Why You’re Getting Nowhere In Your Attempt to Change Careers – and 5 Tips to Make Progress

If you are looking to make a complete career change, applying for jobs online and waiting for a response is rarely going to work.


In most cases, when a recruiter is evaluating an applicant for a position, they are comparing their prior education and work experience to the requirements of a job requisition. If they match, they will be considered a good fit. If they don’t, the recruiter moves on to the next resume.

Even if the job is entry level, if you have several years of experience in another field, the recruiter may not consider you a fit. They may think you applied to the wrong job; that you would require a much higher salary than an entry level candidate; or that you would be bored in an entry level role.

If the role is not entry level and you don’t meet the stated qualifications, you’re better off not applying. You may think that the skills you learned in your previous industry or job are transferable. Although this may be true, it’s rare that a hiring manager will agree – they prefer a candidate with prior experience to taking a gamble on someone who may or may not be able to catch on. Although it’s a problem with a skills shortage, many managers simply don’t have the time to train. Consistently applying for jobs you aren’t qualified for will only get you blacklisted.

Sending a cover letter with your resume may increase your odds of being considered; but only marginally. Many applicant tracking systems weed out resumes electronically. In other cases, recruiters (who on average spend only six seconds reviewing each resume) are too busy to read the cover letter, or look at your resume first and reject you.

So what do you do?

1. Reach out and make connections. Do what you can to make connections in the new industry – join networking groups and try to find a mentor. If you’ve gone back to school, use the college’s career center. Find out who is behind the job posting and pick up the phone and talk to that person. Don’t blindly apply to jobs and expect recruiters to read your mind.

2. Be prepared to take a pay cut. If you’ve been working in purchasing for 20 years, chances are you have worked your way up to a high salary. Don’t expect to maintain this salary if you decide to make a move to the accounting industry. While you may be experienced in your field, you’re entry level in the new field – and your pay rate will likely reflect that. Have a financial plan in place to deal with the fallout.

3. Be ready to sell yourself and explain your reasoning in switching careers. Changing careers is not going to be easy. Smaller companies may be more receptive to your situation than larger companies, who are often restricted by polices or pay grade requirements. Even if you hate your current field, make sure to keep it positive when discussing your motivations for switching careers. No one wants to hire the voice of doom.

4. Don’t glamorize the new field. If there are things you dislike about your current job or industry, there will be things you dislike about the post-career change situation as well. Consider your motivations – if it’s office politics or corporate red tape that are driving you crazy, remember that these factors can exist in any field. Think ahead to make sure the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence.

5. Research the market prior to committing to a change. Before getting the necessary education or training to pursue a new field, make sure there is a need in that field. Is the field hot and in demand (such as engineering, IT or CNC programmers) or is the job market disappearing (such as postal workers or desktop publishers)? If those with industry experience are out of work, it may be wise to choose another field.


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  68. American photographer had been snapping daredevil divers competing at the off the coast of Honduras, when she decided to create a surreal underwater world in which humans go about everyday tasks — such as drinking coffee or riding bikes.

  69. Comment: “The Cowboys have ignored the safety position for too long and there are several indications out of Valley Ranch that Jerry Jones and his staff have locked-in on the former Alabama All-American. Barron, who still isn’t 100% healthy after a sports hernia in January, is the total package with the foot speed and natural strength to play in-the-box as well as drop in coverage. Despite the free agent signing of Brodney Pool, Barron has the pedigree to start as a rookie for Dallas.”

  70. Jokaisen perinteisen puutarhan kukkapenkist? l,Michael Kors Watches?ytyy daalia. Ne kuuluvat asterikasveihin ja niit? on l?hes kaikissa mahdollisissa v?reiss?. Daalioita on satoja lajeja runsaan jalostuksen ansiosta, kuten pioni-, kaulus-, vuokko- tai pallodaalioita. Kukintojen muodot vaihtelevat piikkim?isist? pallomaisiin. Daaliat sopivat my?s leikkokukaksi kukka-asetelmiin.

  71. A group of “east side” members of the Regional Transportation Council met in state Sen. Florence Shapiro’s office last month to talk about their communities getting their fair share, says Collin County Commissioner Joe Jaynes.

  72. Taiteen kentill? l?ytyi merkkipaaluja: kuvittajana Wendelinill? oli tilaisuus ty?skennell? yhdess? Akseli Gallen-Kallelan kanssa ja Koivu puolestaan avusti Juho Rissasta Kansallisteatterin Helkavirsi-freskojen maalaamisessa. Kuvitusty? oli silti lopulta tuotantoa leimaava tekij?, jonka vuoksi oli vaikea saada arvostusta muusta taiteesta.

  73. The US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has developed an open-access database measuring solar irradiance calculated according to the sunlight captured by a panel tilted southwards,Michael Kors, defined in units of kilowatt hours per square metre per day.

  74. “The new facility is larger, more modern and provides a work area for staff and a treatment room, both lacking in the current facility,” Cox said.

  75. Veterans represented 15 percent of the 2012 homeless population in Dallas County,Michael Kors Handbags, according to a census by the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance. Of those, nearly a quarter had substance-abuse problems, and half suffered from mental illness,Michael Kors Outlet, a physical disability or both.

  76. Eventually,Michael Kors, it is Anwar Maqsood’s ingenious wordplay that prevents the stage production from becoming lacklustre. There are times when the humour becomes slapstick and the acting,Michael Kors Outlet, especially that of Zahid Ahmed, exaggerated.

  77. but in the political sense as citizens of the State.Some of our political leaders have now had to break the intriguing silence they had maintained ever since Musharraf’s arrival and condemn the law being flouted to install him safely in the luxury of his farmhouse – for us to consider his siestas there as his time in a sub-jail. When it comes to playing whatever political farce they find useful to play to their voters and on other opportune occasions,Michael Kors,Lahore Metro is definitely a utility but not a beauty. common people specially the middle and lower middle class,Michael Kors Outlet, “I will definitely file a case against them. The tournament,Michael Kors Watches,Barack Obama gets a kick out of footballing robot Updated 3 days ago TOKYO: Barack Obama on Thursday came face to face with Japan’s newest sporting phenomenon – an eerily realistic humanoid robot which can run” the robot cheerily hailed Obama,Michael Kors Wallet,“The cafeteria proprietor was a defaulter of Rs 120.

  78. who has pretended that US involvement in that civil conflict is minimal and restrained by Security Council obstinacy. a matter that is international,Michael Kors Outlet, Therefore from the inception of Pakistan there was no concept of power sharing. This Constituent Assembly had the advantage that much work had already been done by the first Constituent Assembly.ISLAMABAD: Iranian President Dr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has declared the OIC as an ineffective body he claimed the project would be completed by 2014. More opportunities will emerge for bulk commodities,Michael Kors Watch, Businesses are hesitant to operate in Karachi. Social networking forums may initially act as mobilising forces for people to unite for a cause and become the basis on which real-time action for peace is positioned. knowing the possibility of multiple truths.

  79. Talking about the victim who was shifted to the capital, PIMS Director Dr. Waseem Khawaja said that the wound was very deep as trachea of the victim has exposed but narrowly escaped from cut. Professor Zaheer Abbas, principal of the Federal Medical College and head of the Department of Paediatric Surgery,Michael Kors Watch, and ENT specialist Professor Altaf Hussain,Michael Kors Watch, conducted the surgery and successfully operated the wound, Dr. Khawaja said and added that Zain has been shifted to the ICU and put on ventilator. He hoped that the victim would survive and recover soon.

  80. But the narrative should run deeper — and so it does: at such and such time and such and such hour, the shooting down of a nobody like Hamid Mir makes no strategic sense. How can the media monkeys be so presumptuous as to think that one of them is so important as to be taken out at such and such time and such and such hour? Exactly! From the forgettable missing to the memorable Musharraf,Michael Kors, and to the much more important matter of the talks and the terror, what has Hamid Mir done to merit special attention — at such and such time and such and such hour? A very big Nothing — surpassed only by the ego and the arrogance of Hamid and those who see his wounds and count the possibilities.

  81. Unable to deliver, they don’t give in and order for carrying out a “productivity study” to see if lighter riders could improve the performance of the dead horse. The bottom line of this productivity study says that as the dead horses do not have to be fed, they are less costly, carry lower overhead and, therefore, being economical they could contribute substantially more to the economy than do some other horses. On this stipulation, they rewrite the expected performance requirements for all horses. And, of course, they don’t forget to promote the dead horse to a prominent position, reward him richly for the services, grant him liberal perks and privileges and then monetise most of those facilities, and finally confer upon him good performance awards!

  82. Det ?r ju f?rst?s lite att “vika ut sig”,Michael Kors Outlet, d? jag skriver detta inl?gg, men jag g?r det under pseudonym (?ven om en viss liten grupp m?nniskor kanske kan identifiera mig). Jag kan ju medge att jag lite faktiskt tummat p? den regeln (att inte l?gga ut n?gonting) p? senare tid,Michael Kors, f?r att ibland f? ut mina ?sikter. Man blir s? inst?ngd ? bitter annars. YLE kanske sparar min IP-adress,Michael Kors Outlet, men jag tror att jag litar p? att de inte anv?nder den i ondskefulla syften.

  83. “The Roussel penalty (interference in the first period on the goalie) is about as marginal as you can get, but he still went through the blue paint, which is a fine line. Those are lessons for those players. Tough, because they’ve played hard. They’ve been a big part of why we’ve won, and they’ve been a big part in the games we’ve lost. I’d like to lessen the one side and I’ve had conversations with those two (Garbutt and Roussel) and others. It takes more in the playoffs to get it done. They one-upped us a little bit and it’s our turn.”

  84. Alert is mainly home to military and meteorological personnel and installations. The only feasible way to get there is by hitching a ride the next time the Canadian military sends a plane.

  85. Many came to the meeting expecting it to follow a question-and-answer format. But few answers were provided,Michael Kors Handbags, and frustrated audience members left the building throughout the night as questions got no responses.

  86. Tinkim?t?n tyyliniekka ei kuitenkaan piittaa muiden mielipiteist? eik? varsinkaan selittele ja puolustele tekemisi??n, kuten Kanerva edellisen tekstiviestikohun aikaan. Nyt Kanerva on tosin hieman ryhdist?ytynyt eik? ole toistaiseksi esitt?nyt pienimpi?k??n n?yryyden merkkej?, vaikka syyllistyikin j?lleen sekaviin yrityksiin korjailla lausuntojaan. Toisaalta h?n ei ole my?sk??n suoraan?kommentoinut asiaa,?vaan v?isti iltap?iv?lehden sit? koskevat kysymykset vastaamalla esimerkiksi: ”Minulla on NRF.” NRF?

  87. Kissankehto 12.01.2014 1. Brook Benton: I don’t know enough about you2,Michael Kors Outlet. Suvi Isotalo: Yksi3. Josephine Foster: I’m a dreamer4,Michael Kors Handbags. Topi Saha: Kuru5. Death Hawks: Cain go home (2,Michael Kors Wallet.session)6,Michael Kors. David Bowie: Heroes7. Suzanne Vega: Horizon (There is a road)8. Suvi Isotalo: Kuunpimennys9,Michael Kors. Bombay Bicycle Club: Luna10. Kate Bush: CloudbustingToimittajana Susanna Vainiola.

  88. Notably, by the mid of last year,Michael Kors Outlet, a huge off-market transaction,Michael Kors Handbags, involving a big variation of around 28.27 percent in the share price,Michael Kors Outlet, was witnessed at the KSE. In this transaction of over 439 million shares, one buyer paid Rs7.96 billion below the market price.

  89. “The average Indian wealthy person sees no value in branded goods,Michael Kors Bags. The few who do are in the habit of shopping while vacationing abroad.”

  90. Mik?li liikenteess? tavataan ajoneuvo,Michael Kors Outlet, josta ajoneuvovero on er??ntynyt,Michael Kors Watch, syyllistyt??n sakkorangaistuksella rangaistavaan ajoneuvorikkomukseen. Poliisin matkaan l?htev?t my?s rekisterikilvet.

  91. e3300eb16b6f8e5bae9c229bc9332b8bThroughout this bull market, social media stocks,Michael Kors Wallet, the big online retailers like Amazon.com and health care companies seem to have garnered most of the attention in the financial press.

  92. “We regret that our marital relationship has come to an end and we have agreed not to make any other public statement on this subject,” Spitzer and his wife said in the joint statement released by his spokeswoman.

  93. State and private television channels demonize the Brotherhood as “terrorists” while frequently showing Sisi inspecting military sites, giving speeches and meeting with members of the public.

  94. “Ken Whisenhunt was very respectful of what we had done here in the past, and I know the veterans appreciated that,” Rivers said of the offensive coordinator, who is expected to be a candidate for several head coaching jobs, including the Lions’ opening, this offseason. “We were able to keep some of the stuff we were really good at.”

  95. Next spring, federal funds, in the form of vouchers of up to $20,000 per vehicle, will be made available to the buyers of any qualified all-electric vehicle over 10,000 pounds. The state intends to make the voucher program available for five years.

  96. “Once we win the nomination, John will challenge the Republican nominee to join him in accepting public financing. … If they refuse, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it and make the decision at that time about whether to accept public financing.”

  97. The only figure Bayer was prepared to refer to was the $1 billion general R&D price tag that GSK Chief Andrew Witty recently called “one of the great myths of the industry”.

  98. The orchestra happened to be rehearsing for a taping of the “Artists’ Showcase” program in when word came that the President had been shot. The musicians remained in place. — Katie Pagano of Torrington, Conn., is three-and-a-half years old. She had leukemia.

  99. If the world does overshoot the 450ppm limit,Michael Kors, technologies such as Bio-Energy Carbon Capture and Storage (Beccs) might have to be deployed widely. But the panel indicates which scenario would be preferable, pointing out: “The availability and scale of these and other carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies and methods are uncertain,” and, it adds “associated with challenges and risks”.

  100. Cernek, however, says comfortable pants have long been the domain of someone who doesn’t go farther than the couch. But, she allows, that could change this season with the many more fashion-conscious options.

  101. About today’s : those who watch Ken Burns’ new PBS World War II epic, “The War” when it airs this coming fall will get to know Walt Ehlers. He plays a central role in Burns’ film, for his heroism on the Normandy beach on D-Day. He is as sweet a man as I’ve ever met. What Walter did not know during that ugly morning of combat was that his own brother had died not far from where Walter himself was fighting and leading his men through the withering German gunfire. Just another story in our collection of the 110 living recipients of the Medal.

  102. The FedEx driver handed Jim a crinkly envelope. He knew without opening it what was inside and turned it over to Kirkman, manager of the Elder Fraud Prevention Project in the AG’s office.

  103. The company says the screens would keep out more than 70% of the organisms, while Grannis claims the towers would trim the flow by 90%. What’s beyond doubt is that the cooling towers would cost 10 times as much as the screens, driving up the price of electricity.

  104. A recent report from Public Health England found that the quantities of cocaine found were around a quarter of what appeared before treatment and,Michael Kors Outlet, at a dose of four nanograms per litre,Michael Kors Bags, was unlikely to be a danger.

  105. The man now faces fraud charges for not paying the driver his fare. CANTON, Ga. –?Here at Lake Allatoona, about an hour northwest of Atlanta, the favorite fishing holes for anglers that had been hidden for decades are now the favored sites for men walking with metal detectors looking for lost Rolexes or rings.

  106. Whale carcasses are home to complex ecosystems, first attracting scavengers such as sharks, then smaller opportunists such as crabs and shrimp-like creatures called amphipods. Osedax – or “zombie worms” – feed on the animal’s bones, while specialist bacteria break down fats.

  107. Back in 2010, the organiser of LGBT History Month and the advisor on race equality suggested to me that we also needed a Disability History month. I put out feelers and within a very short time, 24 organisations including the TUC, disability coalitions and Scope, said they’d support us.

  108. The NBA also wants other team owners to force Mr Sterling to sell the Clippers,Michael Kors Handbags, and a wide range of names have been touted as prospective buyers.

  109. Cembalest’s diagram includes a dozen different stakeholders, each trying to fob off the burden of the euro crisis onto someone else. (The single noble exception here are the opposition parties — the Social Democrats and the Greens — in Germany.) It’s all too easy, looking at Europe from across the pond, to divide the entire continent into two halves: a profligate south, spending beyond its means, piggybacking on the rich north, which doesn’t want to bail them out.

  110. Likewise, staying on the sidelines might not be the best thing to do in these circumstances. Staying invested in markets is as important as anything else for long-term wealth creation, though you might choose to go underweight or overweight in accordance with the fundamentals. And this is surely not a time to go underweight on equities. Rather it is time to stagger your investments over the next six months and build your portfolio by way of STPs or Systematic Transfer Plans from cash to equities.

  111. That wasn’t true ten years ago. During the dot-com boom, especially, small investors generally had no idea how much they were going to end up paying for a stock they wanted to buy, and all too often their trades could take minutes or even hours to get filled. Today, all individual investors get filled in a fraction of a second: we’ve never had it so good. So if anybody tells you that high-frequency trading is bad for the little guy, and that it means there isn’t a level playing field any more, they don’t know what they’re talking about. Yes, high-frequency traders do make money from small investors, but they do so honestly, just by assuming that whatever those small investors do, the opposite thing is likely to make money. As a result, there’s always someone willing to take the opposite side of the trade whenever you want to buy or sell a stock.

  112. Compounding that are the sloping, elevated greens. In ’03, the R&A also grew the rough. , in fact, took a triple bogey on his first hole of the week after finding the thick stuff off the tee and ended up losing by two.

  113. In order to understand the real problem here, it’s helpful to understand a key difference between bonds and loans. One upon a time, when companies wanted to borrow money, they would go to the bank — and then, if they ran into trouble, they would negotiate new terms with their lender. That didn’t change when simple bank loans became syndicated loans: borrowers then just had to negotiate with a consortium of banks, rather than with just one. But when banks became just intermediaries, and companies borrowed in the bond market, things did change. You can’t negotiate directly with your lenders when you don’t even know who your lenders are, and when there might well be many thousands of them.

  114. This is entirely rational — you want to be where your customers are, and you need to be able to reach your customers when they’re not working any of their jobs. But at the same time, it’s expensive. And in general, credit unions are already paying for the cost of their overheads, before they start offering any kind of payday loan. So while payday lenders have to cover a lot of overhead from the proceeds of just one product, credit unions have to cover just the marginal cost of the payday loans, which is a great deal smaller. After all, their staff and real estate is already being paid for. If you went up to a payday lender and said that you’d cover the cost of their real estate and their labor, you can be sure that either their rates would come down or their profits would go up.

  115. If McMahon — and, ultimately, the appellate courts — agree with Rakoff, Picard’s audacious attempt to hold the banks responsible for failing to end Madoff’s Ponzi scheme is doomed. As I reported a few weeks back, Picard’s standing to bring common-law claims against the banks is?. To prosecute a suit, you have to be able to show that you were injured. Picard, as the bankruptcy trustee in the Madoff Chapter 11, stands in the shoes of the debtor, Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities. But his common-law claims against the banks weren’t brought on behalf of Madoff’s now-defunct investment company — which, as Rakoff explained in Thursday’s ruling, is barred from suing alleged co-conspirators like the banks by a doctrine called in pari delicto. Instead, Picard’s lawyers at?Baker & Hostetler said they were bringing claims against the banks on behalf of Madoff’s customers, who lost billions when Madoff’s scheme was exposed.

  116. Some more background: Soon after the dawn of the euro, as the benefits became clear, European governments were all too eager to join, to enjoy the rising tide, and to abandon their national currencies. This may have been the right economic move, but few of these countries understood the impact of surrendering control of their money supplies. Perhaps they were just too caught up in the long economic boom to care.

  117. Once the bank has increased their leverage, this becomes similar to the betting strategy in blackjack. Most of the time, the bank’s pair of investments will yield a decent return. Every once in a while, Microsoft will decrease in value while Google increases, and the bank will lose much more money than if they hadn’t hedged at all. Just like the person using a betting strategy, they have pushed their risk to the tail events: only when the market moves in a particular way will they lose money, but when it does, they’ll lose big.

  118. Indeed, one of the more evil tricks of America’s banks is that the very people who need the most help with their mortgages — people who are far underwater — are also the people least likely to be able to get it. If you bought your home at the top of the market and it’s now worth a lot less than you borrowed to buy it, you’ll probably be rejected for the kind of mortgage refinance that everybody else can get with no difficulty. As a result, if you’re current on your underwater mortgage, banks and investors reckon that mortgage is worth not less than par (because it’s underwater) but, rather, more than par — about 106 cents on the dollar, on average. On a $200,000 mortgage, investors will pay a $12,000 premium just to be able to collect your high-interest mortgage payments, which you can’t reduce because you’re not allowed to refinance.

  119. There are two main pieces of new information in the update. The first is that the size of Freddie’s inverse-floater position is even greater than we previously thought — $5 billion, rather than $3.4 billion. And the second is that the FHFA forced Freddie to stop making these trades last month, before the original ProPublica piece appeared. Now the FHFA, under Ed DeMarco, is a highly obstructionist agency which will always protect Frannie’s short-term interests over the broader health of the housing market and American homeowners. If even the FHFA was expressing serious concerns about these deals, that’s very strong evidence that something fishy was going on.

  120. By contrast, since 1988, there have been 111 additions to the C50: that’s about 5 per year, or 10% of the total. Which means that the C50 churns twice as fast as the S&P 500. And in the S&P 500, that churn can be positive: it can happen when when one constituent gets acquired. By contrast, churn in the C50 only occurs when one artist drops out and is replaced by another.

  121. At a practical level, Abe has promised to force the Bank of Japan to print money and weaken the yen until Japan’s inflation rate accelerates to 2 percent and growth is restored. If he acts on this promise, the effect will be to strengthen the dollar, not only against the yen but also against the euro and other major currencies. If the yen weakens substantially, high-end exporters in Germany and the rest of Europe will stop gaining market share from Japanese rivals to offset their loss of competitiveness in the U.S. market. The same will be true for Korean and Chinese exporters, which have been crushing Japanese competitors hobbled by the strong yen.

  122. The was, as Larry David says in the piece, “terrible”: the site was to be called fourteensixty.com, after the number of days between presidential elections. It had hypocrisy baked in to its business plan:

  123. Why was Nocera so seemingly blind to the weaknesses in the MRP plan? Maybe he considered and rejected them; maybe he didn’t consider them at all. Or, maybe, he was predisposed to like the MRP plan because his friend Dan Alpert is one of the principal movers behind it. I knew that Nocera had written about the MRP plan before I knew what Nocera had written about the MRP plan — but because I also knew about the Nocera-Alpert connection, I didn’t need to read the column to know what Nocera’s conclusion would be. Nocera was under no compulsion to write about the plan, and I’m reasonably certain that if he can’t say something nice about Dan Alpert, he’s not going to say anything at all.

  124. Yeah.? It seemed superficially unimportant, but it’s important to remember race is his first subject, as it would be if you had a black father and a white mother.? And all the mental habits, he breached all the other issues, grow out of the way he framed race and the way he started thinking about race. His tendency to do, “On the one hand, on the other;” his desire to reconcile opposites; his ability to see different points of view:? All the stuff we’ve come to see him apply to every other issue, it started with race.? And I thought this speech was one of the highlights of the presidency.

  125. “David Storobin signed a document that said he witnessed the signature of a dead woman, when he knew the signature that he had witnessed two hours earlier was that of non-citizen male construction worker. Then to support his lie he crossed out the address of the construction worker and replaced it with the address of the dead voter. That is more than a mistake. He is a public official and an attorney who made a representation that is too important to be simply labeled an innocent mistake. We are appealing.”

  126. Sceptre Tours makes international road trips a cinch. Their six-day Ireland getaway includes a week’s car rental, along with one night’s hotel in Dublin or Shannon at the beginning of the trip and five vouchers to be used at B&Bs of your choosing throughout the Emerald Isle. , from $829 per person.

  127. The missiles can be reprogrammed while they’re in flight to go after any of 15 pre-selected alternate targets, or head for new coordinates sent to the Tomahawks via satellite.

  128. When asked if they think Bloomberg deserves to be re-elected this fall or if it’s time to elect “someone else,” 40 percent of poll respondents said the mayor should get a third term, while 55 percent opted for an anonymous alternative.

  129. Alan Boyle is NBCNews.com’s science editor. Connect with the Cosmic Log community by “liking” the?, following? and adding? to your Google+ circles. To keep up with NBCNews.com’s stories about science and space, sign up for the?, delivered to your email in-box every weekday. You can also check out? my book about the controversial dwarf planet and the search for new worlds. CNNMoney’s #YourEconomy series moves beyond the numbers to look at the people who make up our economy.

  130. “According to ISWA’s assessment, more than 50 percent of the Earth’s population does not have access to the most elementary waste management service … protecting at least human health from waste-related pathogens,” he told NBC News in an email. Campaigns focused on food waste prevention, in particular, he added, could help prevent the “expected rapid increase in waste generation.”

  131. “It started out as a goof … now it’s becoming a job,” Stern, who replaced Piers Morgan as a judge for the seventh season in 2012, added. “I thought I’d do it for one season. Then I said … let me go back (for) a second season, I think I’ll be better at it.”

  132. Turns out, Ice Cube was sitting in with the band and performed the N.W.A. classic “Straight Outta Compton.” The performance was captured by a “Late Night” staffer with a digital camera.

  133. “My main focus is to really just continue to get better,” he said. “Prove myself. Regardless of whatever, what the speculation is, I haven't lost confidence in myself. (I will) show them that I am worth the pick.” Forget a grand bargain. Most people will be relieved if Congress can just agree on funding for fiscal year 2014, which started three weeks ago.

  134. “I’m not going down either, because I’m a do-nothing, OK? I’m a do-nothing. I don’t have a relationship with someone when I work hard every day, OK? No. I don’t have a relationship with the governor, OK? , and he’s the damn ringmaster.”

  135. It has no such issues in its home market which contributed around 50 percent of growth last year in its consumer devices business, a company spokesman said.

  136. “I feel like I have great support. I’ve spoken to a lot of my teammates. I plan to speak to Pedey (Dustin Pedroia), maybe Jonny Gomes, maybe Big Papi (David Ortiz), and have a full understanding that this is not true.”

  137. With 250 million users, Skype –owned since 2011 by Microsoft — might be considered the world’s most widely distributed communication tool. Because its software encrypts those conversations, it is certainly the world’s biggest deployment of encryption tools.? That’s served the service well for years: It has a reputation for helping dissidents foment revolutions, and for being a last bastion of privacy.?

  138. On the bright side, it’s a lot more watchable than its awful trailer indicates. Director Douglas McGrath (“Emma”) and screenwriter (“) are both pros, with a crucial sense of empathy toward their hapless heroine.

  139. The mains water feeding the emergency sprinkler system was severed. No evidence has ever been found of explosive charges and there are no recordings of a series of very loud explosions that would have been expected with controlled demolition.

  140. Using knowledge of how the flow of materials in landslides on Earth depends on gravity, Dr Vincent is examining the slopes across the surface of Lutetia to try to measure the local gravity.

  141. The service honoured those working for the emergency services and remembered all 2,977 victims of the attacks in New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

  142. It forces the consumer to place their trust, and money, in the hands of a professional when they may not always understand the work involved. It is a situation referred to by economists as information asymmetry, and the result of such a knowledge imbalance for the consumer is often a sense of being ripped off.

  143. “We have been through a major refi boom over the last few years,” Nothaft said Tuesday at the housing industry’s annual convention in Las Vegas. “Refis have dominated the loan origination mix.

  144. Start with a round of appetizers, either a small assortment of two or three dips and salads if your party is few, or a big spread of meze or maza if you’re more numerous. Try a glass of aniseflavored raki (Turkish) or arak (Arabic) with the small plates. Just add water and ice to taste and enjoy. Then move on to kebabs or stews, maybe with a bottle of Lebanese red wine.

  145. This charming, laid-back dining room in the West End Historic District is a lovely spot to indulge in fried catfish, lofty meatloaf, buttermilk fried chicken and some of the best side dishes around (love the fried okra and black-eyed peas!). It’s open for dinner, but it’s much livelier at lunch and breakfast, which is served all day “because grits rule.”

  146. But Caroline has considered singing again; it was, after all,Michael Kors Bags, her major, her lifelong passion. She sang at her dad’s funeral and will do so again tonight. She missed that Voice audition, even after a friend begged her to reconsider lest she pass up her last big chance.

  147. We plugged up another gorgeous pass called Pila de los Muchachos, careened down the other side, then paused for lunch near the crumbling, abandoned Madrid House, where I flopped onto the ground like a fish flipped out of a lake on a hook.

  148. And then there’s Kopykat Productions, spearheaded by self-confessed theatre and old TV drama enthusiast Dawar Mehmood. Dawar’s always been a fan of writer Anwar Maqsood’s scripts and he plunged into theatre with a brilliant Pawnay 14 August last year, penned by the great writer himself, on Dawar’s insistence. It was the kind of theatre that one had never seen in Pakistan before: completely original, peppered with Anwar Maqsood’s typical satirical humor, doling out heavy spurts of nationalism and held together by smooth direction and an extremely talented cast of actors.

  149. The proposed changes at Big Tex Circle require city approval,Michael Kors Outlet. The first step is a meeting on Wednesday before a task force of the Landmark Commission.

  150. “There’s been a lot going on under the surface for a while,” said Roden, who has hosted several meetings to solicit feedback from residents. “It’s been organic, but there’s something there when you tell people, ‘Denton is a tech cluster.’ People start acting like that. That’s what we’re trying to do as well.”

  151. LBJ is being transformed into managed toll lanes and will spend the next three years — at least — jammed up between Stemmons Freeway and Central Expressway. And the Becks will need to bring the other area stakeholders into the fold to map out a master plan for the entire area — not just the 60 or so acres the Becks are acquiring, but the 400 acres that make up the area between Valley View and the Galleria.

  152. The menu at Richardson’s First Chinese BBQ is identical to the Plano outpost’s, but the restaurants have different strengths. I don’t like the Hong Kong-style seafood here (it was greasy and tasted of burned garlic recently), but the roast (not barbecue) pork is quite special — with a super-crisp chicharrón-like skin over a thick layer of fat; the meat has incredible flavor. The shrimp won-ton soup is classic, with perfect dumplings and soothing, clear broth. The place is a bit cozier than the Plano restaurant. Cash only. No alcohol; BYOB.

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  159. The Stars squandered Game 6, and squandered a chance to really put the Ducks to the test. They should have won that game by four goals, they should have put the dagger in, they should have at least closed it down and forced Game 7. The mistakes were mind-boggling. The desperation of Corey Perry to win a battle along the boards and push a puck to a wide open Nick Bonino with two minutes left in the game was disappointing to those who have learned to hate Perry. The fact Kari Lehtonen couldn’t close down the short side of the net…again…was maddening.

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