Why Hire an Olympic Athlete?


Swifter, Higher, Stronger.   (Citus, Altus, Fortius) That is the Olympic Motto and something world-class athletes strive for everyday.

So why are top companies and top athletes a great fit?  Companies hire Team USA Career Program participants because top performing athletes have a unique skill set including out-of-the-box problem solving skills,  excellent time management and the determination to give 100% of themselves to be the best at what they do—on the field or on the job.

Their quest to be the best can inspire their co-workers everyday . . . and the energy and drive they bring to the workplace, which is not something you will find on a resume!

About Angel Bovee

Angel is a Specialist for the Athlete Career Program and is a retired elite athlete and three-time US National Boxing Champion who has represented the USA in two World Championships. She most recently finished her master’s degree in Recreation Management. Angel joined the Adecco family in August of 2012 and works out of the USOC Headquarters in Colorado Springs.


  1. Lynn Sedos says:

    Great explanation of the program.

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