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This post is being written from Madison, Wisconsin, as Adecco E&T and GS have partnered to take on the Ragnar Relay.  Ragnar is an overnight relay race that tests a team to the fullest and our squad is attempting to run from Madison to Chicago (200 miles) in under 30 hours. All of the miles accrued during this race will go toward our Win4Youth efforts.

The event was initiated by Marc Sweger, Branch Manager of E&T’s Indianapolis office, who will be joined by 6 additional Adecco employees: Heather Barthel, Milwaukee; Krista Uhlenhake, Milwaukee; Jenni Chelenyak, Detroit; Nichole Mittelstaedt, Milwaukee; Jeneta Idrizi, Detroit; Matt Shoulta, Cincinnati.

Over the next couple days we plan to sleep in cars, tough out inclines and grind through dozens of miles.  Upon completing this grueling race, QBRs, cold calls and recruiting will be sites for sore eyes.

That said, it’s all done in the name of charity and we look forward to yet another successful Adecco GS/E&T collaboration.

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