3 Viral Videos for Graduates Who Are Over The Job Search

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We get it. You just graduated and the job market has not been kind. Just trust us, you’ll get there—the unemployment rate is low and employers are looking for great talent everywhere. While you’re searching the web looking for a dream job that you’re qualified for, don’t forget to take a break. We think these viral videos are perfect for recent grads in the middle of the job hunt.

A 90s Throwback

Twenty One Pilots has created a new Millennial anthem—Stressed Out. If you want to turn back time for a few minutes and relive the good old days, check out this viral video from YouTuber Brock Baker, mastering all of our fave Nickelodeon characters from the 90s.

A Serious (ly Hilarious) PSA

We’d like to take a moment out of your busy job search to discuss a grave issue sweeping the nation. Tech has made life a lot easier, but with each step forward comes unforeseen consequences. Please, watch this short PSA about Instagram Husbands. Learn about these victims of rampant social media obsession.

A Geeky Moment

It’s about time that someone became obnoxiously obsessed over a Star Wars product. Am I right? No? Okay, so maybe Chewbacca mom isn’t the most original YouTube star, but she is the most endearing. Her child-like joy about a toy gave us all a case of infectious laughter. No, wonder James Corden and J.J. Abrams couldn’t resist going behind the infamous mask. Check it out.

We hope you enjoyed this short break from the job search. Now, stop watching viral videos and get back to it!


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