Why You Should Have a Staff Holiday Party

ID-10029508During the busy holiday season, putting together yet another event or party can seem like an unwelcome chore. Companies that organize a holiday party, though, will be glad they did – here’s why: Build relationships Work functions with an emphasis on fun […]Read article

Webinar Wrap-Up: Your Questions Answered

Our last webinar highlighted the importance of Using Corporate Responsibility as a Recruiting and Retention Tool. As with many great webinars, the presentation was followed by thought provoking questions from participants. It seems that our panelists never have enough time to address […]Read article

Workforce Watch List: Vacation habits

Now that the country is finally thawing out (we hope) after the particularly brutal winter of 2014, vacation plans seem to be on everyone’s mind. Whether your ideal vacation involves the sand and surf of a tropical locale, a rugged camping expedition, […]Read article

How to Keep Employees Happy: Combat Attrition

"Employee Engagement Impacts KPIs"Do you feel passionate about your work and committed to your company? 70% of Americans would be likely to respond “no” to this question. According to Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workforce report: 18% are actively disengaged: dissatisfied, unmotivated workers with attitudes that can be […]Read article

Holding onto Millennial Job Hoppers

Millennial indecisive about his job. He, like many other Gen Yers may be a job hopper.“A generation of job hoppers” is how Millennial branding expert Dan Schawbel described Generation Y workers in a recent Human Resource Executive article. “While older generations are looking for salary and benefits, Millennials are looking for meaningful and flexible work,” Schawbel said […]Read article

Seeking Positive Solutions for Millennial Unemployment

How do we lower the Millennial unemployment rate? Lately, much of the national narrative around Millennial employment has been reduced to the blame-game. Some employers and commentators portray Millennials as soft, needy and unwilling to work their way up the corporate ladder. […]Read article