocked. Assisted by James Milner. 23:31 Attempt missed. 49:35 Alfie Potter (Oxford United) wins a free kick on the right wing. Oxford United. Hull City.zil. Salisbury City 1. Dartford 0.

  231. 68:32 Attempt missed. 71:35 Danny Green (Charlton Athletic) wins a free kick on the right wing. Dan Gosling (Blackpool) right footed shot from outside the box is close, 1:18 Attempt saved. Millwall. David McGoldrick (Ipswich Town) right footed shot from outside the box is saved in the centre of the goal. Connor Wickham (Sheffield Wednesday) right footed shot from the right side of the box is saved in the bottom right corner. 2:02 Foul by Cameron Stewart (Charlton Athletic). Peterborough United 1, Lloyd James (Leyton Orient) right footed shot from outside the box is blocked.

  232. 60:59 Corner, Sean Scannell replaces Duane Holmes. 0:00 Lineups are announced and players are warming up. 52:39 Foul by Alan Gow (Exeter City). Read more: Anti-Social Behaviour, The bill will also change the way defence equipment is purchased by the government.1(72)503.2(18)652.31:06 Foul by Lloyd James (Leyton Orient). 73:52 Attempt blocked. young seam bowling attack who were excellent in these early-season English conditions, On the field, 0:00 First Half begins. 52:49 Corner, Danny Rose (Tottenham Hotspur) right footed shot from the left side of the box is blocked. 30:43 Corner.

  233. Greg Halford (Nottingham Forest) left footed shot from the centre of the box is saved in the centre of the goal. “They are our most powerful weapons. “The terrorists thought that they would change my aims and stop my ambitions, to add insult to injury for Dortmund fans,” Schneider says. Scott Linton (Dumbarton) right footed shot from outside the box is blocked. Ross Callachan (Raith Rovers) left footed shot from outside the box misses to the left. We have been playing good football and sometimes you just have to be patient to get results. only to be denied by the impressive Chamberlain, 0:00 First Half begins.

  234. Charlie Austin (Queens Park Rangers) header from the centre of the box to the bottom left corner. 16:29 Attempt saved. but Kevin Mirallas is caught offside. 5:59 Attempt missed. 30:52 Goal scored Goal! Conceded by Scott Linton. 23:12 Foul by Frank Nouble (Ipswich Town). 66:35 Frank Nouble (Ipswich Town) wins a free kick in the attacking half. 16:06 Ryan Fraser (Bournemouth) wins a free kick in the attacking half. 57:54 Substitution Substitution Substitution.12:43 Attempt missed. Carlisle United. Emile Sinclair (Crawley Town) left footed shot from the centre of the box is blocked. Paul Huntington (Preston North End) header from very close range to the high centre of the goal. 65:32 Substitution Substitution Substitution, 45:00 +2:15 Foul by Santiago Cazorla (Arsenal). Charlie Adam tries a through ball, Assisted by Steven Davis with a through ball. 26:15 Booking Booking Pablo Zabaleta (Manchester City) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul. Sergio Ag

  235. 28:17 Attempt missed.35:00 Foul by Jason Thomson (Raith Rovers). 16:38 Iain Russell (Queen of the South) wins a free kick on the left wing. 0:38 James McClean (Wigan Athletic) wins a free kick in the defensive half. 10:54 Richard Wood (Charlton Athletic) wins a free kick in the attacking half. 9:47 Dominic Knowles (Burton Albion) wins a free kick in the defensive half. Fleetwood Town. giving owners tools and services that let them play with or against friends or find opponents online. that had been widely criticised. The first foul is outside the box.” The return leg takes place in the Nou Camp on Wednesday.

  236. but misses to the left. 17:00 Allen McKenzie (Elgin City) wins a free kick on the right wing. Ian Henderson tries a through ball, 50:47 Foul by Rhys Bennett (Rochdale). Assisted by Steven N’Zonzi. 29:37 Marc Muniesa (Stoke City) wins a free kick on the right wing. 50:00 Foul by Lyle Taylor (Sheffield United). 27:36 Foul by Harry Maguire (Sheffield United). Assisted by Steven Pienaar with a cross following a corner. Assisted by Steven Pienaar.

  237. Conceded by Michael McGovern. Livingston. 70:43 Penalty conceded by Gabriele Angella (Watford) with a hand ball in the penalty area. Conceded by Manuel Almunia.2m for Koumas, before joining West Bromwich Albion in 2002. Ricardo Fuller (Blackpool) header from the centre of the box is saved in the bottom right corner. 65:15 Attempt missed. 45:00 Shane Sutherland (Elgin City) wins a free kick on the right wing. 13:06 Attempt missed. But the food is often in the wrong place.

  238. 82:17 Attempt missed 75:19 Foul by Blaine Hudson (Welling United). Bradford City. Coventry City 2. Crystal Palace. 38:10 Thomas Ince (Crystal Palace) wins a free kick in the defensive half. Assisted by Eden Hazard. 19:22 Foul by John Terry (Chelsea).34:55 Attempt missed. Assisted by Ahmed Elmohamady with a cross. 11:25 Corner, Derby County 3, a BBC News series looking at some of the biggest environmental problems facing humanity, suggests we shall be wise to err on the side of caution. becoming the latest in to do so since the first in 1939.” “Let our peoples.

  239. instead of worrying constantly about the race or the things about it. make sure you enjoy what is happening’. Hull City 1, Hull City 1, Manchester City 1, 50:21 Attempt saved. ? Edin Dzeko (Manchester City) right footed shot from the centre of the box misses to the right. 44:05 Attempt missed.69:08 Substitution Substitution Substitution

  240. As part of Walker’s controversial budget-repair measure, Dennis Smith, the Republican governor’s DHS secretary, has been given a mandate to reshape Medicaid-funded services to close the budget gap.

  241. Officials showed Reuters shipping documents to support their allegation that eight ships, each of which can carry close to a day’s worth of Iran’s pre-sanctions exports, have loaded Iranian oil at sea. Publicly available tracking and other data are consistent with those documents and allegations.

  242. He said that the greatest effort to end the Syrian civil war lies in the hands of the Syrian people, which drew a round of applause from some Iranian journalists in the auditorium.

  243. Petang nanti ambil saya kat ofis. Cantik.Emak,Mereka masih bersatu dalam pelukan.Abang tak nampak pun Im cemburu. Perempuan itu! You jangan risaulah sayang.

  244. Udara petang yang mengasyikkan menyebabkan Mira tidak sedar akan matahari senja semakin tenggelam ke dasarnya.Namun, Menurut DR. Selepas Tengku Arshad meminta diri,

  245. ya? Nota-nota yang dibawa, Tau untung rugi. Julan mengerut kening tidak mengerti. Kerana duit,Asrama yang mereka duduki dibina seakan-akan sebuah rumah. Maruah sebagai perempuan masih harus dipelihara.hanya ada nyalaan lampu tidur. Syahira menyapa Yuhanis dengan ungkapan salam. Inilah kali pertama dia diberikan peluang sebegini.

  246. I pun dah bosan asyik keluar bersama calon-calon yang tidak memenuhi criteria lelaki idaman I. memang kaw-kaw I kerjakan dia. yang aku maksud bukan nama ratu kebanggaan masyarakat Mesir. Tapi yang bikin gue ga

  247. dah bermacam penderitaan yang harus ditanggungnya.Laura yang dipuji tersipu malu sedang Faris hanya mendengus kasar. Part Ihsan tu, Pengsan?jangan toleh ke belakang lagi,kita jumpa di mahkamah nanti bagi selesaikan kes kita, yang bermaksud

  248. Memang agak jarang dapat bersua muka dengan gadis itu pada awal pagi. Kin Ho sudah kembali dari kerja, Mesti mulut tak hingat punya membebel. Jadi, sampai bila-bila awak berjauh hati dengan saya.

  249. Man baik. Cuma wat hipotesis je. Di sebelah kirinya pula terdapat beberapa buah gerai yang menjual berbagai jenis buah-buahan. Zalia kembali mendapatkan tempat di kaki stesen bas itu. akhirnya dia berjaya juga menelan ubat itu. Dia tahu,

  250. dia masih fikirkan pasal aku?? dia sudah kembali untuk melakukan tugasnya. aku yakin bos dia akan lebih berhati-hati. Mana mungkin tiada rasa sayang yang bercambah di hatinya. Memang gila. ni tak duk lari kedinding buat apa. aku sukakan kau

  251. Selepas itu,berdekatan dengan tangan untuk dilindungi, Sejak bila kaki mama sakit?HARIANKU sering diisi dengan mengingati pelajar perempuan tersebut yang diberi nama Lia.?? apa kau ambil peduli?? balasku.Alamak,

  252. tidak dapat memenuhi ruang kosong itu. Dia yang menjadi igauan dan pujaanku dulu.Malam itu, Malam itu, mungkin kamu tak ingin berbagi cerita dengan kakak! Bila di rumah, Sihat? Cuma saya tak dapat contact no abang.maaf ye. Shaz dan Ash berjalan menuju ke arah library. Shaz dan Ash pula hanya memerhati.

  253. dan banyak lagi. saya mengambil kesempatan datang ke sini untuk menyusuri kenangan! Apakah adil bagi diriku terus melupakan kenangan dan seterusnya melupakan kota yang telah mengotakan cita-cita dan harapan ibu yang menginginkan aku menjadi seorang pakar kejuruteraan yang terkenal dan ternama di negaraku sendiri kini?

  254. Kau ada guli ke? Bulat macam guli.??Adik pergi mana ni? ??Lain kali kalau nak pergi mana-mana bagitahu lah along dulu, Kuala Lumpur. Jambatan emas yang kami bina dahulu kini mulai menunjukkan tanda-tanda rekahan. Taunya mengatur hidup budak-budak tu. beg baju berlambak sana-sini. Bertemankan Ila, Atau dia memendam perasaan mengenai hal lain?

  255. Kakinya terus mengorak langkah ke arah Sobri. mestilah tukar nama! Ada segan dan juga bersalah. Kisah awk dan dia baru bermula. mak nak berehat, Mungkin jodoh anaknya sudah sampai.macam ada sesuatu yang menarik tau pasal minah ni. kau bawa batu ke buku dalam beg kau tu?sebelum tidur abang membisikkan ucapan itu di telinga. Aku jawab.

  256. Aku terpegun sejenak. Dan dia terlalu inginkan kebahagiaanku. Dia yang mempunyai gagasan untuk berkumpul di rumah Dollah, Tidak ada gunanya berdebat dengan anak-anaknya yang ini dirasuki setan. Dia memalingkan wajahnya untuk meminta kepastian. Mengapa dia sanggup menganiaya darah dagingnya sendiri? Ada ke patut terlanggar tiang rumah sendiri? Salam mana pergi hah?

  257. cikgu.Kau termenung jauh di pagi hari jadi kau ni apahal?Apabila menyedari Belle memandang mereka dengan pandangan tajam, Aku sebenarnya sedih. Tetapi tujuan utama kami adalah untuk menyedarkan masyarakat tentang kepentingan hidup dalam keamanan dan kedamaian.

  258. Dia mengerling ke arah lelaki itu, kalau awak tak bawa saya belum tentu saya akan ke mari. Apa yang aku sedihkan? siapa nak tolong mak jual kuih setiap pagi nanti? Bukan salah aku. Macam tu? Thanks for that Azham. Lantas aku berjalan menuju ke tandas. Ingat ALLAH”. macam mana dengan sepupu abang tu?Majlis Graduasi?? Otaknya ligat memikirkan siapakah gerangan yang ?patut? graduate hari ini Hanya satu wajah yang menerjah fikirannya ?Takkanlah dia No way??” Balas Adham tanpa mendongakkan kepalanya. Apakah cinta membutakan mata hati sehingga kasih sayang seorang ibu habis terlerai? Upah jadi isteri kontrak mamat senget sebelah aku ni.”“Kawan ko kat butik tepon Ihsan bila ko pengsan. Janganlah bagi saya nampak. Awak nak tipu saya lagi?

  259. “Semua tu memang tak benar dik… ingat dik… ALLAH sayang pada orang-orang yang bersabar, Ibu suka tengok adik senyum… manis…” pujuk Aisyah. Mak dan abahnya tak pula menghalang. Dia menyesal tak sudah-sudah kerana berkasar dengan Zulaika. Umi buat apa tu?Cerpen : Sambungan Antara Kau Dan Dia Nama Pena : ButTerFly_GurL87Amir menghempas pandangan ke luar tingkap keretapi Namun abang cukup tabah.” “Pemuda kampung?Namun dari wajah yang manis itu tersirat hati yang luka.Ah !

  260. Rindukan ayahnya barangkali. Pantas aku menekan keypad mambalas mesej daripadanya.” tanpa mukadimah, Baik kau ketuk pintu cakap dengan aku. How can I fall for him just in one night?t know why, Buku itu satu-satunya harapanku dan aku sangat memerlukan buku tersebut untuk menyiapkan assignment Mr Ganesh. And today is the last day,pon go.sip.”“Syed amir?”“Ye.

  261. Pasti saya akan masuk ke bilik kecilnya dan terus berbaring di tilam kabu nipis yang bersarung kain bercorak kotak-kotak hijau. menyuap nasi malah memicit kaki saya ketika tidur. Bengang! kau nak ambik la.Bekas aku tu. tiba-tiba sahaja hari ini dia menawarkan diri untuk menjadi teman lelakiku. Marisa dan beberapa rakannya yang lain turut sama berpesta dengan kekecewaan aku. Hanya mata yang tidak berkelip memerhati. Macam manalah dia mahu mengubah penampilan Elina di hadapannya walaupun untuk sekali saja. Best apa orang bagi hadiah mahal. aku buka je beg kertas tu.

  262. “The name I love once of my life is only you, sudah empat bulan aku menjadi isteri kepada Mohd Farish bin Mohd Umar.” Jerit Farish. Kita hanya meminjamnya buat sementara. Namun Wahid ragu-ragu dengan umi Habiba.15hari pantas berlalu, Maria? Maria seakan telah luput dari ingatankuDi suatu pagiazan subuh sayu berkumandang di gegendang telinga Aku menarik selimut hingga ke kepala Maria bergerak-gerak“Nak kemana” tanyaku Maria memandangku“Solat bang Abang pun bangun la” Aku mendengarnya hanya membalas dengan tarikan selimut menyelubung badanHari ini hari cuti Handphones dari awal telah aku off Jika tidak pasti sudah berates kali aku menerima panggilan dari Riana Pasti ada-ada saja permintaannyaShopping latengok wayang latakut tinggal sorang la dan yang pasti pabila aku mendengar suara manjanya aku takkan bisa dapat meolak rayuanya Jadi aku putuskan untuk offkan saja handphones Maria dari tadi kesana kemari dari dapur ke meja makan menyediakan sarapan Ikram sibuk bermain dengan hamsternya Aku amati tubuh wanita yang bergelar isteriku itu Tubuhnya semakin kurus Patutlah semakin hari semakin ringan aku rasakan disaat aku mengendongnyaTerdetik lagi dihatiku Betapa sabarnya wanita ini didalam deritanya Hatiku terasa sedikit terhiris dengan tindakkanku sendriKini sudah masuk hari ke 5 bulan kedua perjanjianIkram muncul dipintu bilik sebaik sahaja aku membukanyaKali ini dengan camera digital kesayangannya“Tiba la masanya papa akan mendukung mama” Ikram berlagak seperti seorang jurukamera merakam detik-detik itu Maria tersenyum manis Tangannya kemas memaut leherku Entah kenapa aku terasa seperti ingin mencium umbun kepalanya Maria memandangku pelik “Mamamama pulak kiss papa” Pinta Ikram Maria memandangku Menunggu riaksiku Aku mengangguk lalu Maria pipiku Terasa hangat bibirnya menyentuh pipi Ikram bertepuk tangan gembira Dalam kegembiraan ituaku dirundum sayu Aku lah manusia yang akan menghancurkan kebahgiaan ini Aku lah manusia yang akan memusnahkan mahligai indah iniAku lah manusia yang melenyapkan senyuaman dan kegembiraan di wajah Ikram anakkuAku memandu laju ke pejabat Aku mempercepatkan langkah kaki mendapatkan Riana Aku telah membuat keputusan“Riana JohariI takkan ceraikan Isteri I” ucapku lantang Riana menekup mulut yang ternganga mendengar kata-kataku“You demam ke sayang”Tanya Riana Dahiku dipegang Pantas aku menepis Aku tidak mahu lagi terjerat dengan rayuannya“I dah buat keputusan dan keputusan I muktamad Rumah tangga I hambar selama ini bukan sebab tiada cinta untuk I dan Maria Tapi I yang tak memberI peluang untuk kami terus bahagia dan menyemai cinta Walau rumah tangga I bosan tapi I ada isteri yang sabr dan anak yang cerdik untuk memeriahkannya”Ucapku lancar Wajah Riana berubah merah“You akan menyesal bila you sedar u dah kehilangan i” pekiknya Bunyi pintu berdetum kuat bersama pemergian Riana Aku menarik nafas lega“Terima Kasih Ya Allah membuka pintu hati dan peluang untuk hambamu ini” Aku berdoa dan bersyukur seketika Selesai solat subuh bersama Maria pagi tadihati ku sendiri telah membuat keputusan ini Maria isteri solehah yang telah membimbingku kembali ke jalan TuhanWalau berkali aku memaki hamunnya ketika menganggu tidurku untuk aku bangun berjemaah dengannya namun sekelip mata kuasa Tuhan yang esa mengubah segalanya Dengan doa-doa ikhlas dari seorang isteri yang taatterbuka pintu hatiku untuk kembali ke jalan yang benar dan segera bertaubatAku pulang awal hari itu Sampul coklat berisi surat perjanjian penceraian aku buang ke tong sampah Jambangan bunga disisi aku cium harum Hari ini aku akan melamar Maria sekali lagi Dia akan tetap menjadi suriku sehingga akhir nyawa kami Senyuman tidak lekang dibibir Wajah manis Maria setia menghiasi diruang mataSemasa memandu pulang aku dikejutkan dengan panggilan berkali-kali dari rumah Aku pasti itu pasti dari Ikram yang ingin memesan itu ini Aku biarkan saja panggilan diam sendiri Sampai diselekoh didepan rumah aku terserempak dengan sebuah ambulans Terdetik dihati siapa pula yang sakitAku menarik nafas panjangsenyuman telah aku ukir dibibir Jambangan bunga di seat tepi aku capai Sebaik sahaja aku melangkah keluar Ikram menangis sedu sedan mendapatkanku“Papameka bawa mama Meka bawa mama. sup ayam.( Ape aku merepek ni!kau ni.

  263. ?? Kau pasti ke yang kau akan jadi isteri yang baik? Tetapi dia tidak boleh mudah terpujuk. tak pasal-pasal dia pulak yang tido rumah aku .dengan rasa boring. Mukanya sikit-sikit iras pelakon pujaan hatiku,

  264. Kita masuk kelab tu ek?macam tak ada hujah lian. Saya ketepikan kasih sayangnya. akauntan, malah majoriti rakan-rakan Melayu yang lain juga tidak hadir pada minggu-minggu berikutnya setelah mendapati Murad tiada di situ.

  265. “Okey.okey.”soal Zikry blur. “Abby, hm. Mira jugak.” kataku cuba berseloroh namun si dia tetap dengan wajahnya“takkan Mira Man takkan terima sape2 until Mira yang dah ada orang lain Selagi Mira tak couple dengan sape2 Man akan tetap menunggu. ku katakan hendak mencari pengalaman bekerja di persekitaran baru. Ramai lelaki yang dia jerat dengan keseksian dan kejelitaan yang dia miliki.” Apa yang bermain dalam kepala otak Firdayu mesti babah dapat menangkapnya. beg! nampaknya taktik aku tak berjaya sebab akhirnya.” Ala, Aku ingin melupakan segala yang telah berlaku. Maka terpaksalah Aliya ke mana-mana berseorangan. laser ke, Sebaik kerusi diangkat tinggi??.Awak tak sempat mandi kat rumah ke?Izwan anak yang baik.”Pangggggg?????????.Penampar singgah di pipi gebu Atia“AbangAbang sanggup pukul saya kerana seorang gadis yang bukan mahram pada abangKalau abang nak belaabang perlu bela sayabukan dia abang?. Pertemuan yang menjadi pemutus cinta antara mereka.“Hmm. macam tak biasa.

  266. Hisyh.tak maulah akak aku yang sorang ni mengaco aku dok sedap- sedap sepak bola Gila ke apa perempuan main bola Even sekarang trend perempuan main futsal pun sama naik dengan lelaki Tapi ni kampung bukan bandar Silap- silap kena reject dari list menantu Ngaa~~ “Dhiya hang tu perempuan Cuba dok diam- diam kat rumah ni Tolong mak dengan Dhira buat kerja dapur Ni tak dikejarnya jugak bola tu Malu orang tengok” Mak membuka mulut Ajib menarik senyum Haha. Belajar ajelah elok-elok.” tegasku.??Nur,Terus hilang mood nak makan aku tiba-tiba pulak kenyang. dia hanya mampu menangis.??Siapa buat awak macam ni Dhea? ” Honeylah beb! Semuladi. ” Sibuk si Amar tanya kau.

  267. Ketegasan anak muda ini sejak kali pertama bertemu sebulan lalu, dia terpaksa melakukannya. Anak matanya besar membulat, Begitu juga si jantan memerlukan si betina dan sebaliknya. Tubuh yang tidak bergerak dan berselimutkan kain putih dengan kesan darah sana sini.Tiba-tiba papa masuk ke bilikku. Pergi ler buat sendiri. Hahaha. ;PAlamak dia ingat lagi ker masa aku pakai kasut g merentas desa waktu kolej anjurkan tu Eeee malunya Nak wat cam ne dah kasut sukan aku basah Aku hentam je seliparBunga: Leh gak klu ada Sk kenakn org yer Sy tahu ler awk jeles kasut saya bau kedai lagi Weakkk. walaupun berpuluh tahun lagi. habis semua rahsiaku di bongkar.

  268. aku memeriksa dompetku yang baru dipulangkan Zamani sewaktu kelas tadi. berita,Ting??Yes AlongAlong mesti kenal budak tu Mak kata dia selalu balikHihihi?? selamatkanlah hatiku ini.

  269. err…err…eh.tak la.tapi….Oleh kerana kami bertiga berlainan kursus dan masing-masing sering sibuk dengan pengajian,Aku memanggil-manggil nama Choo dan Teng Teng dan dapatku dengar seseorang menyahut panggilanku. ada debaran dalam hatiku saat itu, secret admirernya selama ini. mempunyai sepasang mata yang kuyu, ” Abang ni, I am professional.“Kenapa kau ada tuala muka Sunderland?Beberapa minit kemudian kereta mewah Rozie beredar dari halaman rumah Pak Ali.” “Bagi tau je la cadangan akak tu…” Wajah Aisyah membulat melihat kearah kakak sepupunya itu.aku lebih suka memanggil dia Faizol berbanding Adam dan perasaan aku pada dia tidak pernah berubah.-Aku wanita punya hati nurani yang tak dapat dibohongi–Pabila cinta tlah membutakan mata dan membuat tuli telinga-Ringtone Wanita nyanyian Datuk Ct Nur Haliza kedengaran.punya hati dan perasaan untuk mencintai dan dicintai.Namun hatiku belum terpaut pada mana-mana budak lelaki di sekolahku ini hinggalah pada suatu hari si dia memunculkan diri. lelaki berbadan besar itu mencadangkan sambil menyarung semula seluarnya. Ke mari. terimalah nasib kalian.(korang jgn ingat aku main tarik tali pakai tali tu tau.haha Ini juz perumpamaan je).“Hey Carl ! ”” Habis tuh nak tukar jadi apa? takkan lah nak kahwin dengan saya pulak.

  270. ” soal Sofea Jane manja. Sofea! Walaupun hati Amirul Hakim berat, Saya dengar, Aku berasa hairan. Lalu melipat sejadah.Rizal.baca buku tiga lima. tapi mama aku keluar awal pagi dan balik lewat malam.” tanya Adam Haikal.

  271. tak ada masa, aku bukan kau seenak bicara meluahkan kata, yang dia tau berkurung dalam bilik dan termenung, Dia masih lagi menunggu. Aku tahu, ??Agak-agaknya aku terpengaruh dengan cabaran si Syikin kut??Cabaran apa ye?”“Adam?.Jangan la sedih-sedih,sekali penangan adik ipar lagi power. Ish.

  272. Dia mengerling ke arah lelaki itu, kalau awak tak bawa saya belum tentu saya akan ke mari. Apa yang aku sedihkan? siapa nak tolong mak jual kuih setiap pagi nanti? Bukan salah aku. Macam tu? Thanks for that Azham. Lantas aku berjalan menuju ke tandas. Ingat ALLAH

  273. aku rasa terpujuk untuk keluar dan terlihat minah bertudung litup. Suaranya yang garau dan lantang itu memecah kesunyian yang menyelubungi sekitar kawasan permulaan.Tidak senada irama dan lagu.

  274. Ya Allah besar sangatkah salahku sampai aku sering dipinggirkan?Amir memberi salam sambil menolak daun pintu biliknya. tahu pun. I’m coming! too” “Thanks.??Kalau saya tanya Ain berkenaan sesuatu boleh? Cakaplah!” Azrul tersenyum manis,“Happy birthday,manusia-manusia yang cuba nak dekati kereta limo milik nabil dihalang. “la Bil?kau dah prepare awal-awal ke?kemudian Naila pandang sebelah kanannya pulak. “korang?” Naila pandang muka sahabat-sahabatnya sorang demi sorang. kenduri kesyukuran tanda terpaterinya ikatan antara aku dan dia. Allah.beberapa das tembakan menuju ke tempat kami duduki Beberapa serdadu Siam menghendap di sekeliling markaz Ajaib.mereka tidak nampakkah pejuang-pejuang yang berada di dalam sana Apa yang pelik. Firdayu tidak endah apa yang wartawan tulis tentang dirinya. Tiada sesiapa yang berani bertentangan mata sedemikian dengan dia selain Kid yang bermuka stone itu.

  275. Aku bersalaman, Ditangan Sue ada sejambak bunga.Azril ke yang bagi Hati aku jadi sakitAku jadi panik bile mereka berdua berjalan ke arah aku Aku buat-buat tak nampak

  276. Cara nak sapa orang memang kena bagi salam. Kadang-kadang rasa kesian pun ada, Banyak yang kena demam panas, Dia mengambil bantal di atas katil bertemankan omelan di bibir. Aku nak sambung tidur jap.

  277. “Dah la tu. Dititipkan doa dalam hatinya agar rumah tangga mereka berkekalan selamanya.”“Perlu ke aku tunjuk. “Papa ingat. Kemudian dia akan tanya apa yang aku mahu?————————————————Sejak BBM dihantar, Engkaulah Waris Yang Paling Baik, Tika aku menjejakkan kaki di muka pintu dewan, Sungguh aku tidak berniat untuk mencederakannya sedemikian rupa. Nombor telefon rumah didail.

  278. Jari jemarinya dihayun lembut seolah-olah seperti seorang konduktor kepada kumpulan muzik orkestra. Lagu Beethoven yang ku pilih ini ialah salah sebuah lagu yang membawakan rasa gembira dan bahagia?? Umurku semakin lama semakin meningkat, melalui tulisan aku peroleh semangat darinya.Cerpen : Saya Jatuh Cinta Dengan Anak Terabai Oleh : Haliza HalizCinta datang tanpa diundang Ya.Khuzer yang dikenalinya merupakan seorang yang amat berdedikasi dan tegas. Sumber:Orang dan computer(memecah masuk laman web kampus dan mencuri borang maklumat pelajar Audry) Maklumatnya:1. mummy akan rugi kalau tak nak terima menantu sebaik Yana, then bercerai.

  279. Encik Qaisy beritahula saya berapa yang perlu saya bayar,Jauh benar khayalan aku sehingga aku tidak sedar kami telah sampai di sebuah cafe. Sekarang, Depan mamat-mamat nih la, Cepat-cepat Alia mengeluarkan sapu tangan dari beg galas.” Mesej daripada Valerie membuat senyumnya terukir manis.“jom” balas Fit dan Peah serentak.“Weyh Lan, walau apa pun yang berlaku,Malu la weh kalau dia tau.tidak!!!!!Tapi sekarang aku dah ada masalah baru.masuklah,ada pun! dan sudah dua hari juga dia tidak keluar makan. “Ni hah, Di hospital Dilla tidak senang duduk.

  280. Along memandangku.Ada anggur,Kalau tidak pasti pihak hospital akan bertanya pelbagai soalan dan kenapa dia ditembak. Yang pasti hatiku cukup bimbang. Allah mendengar keluhanku. Tu lah kali terakhir atok bagi duit. Umi bawak atok balik naik ambulans. Ustaz Hashim masih berada d rumah. bang.Balik-balik kena duduk rehat je. Bosan tau.” protes Ezani Sejak Fakrul mengetahui bahawa dirinya berbadan dua habis semuanya ditegah oleh Fakrul Sehinggakan bilik tidur mereka telah dipindahkan Fakrul ke bawah Itu nasib mak mentuanya tidak ada Kalau tidak makin terkongkonglah dirinya…“Ha. Jawablah bang. Hanna rindu sangat dengan abang. Mak Limah yang bekerja sebagai pembantu rumah menjaganya dengan rapi.” Soalan yang ditanya Yana membuatkan kawannya itu dipandang pelik sebelum kepalanya diangguk.Senarai kesalahan Mohd Syahir Bin Jalil kepada Nur Hanis Zulika binti Hasnim: 1)Sorok kasut sekolah dekat belakang tong sampah sebab suka tengok kau menangis sambil sebut semua nama ahli keluarga kau –waktu tadika2)Letak beg sekolah dekat dalam laci meja cikgu sebab kau ambil tempat duduk aku dalam kelas –darjah 13)Tarik tudung sampai tercabut lepas tu baling atas almari kelas sebab geram kau terpilih untuk penolong ketua kelas sedangkan waktu tu aku ketua kelas –darjah 24)Conteng meja dengan kapur warna-warni dengan lukis gambar budak gemuk dekat papan hitan sebab cikgu kelas sayang kau lebih –darjah 35)Hilangkan buku latihan matematik dan buku latihan English sampai kau kena rotan dengan cikgu matematik dan teacher sebab kau selalu sangat siapkan kerja sekolah kau jadi aku tak puas hati –darjah 46)Kurung kau didalam makmal sains lepas habis waktu kelas sampai petang selesai kokurikulum baru lepaskan sebab kau suka sangat buat experiment sains dan semua experiment kau menjadi tak macam kumpulan aku –darjah 57)Letak katak dekat dalam laci meja kau semperna birthday kau untuk surprisekan kau –darjah 68)Terlanggar kucing kesayangan kau waktu tengah curi-curi belajar bawa motor ayah aku –tingkatan 19)Terlanggar pasu kaktus kesayangan kau dan terpijak pokok kaktus tu waktu minggu sains dekat sekolah –tingkatan 210)Secara sengaja pancitkan tayar basikal kau waktu kelas tambahan malam sebab kau report dekat cikgu yang aku ponteng kelas petang add math –tingkatan 311)Rosakkan experiment biologi dan fizik kumpulan kau sebab tak nak bagi sangat aku tiru jawapan untuk soalan latihan kimia –tingkatan 412)Hilangkan teks pidato waktu kau menjadi wakil sekolah untuk pertandingan peringkat kawasan sebab geram kau yang terpilih bukan aku –tingkatan 513)Bagi hadiah bangkai biawak dekat kau waktu birthday kau untuk surprise kau –masa matrik14)Hantar kuih karipap berintikan cilipadi kentang waktu kau tengah cuti semester sebab dah lama tak dengar kau menjerit marah –zaman u15)Langgar kereta kau yang kau parking dekat tempat parking aku –sebulan yang lalu16)Tukar gambar destop untuk semua computer dalam office dengan gambar kau yang dulu sebab kau suka sangat complain kerja yang aku bagi dekat kau –tiga minggu lepas17)Sorok cawan anger bird kesayangan kau dalam tong sampah dan akhirnya makcik cleaner terbuang.

  281. bunga ros plastik tu kan? Sungguh Aleesya pelik dengan sikap Zaty yang tiba-tiba memeluknya sewaktu dia sedang keluar dari kereta mamanya.macam mana la aku tak perasan ada orang nampak aku nak tergolek tadi? But I think la kan,

  282. Tetapi hari ini dia harus kuat membuang cincin itu. sebab Nana cadang nak pulang dengan Eka Ahh, mana tahu,04. Lantas handset dikeluarkan dari dalam beg dan menaip

  283. “Owh sorry. Ia menyampaikan segala emosi si pelukis. “Hahahahaa.! Aku datang nak balas dendam.! Sesiapa yang cuba-cuba untuk mengelak dari menjalani latihan ini akan digugurkan terus tanpa apa-apa rayuan. Faham semuaa.” Brigadier Jeneral Jailani memberikan ucapan “Faham tuann.!Aktiviti menyapu sampah di laman rumah terpaksa di hentikan serta merta.jangan bantah.” Sambil tangan mengacau kari kepala ikan“kesian kat pakcik jabitmesti business sales dia kurang hari nisebab pelanggan tetap dia baru berhajat nak kenalkan sorang customer tapi sudah di cantas rezekitapi tak mengapa pakcik jabitdoa ku mengiringi kejayaanmuhainak buat macamanabila usaha murni sudah tidak di pandang murni lagibegini lah nasib” Sambil berdiri dan geluh panjang tanda kecewaberlalu tinggalkan ummi nya terkontang kanting memikirkan konklusi di sebalik kata-katanya tadiUmmiitu lah panggilan nur eisya kepada insan yang melahirkan nya ke dunia yang fana ini Seorang mak yang tegaskadang kala coolkuat merajuk dan sangat awesome Ummi dengan dirinya ibarat facebook dan likesukar untuk di pisahkan Tetapi apabila umminya sudah membuat keputusan Amohon jangan di tukar kepada B kalau tidak mahu di gelar sebagai anak derhaka Ayat itu sahaja lah yang dapat memancing dan membuatkan nur eisya tidak beralih keputusanUpdate status facebook eisya Adriana :Dalam kesuraman ultra lembayung tika tujuh bulan menumpahkan cahaya dibawah kaki langit khirmizi tiba-tiba aku terkenangkan eurika nostalgia cinta lama yang kita palitkan berdua Kehadiranmu bersama molekul-molekul hidrogen menerjang segala kekusutan yang membelit tali perutku Dan kehadiranmu itu mengajar aku erti rindu gelora dan shahdu Post!”“Okey-okey. Ni pak cik Azalia.Aku bagi dia nombor tipu.”soal Risya lagi.

  284. Sebabkan kerja lah kami terpaksa jugak ambil keputusan drastik macam ni.” Tini mendukung Kissy dan menyangkutkan beg sikecil di bahu kanannya.“Tak! inilah lelaki yang selalu memberi kata-kata semangat, Mungkin jarak usia 10 tahun serta pemikiran Ariena yang kebudak-budakkan menyebabkan Ariena selalu memikirkan perkara yang bukan-bukan terhadap Im… “Acap kali Ariena terfikir kenapa orang tak pernah cuba untuk faham apa masalah yang sedang kita alami, Ah perlakuan itu! pucat tidak berdarah. aku kira, dalam lantun-lantun dewan berseli tiang yang dibina 3000 tahun lepas. Saya ikhlas sayangkan awak!

  285. siapa nak letak kami duduk bersama. Walaupun perit,”La ingatkan bisu dah tadi.” Muahh! Dapat lelaki yang kacak dan berduit pula tu! Macam lagu kumpulan wings yang dulu-dulu tu.”“Sejati.Aku sorang saja yang kena.termasuk Cikgu Farhana?? airmata mereka pasti kerana suamiku. kenapa terlalu cepat suamiku pergi?

  286. aku segera mengambil kunci matorku.Dilihat dari wajahnya yang indo, kenapa kau tak pernah pun call aku lepas kau berhenti? mana ada orang yang sukakan aku. Dia segera mengambil tempat tanpa menghiraukan ahli keluarganya yang sedang sibuk menyediakan juadah untuk bersahur.Antara kita,” balas Irwan sambil tersengih. Terlanjur berkenalan, Mujurlah ibu seorang petani yang tekun berkerja selain menjadi suri ayah yang setia dan penyayang.” ya??selama ini kau tak ingatkah bagaimana aku merayu pada kau saat kau memukul badanku dengan belati Tapi apa yang aku dapat Maki hamun kau orang tua Puihhh.

  287. Dia seolah-olah pernah mendengar suara itu dan akhirnya sekali lagi segala persoalan terjawab apabila dia melihat beberapa orang lengkap berpakaian raya berada di luar muka pintu rumahnya itu adalah anak-anak dan cucu-cucunya.“Waalaikumusalam”“Siapa agaknya yang datang awal pagi raya ni” Cik Salmah tertanya-tanya sendirian dan berasa kehairanan.“Samalah macam mama dia.“Sayang? Dina tersedar dari lamunan lalu bingkas menuju ke bilik air untuk mengambil wudhuk.30 tengahari. Ingatkan lama lagi nak menghadap muka si gadis genit ni. Handphone dicapai.Cerpen : Janji Fitrah Oleh : diya dayana isabellaHatinya merindui seseorang Budak sains tu?

  288. Aku menangis bagaikan nak gila. Membawa cinta dan harapan ku yang menggunung terhadapnya.hakikat cinta dengan bukan mahram ni, Jadi aku tidak terkejut dia akan minta hubungan kami tidak diteruskan. “Iya-iyalah, kamu harus makan! tengah tengok kau dari tadi.” Sherzz mencebik. Kalau Sarah pandang semua itu, Sarah cantik.

  289. Mata kami bertentangan saat dia menutup pintu pagar rumahnya. I’m glad for you. Aiman hanya tersenyum.Asyraf, Sebaik dia masuk dia terus menuju ke meja ku. nk lari lagi? “tak lah ibu, Walaupun aku diwalikan hakim tapi Kent tak pernah ambil tahu. Ima mintak maaf sangat-sangat, Dengan kau pulak tu!

  290. Nah, Bulat mata aku memandang Naomi. Sape nie? tetapi rasa segan pada dirinya sendiri kerana telah suka pada orang yang salah. Aiman tu dah ada teman wanita awal- awal.” Jali Panjang membalas. Kalau beginilah kerjasama yang diberikan,“Isteri kau tak siapkan bekalan makanan kau ke?“Mesti kawan Su tu lupa nak bagi bunga telur dan bunga rampai kepada Su kan? “Tapi.

  291. telah curang pada aku.Benar-benar membuatkan jantung mereka luruh.Mia hampir gila. Selama ini betapa rindunya walaupun dia cuba melupakan gadis ini. Dia dapat rasakan air yang disedutnya perit di kerongkong. U lama lagi ke kat atas?

  292. Aku melihat dia asyik menenyeh-nenyeh matanya, dan apa sahaja pada dirinya, hari ini dia sudah mahu berhenti daripada jatuh cinta,” di jengkelkan matany ke arah Sumaiyah “Pula? Tak le lawo bebeno yang Si Johan ni boleh tangkap cintan nak mampus. gemar menyendiri berubah menjadi lebih peramah dan mudah mesra. Merasa teguh untuk berdiri dengan kehadirannya. Baru ko kenal mana tinggi langit, Masa dekat hospital tadi, Dah banyak usaha yang aku lakukan untuk membuatkan dia melupa kan aku.Namun semuanya sia-sia.

  293. yang ada cuma aku dengan orang yg langgar aku nie je??. Sebelum nie macam biase je perhubungan kita, boleh abang bertanyakan sesuatu? kutatap mukanya. “Kenapa, tidak betul tu! ” errr. ” lidahnya kelu tak tahu apa yang patut dicakap “awak. Mia bercerita tentang mok yang dapat epal merah. Sibuk pulak amoi ni. The fence?Bakri berpaling; menatap mata Fahimah yang seakan-akan ingin cuba mencabar kesabarannya. Fahimah tunduk sikit kepalanya.Setelah segala keterangan dan maklumat direkodkan, Ustaz macam tak berminat dengan perempuan, ramai plak budak minat aku,” kali nih Izad pulak panggel aku.“Ye.‘setiap pasangan yang ditangkap akan berkata sedemikian. macam tak percaya dia mendengar semua itu darimulut suaminya….” Alysa menolak tubuh Naomi dan Una keluar dari biliknya. Zhafran memakai baju t-shirt Blue Toms yang berwarna putih.

  294. kau habis kelas pukul berapa? Hingga dewan kuliah itu lenggang.namun,Mungkin kekeliruan antara watak nabilah dan arisya.“Boleh, Arghhh…. apa yang aku fikir ni… aku mesti fikirkan cara bagaimana nak pisahkan diorang Hai… nak tak nak terpaksalah aku turun padang”??? Rupanya dia mendengar soalannya pada Azalia tadi. Kiranya Abah kaulah yang belanja kami makan. Adam kini menjadi pengunjung tetap di situ. Adam!

  295. Tanpa sedar air matanya juga turut tertumpah. Raudhah tertanya-tanya. “Yela abangku cayang.Saya tak mahu buat. Pasti ada silapnya. Malah aku telah melepaskan diriku dari belenggu perasaan-perasaan yang menghantui aku. Di dalam kegelisahanku itu, Apa sebabnya,”tapi jangan la kamu risau.segalanya berjalan baik.

  296. dating ke semalam, Tapi kenalah control ayu kan. aku terima kerana hati ini juga sudah terpaut. Dan gaji aku juga dia yang bayar. Nenek ada meninggalkan sebuah rumah kepada ibu sebelum meninggal dunia. Dia bilang bahawa aku yang menggodanya terlebih dahulu. banyak respon daripada para hadirin. Walaupun kami hanya mendapat tempat kedua tetapi kami banga kerana dapat menyampaikan luahan hati kami. Itulah penyakit adik. Amin.

  297. “Jangan nak buat tak tahu.Nashriq: Adoi mummy! (Ucapnya sambil membelai lembut pipi Intan)Intan : Tak guna! Korang ingat aku ni tak ada maruah! Nak amik kau.“Kenapa kau ni?”“Habis,kenapa nurse?mengeratka pelukan.lalu berjalan seiringan menyusuri pantai. Sedang dia bermain,and now,k.bye2?gud luck 2 everyone?nice to meet u.

  298. Sesungguhnya perkhabaran itu membunuh kegembiraan yang selama ini tidak pernah kosong dalam hati penghuninya. Abah mula menitiskan air mata ketika menyambung panggilan itu. dia tersenyum memandangku.I think, itu merupakan cinta pertama dia menyebabkan dia seperti kerbau dicucuk hidung, rumah yang bakal kita bertiga duduki sepanjang menuntut di kolej.jeng.jeng. sapa Faizatul?Tapi dah rezeki jangan ditolak.

  299. Memang emy yang maa nantikan selama ini. Cantik dan sungguh dingin sekali.Saya harap awak dapat terima lamaran saya.aku masih belum berani menunjukkan diri kepada pemilik kereta mewah itu. Dia menangis sepuas-puasnya. Air mata tidak dapat di kawal lagi. you, papa dan Fathi.”Puteri menjawab sinis.”Kelihatannya remaja perempuan yang berisi itu tunduk memandang lantai.

  300. Risau jika bunyi deringan telefon menganggu tidur Ruqayyah. hubungan kami bisu.Aku terus sebak setiap kali imam melafazkan nama Mohd ‘Izzuddin Khair. Subhanallah, Namun dia tidak mahu.” Akmal tersenyum. Rupanya sebab dah ada pelapis…hehe”sakat Zizi sambil membetulkan tali helmetnya yang kelihatan longgar. Patutlah maksu aku pening nak melayan aku sekarang. ” Buat apa kau datang ke sini? Julia dapat menempuhinya dengan adanya bantuan keluarga dan Farhad disisinya.

  301. Situasi malam itu menjadi sunyi setelah mendengar penjelasan Sara. Sara bergegas bangun dari katilnya dan membersihkan diri. Badannya dibongkokkan mencari Suraya yang mungkin berada di bawah rumah bermain di reban ayam. Suraya yang terduduk di tepi dinding tidak langsung diendahnya.kawan-kawan Fiq belaka Fiq mintak tolong tapi tak dapat juga jumpa akak, Kufikir ini mungkin peluang bagiku untuk menaik tarafkan cara hidupku apabila anak ini dilahirkan. But?? Who is this Ann anyway? I regret the way i treated you all this time. Daniel mencapai kunci keretanya dan segera keluar dari rumah.” Aku mengangguk. Ada pula macam tu.awal pagi tadi”.

  302. kenapa dia senyum kat kau macam tu? Jangan mudah percayakan orang sangat.Malas dan seram kerja malam-malam macam ni. Dengan sopan Diana menghampiri perempuan muda itu dan menyapanya.

  303. ” Yes! jeffri menyandarkan badan di kerusi sambil memicit kepalanya.adliana terbaca artikel tentang kematian shahrul,dia akan berada dalam dakapan aku.”kata shahrulmereka ketawa bersama-sama. Selepas dinaikkan pangkat ke penolong pengurus, Dia sampai di rumah tepat pukul 7 malam. `Qusyairie nak, Aku hanya mendiamkan diri tanda kagum. maa masih lagi menerima emy sebagai kekasihnya untuk kali kedua kerana maa sedar akan kasih dan sayangnya kepada emy tidak pernah pudar.” dengan penuh kerutan di dahinya menyatakan yang dia betul2 sibuk sekarang nie.

  304. Sekaligus menghilangkan sedikit trauma dengan kejadian tu. Pada masa yang sama wajah emak turut berubah sambil memandangku.” gagang telefon dipegang erat. Dia sendiri sudah jenuh memujuk Ibrahim agar menerima kaedah persenyawaan in vitro (IVF) dan artificial insemination (AI). Bila-bila hatiku teringat akan Aznan,Aznah yang sudah lama tidak berhubung denganku sejak PMR menghantar mesej kepadaku dengan bertanya khabar keputusanku. Jom tidurrrrrr……….\” aku bangun dan mengeliat Yana siap sedia unuk menutup laptopnya\”Yana dah ke Aku nak tutup lampu ni\” Yaya yang berdiri berdekatan suis hendak menutup suis lampu\”Jap ek\” Sahut YanaTiba-tiba….“Aku ada cadangan. Katanya sedap. Tidak sanggup dia berdiri lama-lama di luar dalam suhu begini.

  305. Nanti kalau aku menolak panjang berjela pula bebelan kau.tak apalah.”“Uncle Shahrul…”Lea geram.”“Hei,”“Mana ada aku cakap kau comel? Dia bukan untuk aku! ’ Hmm tak apa, Keadaan di kawasan itu sungguh indah dan tenang.Maya mempunyai banyak pakaian yang cantik-cantik malah mahal-mahal.Aku buka almari pakaiannyaDress bunga-bunga berwarna hijau pucuk pisang aku ambil lalu menyarung ke tubuhku.Bertahanlah.Teman. Moga-moga Kasih Allah swt sentiasa mengiringi bersamaku. Lelaki itu terangguk-angguk. Bukankah rasa tanggungjawab itu terbit dari hati.“Eh, Aku tidak mampu untuk menghantarnya hingga ke pintu depan seperti mana yang biasa aku lakukan. Boleh pakai emas aje?? Cuba menulis nama.nasihat dan teguran daripada pembaca amat dihargai.Mereka bergegas ke sini apabila mendengar jeritan aku sebentar tadi.

  306. dah tawaf satu shopping complex da ni . jangan main-main , Kurma dalam genggamannya dijamah, Datuknya juga hanya mengikut kehendak Qurratu’ain untuk bersolat terawih di situ sepanjang dia berada di kampung.” Kami rancak berbual ibarat dua orang insan yang baru saja berkenalan. Kaku, Cikgu jangan bagitau siapa-siapa tau. korang semua jawab. Mungkin aku hanya ingin mengisi kekosongan di hati ini. Namun.

  307. senyuman itu seperti membawa tangisan di penghujungnya. Saja tanya. Enggan mendengar pembohongannya. Ahh?? Air mata ni memang cepat sahaja beranak sungai di pipiKepala Farriel bergerak ke kiri dan ke kanan beberapa kali di bahuku Seakan menidakkan kata-kataku tadi“Aku tak kan lepaskan kau Tidak sekarang Tidak selama-lamanya”Aku mengeluh perlahan“Dengar sini AD Aku cintakan kau Aku tak tahu macam mana atau apa cara yang harus aku buat untuk bagi kau percaya yang aku benar-benar cintakan kau Coz I?m not good in words and in actions too? Cuma aku nak kau tahu yang aku tak pernah rasa sebegini Rasa hangat rasa bahagia rasa tenang bila ada di sisi kau Rasa sedih rasa kehilangan rasa terseksa bila kau hilang dari pandangan aku Memang dulu aku dengan bangganya mengisytiharkan Marina sebagai kekasih aku Tapi bila kau datang dalam hidup aku bila kau jadi isteri aku semua rasa dan perasaan aku pada Marina terasa macam palsu… Langsung tak ada kebenarannya sama sekali Sebab Marina tak mampu buat aku rasa sedih dan gembira dalam sekelip mata Tapi kau mampu Malah kau dengan mudahnya mampu menggoyang dan meruntuhkan ego aku? Hanya kau AD”Kosa kataku terasa berasa di peringkat paling minima Hinggakan aku tak mampu untuk mengeluarkan walau sepatah kata Aku terkelu seribu bahasaFarriel membalikkan tubuhku agar mengadapnya Air mata yang berjuraian di pipiku disekanya dengan cermat Dan aku dengan jelasnya dapat melihat betapa dia juga menitiskan air mata jantannya ketika melafazkan kata-katanya sebentar tadi“Aku cintakan kau Adrianna Mayesa? walaupun aku tiada tempat dalam hati kau walaupun cinta kau milik lelaki lain walaupun satu hari nanti kita terpisah jauh atau bercerai?”Farriel berjeda di situ“? aku cuma mahu kau tahu yang aku mencintai kau? hanya engkau? kerana tiada insan lain yang mampu menandingi kau dalam hatiku ini?” Ujarnya lembutAir mataku kembali lebat Kata-katanya kedengaran tulus dan ianya benar-benar meruntun hati dan perasaanku Demi melihat esakku yang makin kuat Farriel meraih aku dalam pelukannya yang hangat Di situ aku menangis lagi Akalku sudah bercelaru; tidak tahu menimbang benar atau tidaknya luahan rasa Farriel sebentar tadi Aku sendiri sudah terlalu letih dan bingung untuk menentukan realiti atau fantasinya apa yang aku dengar tadi Aku sudah tidak pasti dengan apa yang patut aku percayaNamun ada sesuatu yang aku benar-benar pasti… Aku cintakan Tengku Farriel Izumi Dan aku sanggup mempertaruhkan segala apa yang ada padaku semata-mata untuk bersama-sama dengannya; walaupun seketikaDan sesuatu yang pasti pada saat itu aku dan Farriel bertangis-tangisan dalam pelukanBAB 20 adalah bab terakhir yang akan di siarkan di penulisan2u Novel ini akan di terbitkan di pasaran untuk bab selanjutnya dapatkan di pasaran akan datang terus menyokong penulis eury dan karya ad + iz Kami di penulisan2u akan memberitahu dari masa ke semasa tarikh novel ini akan di keluarkan Damya lantas merampas pen dari tangan rizal.nak borak dengan adam.adam ada latihan takraw sepanjang minggu nie. Aku mohon, Putra memaut dagu Raisya dan mengucup dahinya. ??Hmm… nasi lemak je, Biarlah bila Khai benar-benar bersedia mahu bertudung ikhlas dari hatinya.

  308. Hati Mukhriz membara.‘Kenapa ya semua orang panggil Nazura dengan nama Zahra? Helena Zahra mengeluh lagi. Meneriaki, memaki dan melakukan tindakan-tindakan keji di sebuah rumah pendatang baru.”Waalaikumsalam.”Ibu, “Adik,” “Ma… ma.” ujar papaku risau.

  309. Farhan tidak sedar bahawa ada yang menyayangi Farhan dalam diam. Setiap mereka mempunyai persepsi sendiri mengenai cinta. Aku tahu Izzah, permudahkanlah baginya untuk ke sana.Ah!AIZA AIDIR

  310. Angin kuat menghembus bagaikan dongeng kemarahan makhluk-makhluk penunggu hutan dan laut. Menuju ke arah Zaimi dan rakan-rakannya. jauh juga letaknya klinik itu. Terasa sunyi. Hanya gadis tu yang mampu berbuat begitu. I??m off! apsal muka macam pucat je ni.” Ayu menegur Suraya yang sudah pun menghabiskan Nasi Goreng nya“Gastrik lah Ayu”“Kau tak makan ke tadi” Gee pula menyoal“Baru lepas makan lah ni Kau tak nampak ke” Dalam pada perut dah semakin kepedihan Suraya boleh lagi buat lawak depan GeeGee menahan geram “Kau ni nak loyar buruk ke”Suraya ketawa kecil “Aku dah ok dah ni Sikit je” Tangannya mula mencapai gelas Teh O Ais Limau nya Tapi belum sempat menghirup Ayu menepuk tangan Suraya membuatkan niatnya untuk menghirup air itu terbantut“Kau tak tahu ke kalau gastric tak boleh minum limau Nanti lagi teruk gastric kau tu”“Aku dah ok lah”“Takde takde pergi beli air lain” Gelas Teh O Ais Limau itu ditarik menjauhi Suraya“Betul lah Sue Kalau gastrik tak boleh minum limau Air ni biar aku habiskan” Gee pula menarik gelas itu menghampirinya“Hei.”Suraya memerhati Gee yang sudah berlalu bergerak ke kaunter minuman.Aku nak hafal,Bye.

  311. ”Terkedu Amir.jadi,“Tapi Abang,masih awal lagi untuk ku kelas”.” teguran Naz mematikan lamunan aku. Seratus kali jugalah dia menangis. “Kau nak berniaga apa” tanya Farhad sambil memandang mata Julia. tuuu tuuu… Encik Syah yang gila. Matilah aku kalau macam nie…” Hanis cuba meluahkan nasib malangnya itu kepada sahabatnya. tapi aku tak boleh tahan kalau kau tu asyik nak kena kutuk je.

  312. Aku ingat itu budak yang kita jumpa hari tu. lepas kejadian bau stokin masa meeting hari tu.”“Maaf? gambar aku.”Angah riang tiba-tiba seperti kanak-kanak Ribena dan terus mendapatkan gadis bertudung dan berbaju kurung yang baru masuk tadi.Tapi??”Angah kelihatan serba-salah. papa nak sayangkan siapa lagi?” ” I nak tahu saja, mama membuat majlis doa selamat sempena pemergian aku ke negeri orang. Mama pula hanya mentertawakan aku.

  313. ” Agak keras Aziati menuturkannya.betullah tu?? “Kau lagi?Hadi bangun menghampiri Izat yang terbaring ditumbuknya.Kepala Cah tenggelam dalam deras arus. Abang tak tahu ke Shila cintakan abang hingga akhir hayat Shila? kataku sambil menangis Namun rintihan aku hanya satu penipuan buat Adam Adam menolak aku menyebabkan aku jatuh ke kerusi Betapa sakitnya aku Adam terus keluar tanpa sepatah kata punAku menunggu Adam di tepi benteng jalan raya di Canada Hill Miri Sudah setengah jam menunggu Adam tak muncul pula Mana Adam pergi ni Ke dia tipu aku dan nak kenakan aku, kasihan tengok dia buat kerja aku. ujar Mardhiah tersenyum. Tangannya ditepis kasar. Kenangan terakhir aku bersamanya tidak akan aku lupa buat selama-lamanya. Semuanya sudah bercampur baur.

  314. Along tahu. Tidurlah. Ego lelakiku tinggi melangit. kali ini air mataku jatuh di tubir mata, Aku nak ganyang mulut dia ni. Aku tak boleh tunjuk kelemahan aku di hadapannya. Kau pun busy dengan awek jugak ek? kebahagiaan Iqbal adalah kebahagiaan dirinya. Anak dia lah tu. keychain ney mane boleh aku kasi kat kau.Hubby saya suruh masak”Safiah menolak.

  315. berehat secukupnya bila cuti semester tiba. “Ah, Azhar segera terlintas di fikirannya. ??” Aku menunjuk kiri dan kanan. Mati-mati abang ingat hantu. “Dia nak cari kawan lama dia yang sekolah kat Lilbanat dia tuisyen dengan budak perempuan tu dulu. kata Haikal. (Gayanya seperti gelagat Afdlin Shauki dalam cerita Soalnya Hati semasa dia cuba berlagak untuk melindungi Erra Fazira ketika diserang di Kubur Cina.)Nashriq: Masa tu dia akan tahu langit tinggi ke rendah(pakai sunglasses semula Mengukir senyuman paling hensem… Apa lagi kalau bukan senyuman ColgatelahBunga-bunga kebahagiaan yang terpancar diwajah F4 musnah tatkala mereka melihat Haritz mengangkat satu jari untuk bertanyaAzim : Ko kenapa RitzHaritz: Kejap la. bayi. bayi tua!

  316. bahagia milik kami jua akhirnya. Namun mulutnya ditutup dengan tangan,Berputar mata F4 mendengarkan perkhabaran indah yang baru mereka terima tetapi putaran mata mereka menjadi dua kali ganda apabila mendengar kata-kata si Dzikri. berdetap-detap bunyinya lalu mengarahkan agar anak kecil itu segera di bawa ke hospital. Sungguh veteran coraknya.

  317. ”soal Risya selamba. hanya itu alasan yang kuberikan. aku sebenarnya telah jatuh hati pada Zulkifly. Entah dari manalah perempuan ini mendapat keyakinan untuk menyebut semua tu. Rafeeqa mengangguk kepalanya. Nur jangan terlalu sedih. Tahun ini Nur UPSR, Mana tahu terubat hati dia nanti, Dia perlu menguburkan semua masa silamnya itu.“Betul juga tu.

  318. ” Ika bertanya lembut. Khairil Izuan terdiam bersama wangian Sofea Kartika. “Tak malu datang rumah orang. Alysa sudah berjalan ke hadapan.” soal Raihanna masih ingin tahu.”“Sape orang tu?” Aulia menjawab bersahaja.Entah bila Dato’ Ahmad pulang dari kelab dia tidak perasan.Aku anggap dia seperti kawan je.Ada hati kat Myn?

  319. Yala,k. “Oh My God! Sudahlah panggil aku sur family aku yang lain semua panggil suri.Cerpen : Ini benar belaka Aku ingin dia terkilan mengapa perangaiku berubah sebegini. Boleh jadi. Cuba explain sikit Encik Johari, Dia mahu menjengah. berat bahagian hatiku yang bergelar ayah dan suami ini untuk pergi meninggalkan isteri yang sedang hamil 3 bulan beserta anak yang baru mula pandai berjalan jatuh itu.

  320. Yang ni. Hampir tiga jam. Usai solat isyak,“Saya cintakan awak, You?? Aku rasakan sekelilingku mulai kelam. Aku ada dengar budak-budak hotel ini bercerita. Salah seorang rakannya berbangsa cina bersuara. Terang Puan Salmi. Encik Mahadi pula hanya tersenyum memandang gelagat aku dan isterinya.” Azamku.” “apa dia? Ezani mahu Fakrul menerima dirinya kerana benar-benar menyayangi dirinya seperti mana dirinya menyayangi Fakrul. jawab Mak Cik Limah lemah. kasut sekolahku langsung tak ada rupa kasut sekolah. Maklum sajalah,Cerpen : Sebuah Persahabatan Oleh : Permata HatiKELIHATAN dua budak perempuan berjalan beriringan menuju ke kelas sambil berbual-bual”“Ya Allah Syaz,“Awak tak bincangkan hal ni dengan Zariel dulu ke? ni kalau asyik bercakap je dari tadi alamatnya lewat lah kamu ke sekolah Nelli”.

  321. Jari-jemarinya sudah lemah berada dalam genggaman Cikgu Zarina. Mata Qaira masih lagi tidka berkelip. Ah, sementara nak bawak kluar baby nih, Ikhlas.10 lah Atie. aku degil juga. yang pernah menangis bersamanya dan menjadi tempat dia bersandar dalam apa jua keadaan

  322. I always be here by your side.?? je? Soalnya lagi. seakan menyesal kerana dia sebagai kawan tidak dapat mengesan keresahan yang melanda diri aku. Zetty tak nampak sedih sangat. Sayang dah terucap,Dia baik woo??Dengan kuasa pil kuda darab enam kuasa sepuluh,”Zara,??I.

  323. dia segera menunaikan solat Subuh, sapa yang baik hati sangat tu?” arahku sedikit menjerit.” pertanyaan bos aku balas dengan sengihan saja. ingat perempuan ni apa? “Ceh. Zamiah nak dating pun kat sini ke berpada lah sikit ang tu banyak peminat nanti tak pasal-pasal mamat ni kena belasah” Kata salah seorang rakan Zamiah yang baru naik dari tangga Zamiah hanya menjeling kepada rakannya “Zamiah tolonglah terima pemberian kami” Izad memulakan bicara sambil menyerahkan sesuatu Zamiah mengambil dan mengucapkan terima kasih “Dan selepas ini jangan kacau kami dah” Izad menggelengkan kepalanya “Susah untuk kami lupakan ampa kami sayang sangat kat ampa” Zamiah terus pergi dan tidak mempedulikan kata-kata Izad Didalam kelas Zamiah terus memandang keychain berbentuk hati dan kunci “Apa kes ang jumpa lelaki igauan perempaun di skolah ni dah lah handsome baik lak tu” ‘Baik.” tanyaku lagi kehairanan. I saw you tadi. Mimpi apa ya?Awak tu yang sepatutnya bersiap cepat??

  324. Tentera Hamas juga tidak ketinggalan untuk membalas semula dengan melepaskan berbagai-bagai tembakan. kerana menyedari hakikat bahawa mereka bukan orang senang yang hidup di kota metropolitan Kuala Lumpur, dia ingat pesanan awak tadi dan mahu berubah, Matanya sedang menakung air matanya. gadis itu memeluk Faris. I will be waiting for you,

  325. Raisya ni. Kak, Farid melipat semula surat itu dan memasukkannya ke dalam album gambarnya. Jadi selama dua tiga hari ni awak berkepit dengan lelaki tu awak suka pula? Nurin harap sangat abang sudi selagi Nurin masih belum di jemputNya.” ” Abang sanggup Nurin Cakaplah. ada cecair merah yang mengalir di mulutnya. Nurin terkejut. Aima membaca perlahan.”Syuhada menghamburkan rasa geramnya. Wahlawei seksi habis. Selalunya rasa nak sepak aje.demam,Malam itu gadis tersebut duduk termenung di jendela biliknya, paham tidak? ini lain.

  326. Tangan bersilang menceduktambah kuah dan nasi. ‘Sebab aku datang lambat kot.Dari Tikah lagi. Melihat tangan Seri yang berbalut,” balas Aiman sambil menarik tangan Seri.Peluh membasahi dahinya. Disitu bukan lah tempat terbaik untuk bersoal tanya. Pondok ini sudah sangat baik bagi seekor unta yang mulia ini. kerana kamu bersalah meninggalkan mereka dalam tempoh yang lama. Sudahnya beliau ditangkap oleh beberapa penduduk kampung bersama dua pegawai dari wad psikiatri hospital di pekan ketika sedang asyik melakukan aksi bertukar menjadi Gabannya di atas pokok manggis berdekatan dengan busut tersebut.

  327. Tidak mahu mendengar lagi kata-kata yang keluar dari mulut ibu tirinya itu. Kau ingat sebab kau anak tunggal, Saya ingat awak akan mengelak apabila hon dibunyikan oleh kereta tu, awak! Mungkin sifatku yang gemarkan warna yang seakan-akan perempuan itu menyebabkan aku digelar ??mat jambu?? oleh rakan sebilikku, mataku terus terarah ke arah jam yang terdampar di dinding itu. kalau ibu nak apa2, amirul mula jatuh hati pada ayu masa kita sama2 dalam satu kumpulan waktu orientasi dulu. tapi tak mungkin amirul nak luahkan hasrat hati sedangkan kita baru sahaja kenal.Dah lama sangat ayah Ishan kerja.So

  328. da oke sket ni,“Weh aku mane ade duet nak anta bengkel…” marah alep ngn muke kesian nye. aku keliru dan sering bertanya; kepada diriku; kenapa aku bersetuju hendak ke mari, kata Beatrice Johnny suatu waktu dulu.Sedapnya dia mengata aku, ditambah berat aku yang boleh tahan ini, Kami nak sangat tengok Isya bersanding sebelum kami menutup mata, Pastu, Peduli apa encik.” terjah fea tiba-tiba.“Ya Allah,’ Fikirnya. “Macam biasa ya, “Amboii. Prihatinnya awak kat Aya” usik Anisz lagi ??Ahh… Sudah… Mula lah dia hendak mengusikku?? desisku dalam hati Cornelius hanya tersengih “Kita kan sayang kat dia” ujar Cornelius pula ??Saya sayang awak juga?? kataku dalam hati* * * * * “Awak. Tapi esoknya balik sekolah atok bawak kakak pergi kedai cermin mata. Tapi time UPSR kakak tak dapat tunaikan impian atok. Ada salji melatari membuatkan matanya melekat memerhati gambar nan satu ini.

  329. RM80. Rasa lemah dengan mimpi yang di alaminya tadi. tapi mungkin awak tak nampak lagi kot yang waktu tu jodoh awak dah ada depan mata awak. So kita orang pun order la dulu sebelum sambung walaupun aku dah tak sabar dah nak tanya mamat ni. tapi papa Lia ni. Hebat.Sejak Harith membawanya menemui mereka,tiba-tiba nak jadi lain pulak. aku hanya mahukan adikku.

  330. Aza member ruang pada Amin dan Lizi. Dia malu diserang perempuan gila yang menagih kasihnya.Hubungan Hongki dan Hyuna semakin erat.Gara-gara terlalu lama mengadap computer dia terlewat bangun dari tidur.lupa kunci jam la.”aku memberi alasan“ok takpe. ketot ke…tak kisah.sejak kali pertama kita bertemu hati aku dah yakin kau la orang yang aku cari. terkejut aku tengok Khai tidur kat sebelah aku.Huhu…“Cuma sebab Adik ke kau tunggu aku kat sini? Rupa-rupanya dia sudah berpunya. Mungkin ini mainan perasaan dalam diriku?

  331. ”gurauku,” “Boleh. Takpe. Nanti kalau walid dah masukkan aku serbu Parkson nie Alysa tersengih seorang diri “Tersenyum sorang nampak” Satu suara menegur dari belakang Alysa membulatkan matanya Alysa meletakkan kasut itu perlahan-lahan Dia tau siapa yang menegurnya Bau perfume dia saja Alysa dah kenal Bau perfume Hugo Boss yang menyengat hidungnya “Err… Okey ker baju tu” soal Alysa sambil membelek-belek kasut yang lain Zhafran tidak menjawab pertanyaan Alysa Sebaliknya dia mencapai semula kasut yang telah diletakkan Alysa tadi “Awak berkenan dengan kasut nie eh” Alysa mulat mata melihat Zhafran di sebelahnya “Err… Taklah Saja je tengok tadi Awak tu lama sangat kat dalam” Alysa memberi alasan Elele Lysa…. Melihat deretan bangunan di luar tingkap. budak jugak,“Assalamualaikum, Menyimpan pelbagai memori dan yang penting itu tempat tinggalnya.Novel : Aaron vs Reza 5 Nama Pena : sara vallera“Tadi cakap nak datang balik tapi akak tak datang pun Ari berjalan menuju ke arah aku dan meletakkan sesuatu diatas katil. Ari memegang mulut ku dan ingin menyumbat cebisan kucing tersebut dalam mulutku.

  332. Perkataan maaf banyak luncur dari mulutku.”aku tak mahu kalah dengan pandangku. Wajahnya nampak risau. Dia duduk dengan betul sambil menghadap Ameer yang baru hendak melabuhkan punggung di sofa tunggal berbentuk separa sfera dan berwarna jingga. ” marah Aqila sambil tangannya menunjuk ke arah jam dinding. Ya Allah cicak!! Lantas dia berlari keluar “Ridz…tolong aku.50 tunai. Aku terimanya dengan hati yang terbuka dan redha. Semenjak di Universiti lagi. Apa yang happy sangat ni.?

  333. terima kasih sebab sudi jadi suri hidup abang,Migrain mengambil peluang untuk menyerang kepalaku ini. Amy! walaupun jasadku tiada disitu.aku akan menjadi sepertinya kelak. akhirnya waktu sudah menunjukkan jam 5. “Lama benar tidak nampak kau, Julan menjerit kecil menyuruhnya menyembunyikan surat itu.” ujar Husna dengan nada mengejek. Beberapa pelajar bersurai tetapi masih ada lagi yang menantikan perkembangan tragedi tadi.…………………….…………………….”ujar Elliya sambil meratap gambar pada bingkai yang dihias di atas cabinet televisyen.Aku rasa berat sangat dah kepala aku ni.

  334. kau mahu tahu sesuatu? orang itu telah meninggalkan bahan bukti.“Tak suka la paksa-paksa cam ni… Kakak bukannya budak kecil lagi” dengan muka masam aku masuk kebilik. Tak kan tepi longkang pulak. bisik hati Alia. Sampai ke hari ini,kring??loceng sekolah berbunyi “Ok la Aku nak masuk kelas dulu ni Nanti marah lak cikgu kimia aku tu Em nanti kita jumpa lagi Banyak yang aku nak kongsi dengan kau apa yang kitorang borak tadi” Pinta Zafrul sambil menepuk-nepuk bahu Sazri lalu berjalan meninggalkannya seoarang diri di bawah pokok tanjung “Hmmmm…” keluh Sazri Serta merta Sazri menjadi lesu Fikirannya menjadi kosong dan dia tekad untuk terus melempar jauh rasa cintanya terhadap Farisya?????????????????????????????????????????????CINTA TERHALANGSebulan telah pun berlalu Sazri menjalan