Retention Strategies: 3 Ways to Keep Employees From Job Searching on Snow Days

485207265The “winter blues” seem to be in full swing, and apparently it has some professionals giving their current employers the cold shoulder. For example, during the week of February 1, 2015 there was a 45 percent jump of job searches by professionals in the Philadelphia area – a spike concurrent with the area’s inclement weather.

Perhaps some of these individuals have reached their snow-shoveling capacity, but it’s more likely that the extra free time is giving American workers pause to think about their current work situation, and if they’re really happy in their roles. In fact, an estimated 2 million Americans are leaving their jobs on a monthly basis because they are unhappy with their corporate job.

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​7 Tips For Staying Positive During The Holiday Rush

iStock_000023912871LargeIn recent weeks, we’ve offered plenty of advice for finding work during the holidays…but a lot of our candidates want to know what to do once they’ve landed that gig. The question, “What can I do to stay sane during a high-tension, busy holiday season?” is a common one this time of year.

No matter your place of business — whether you’re working in retail, warehousing and logistics, customer service, food and bev or even in a regular office — the final weeks of the year can present a challenge for your happiness and stress levels.

Here’s a look at seven strategies that may help you take the edge off and stay positive throughout your busiest work days this season:
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Why You Should Have a Staff Holiday Party


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During the busy holiday season, putting together yet another event or party can seem like an unwelcome chore. Companies that organize a holiday party, though, will be glad they did – here’s why:

Build relationships

Work functions with an emphasis on fun and socializing seem like an HR nightmare to some – but when conducted properly, they can have a lasting return on investment. Company culture benefits significantly from activities like a holiday party, and it provides a rare opportunity, especially for larger companies, to let employees from different departments and teams get to know one another. For some companies, the end-of-year party is one of the only occasions when everyone is able to get together and meet new faces. This type of low-key socializing is optimal for cross-departmental collaboration and is helpful as employers strive to build a cohesive team within a larger company.
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Webinar Wrap-Up: Your Questions Answered

multiple hands overlapping for csrOur last webinar highlighted the importance of Using Corporate Responsibility as a Recruiting and Retention Tool. As with many great webinars, the presentation was followed by thought provoking questions from participants.

It seems that our panelists never have enough time to address every inquiry during the live webinar. Rather than let the discourse fade, our panelists selected eight questions they couldn’t leave unanswered.

Questions include:

  • What is the relationship between CSR and Employee Value Proposition?
  • How would you recommend encouraging a CSR strategy buy-in from company executives?
  • We do internal collections (toys, gifts, food), but can’t figure out how to get out into the community. Any suggestions?

Keep reading for practical answers to questions about the strategic and functional implementation of corporate responsibility.
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Webinar Wrap-Up: Using Corporate Social Responsibility as a Recruiting and Retention Tool

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 3.52.31 PMThe definition of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is still evolving. It addresses the concept that, beyond merely conducting its business and adhering to legal guidelines, an organization has obligations such as looking after the welfare of its employees, the community, society at large and the environment.

There are three dominant areas where a company’s CSR might focus: environmental sustainability, philanthropy and community, or diversity and inclusion. Adecco’s recent webinar, “Using Corporate Social Responsibility as a Recruiting and Retention Tool”, helps leaders and managers understand how CSR is important to clients, employees and business, the impacts of CSR on recruitment and retention, and best practices for implementing a CSR policy in one’s organization.

Panelists for the webinar include Rich Thompson (Chief Human Resources Officer of Adecco Group North America), Tyra Tutor (SVP, Corporate Development of Adecco Group North America) and Francesca Mauro (Specialty Recruiter for Adecco Staffing, USA).

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Workforce Watch List: Vacation habits

Now that the country is finally thawing out (we hope) after the particularly brutal winter of 2014, vacation plans seem to be on everyone’s mind. Whether your ideal vacation involves the sand and surf of a tropical locale, a rugged camping expedition, a rejuvenating spa retreat, or simply a Game of Thrones marathon from the comfort of your couch, there’s no doubt you are ready to cash in some of your hard-earned PTO days. But the question is: how many Americans actually enjoy their paid time off to the fullest?
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