Career vs. Family: Can Women Have Both?

Recently, Anne-Marie Slaughter (former director of policy planning for the US State Department) published an article that set off a flurry of media attention. The article, called “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All“, focused on the conflict of interest women face in having […]Read article

Win4Youth: Ragnar Relay Success from Madison to Chicago

The Adecco team at the finish line in Chicago!Team Adecco (also known as “Random Acts of Foolishness”) successfully completed the Ragnar Relay Race for Adecco Win4Youth. The team of 12 completed the grueling 200 mile journey from Madison to Chicago in just over 30 hours, placing eighth in the Corporate Mixed […]Read article

Taking on a Second Job…for Fun?

italy 400When I was in high school a few years back (okay, more than a few), I traveled to Italy with a small group of American teenagers. We stayed with families for three weeks, and then spent another three weeks visiting such cities […]Read article

Surviving the Office: The Distress Drawer

With many people spending 40+ hours at the office every week, it almost becomes like your second home. Sometimes you need to stock up on various items to make your work life more comfortable. When I first started working, my mom gave […]Read article

The Side Effects of 24/7 Workplace Connectivity

In a time of 24/7 connectivity, do we ever really leave work? It’s a question that has been discussed more and more frequently. In the age of smartphones, iPads, text messaging, laptops, SYNC and webinars, many feel that they never really shut […]Read article

Kids and Work

At some point, every working parent with school-age children has had to answer for the following: The class trip you couldn’t chaperone. The soccer game you arrived late to. The school play you totally missed. And often times, that answer is some […]Read article

7 Tips to Successfully Navigating the Workplace

0901-us-cjobs_full_600Finding a candidate with the correct credentials is easy (relatively speaking) but trying to find one that also shares the philosophy and cultural fit of an organization can be trickier. There are many things that can lead to one’s success or downfall […]Read article