Win4Youth Triathletes in Barcelona

Win4Youth North American Team

Representatives from Adecco offices all over the world are gathering in this week to compete in the Garmin Barcelona Triathlon in Spain. As part of our Win4Youth program, these Adecco employees have been training for this particular triathlon for months and the miles they rack up will count toward earning money for charity.

Check out the list of everyone competing from our group in North America and send them a shout out in the comments below or on Facebook.

Prioritizing Fitness: How to Stay Healthy with a Busy Lifestyle

Everyone has heard of the freshman 15. What no one tells you is that the same thing can happen when you enter the workforce and are suddenly sitting at a desk eight (or twelve) hours a day. Companies praise health and wellness – but how do you stay healthy and stay fit with a busy lifestyle?

Below are some tips on staying healthy when your schedule seems jam-packed:

1. Fit in your workout when it works for you. For some people, this will be first thing in the morning. For others, it will be after work or right before bed. Whatever you decide, schedule your workouts, make a plan for what you will do each day, and stick to it. Treat it like a job – you wouldn’t just not show up to work because you were tired.
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Career vs. Family: Can Women Have Both?

Recently, Anne-Marie Slaughter (former director of policy planning for the US State Department) published an article that set off a flurry of media attention. The article, called “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All“, focused on the conflict of interest women face in having both a high-profile career and a family. As women continue to marry and have children at a later age in the interest of professional advancement, many wonder how they will juggle the multiple demands between their professional and personal lives.

According to Slaughter, it does not matter at what age a woman has children, if a woman has a supportive husband who will take on additional parenting responsibilities, or the level of commitment a woman has to her job.  In Slaughter’s eyes, the true issue is the structure of the workplace: for women to achieve, flexibility is key. Women must “[change] social policies and [bend] career tracks to accommodate [their] choices, too.” As it currently stands, women can’t possibly be everything to everyone.
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Time Management: A College Student’s Perspective

As an intern in the Marketing Department, I work 40 hours per week. At any given moment, I know almost exactly how much longer I will be in the office. I also know that the only tasks I will have in the evening or on weekends are those my parents give me.

But the idea that my work cuts off at a certain time is very bizarre to me. I’m more accustomed to a college schedule, which involves a 45-60 hour workweek for a typical 15-credit schedule and plenty of assignments to do on weekends. I’m used to staying up past midnight, only sleeping when I’ve finished my Intro to Ethics reading or edited my history paper.

It may sound like I put in a lot more work at school; however, the long hours I put in are interspersed with time spent socializing, playing Tetris, or maybe just napping. Depending on my schedule, I may only complete assignments for two classes each day. Even when they demand the same amount of work, a job and a class schedule require very different time management skills.
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Win4Youth: Ragnar Relay Success from Madison to Chicago

The Adecco team at the finish line in Chicago!

Team Adecco (also known as “Random Acts of Foolishness”) successfully completed the Ragnar Relay Race for Adecco Win4Youth. The team of 12 completed the grueling 200 mile journey from Madison to Chicago in just over 30 hours, placing eighth in the Corporate Mixed Division.

The team persevered through a 100 degree heat index, aches and pains and exhaustion. They slept outside, in vans, on gymnasium floors, subsisting on Power Bars and Gatorade. Nothing could beat the sense of accomplishment at the finish line. Adecco will make a contribution to charity on behalf of the team, supporting education efforts in China, Morocco, Belgium and New Zealand.

The team is actively planning their next Ragnar, from Chatanooga to Nashville this November!

On a larger scale, Win4Youth will also sponsor local Tri As One events on June 21 in Austin, Detroit, Boston, Washington D.C. and Tampa. The city that accumulates the most miles during the June 21 event will select a youth charity to receive the North American donation.  The global Win4Youth team will come together in October 2012, when 65 Adecco associates will compete in an Olympic triathlon in Barcelona, Spain.

Please feel free to contact your local Adecco office if you are a candidate or client who would like to get involved in the Win4Youth effort!

Children of Helicopter Parents: How Does it Affect Their Future?

Let me preface this post by admitting that I do not have kids of my own. This gives me an interesting vantage point when it comes to how parents choose to raise their children, compared to when I was a kid (which wasn’t really that long ago – yet it seems as if a lot has changed).

About a year ago, I talked to a recruiter from a “Big 4″ accounting firm who said that they routinely send gift baskets to a candidate’s parents during the recruiting process. According to the recruiter, this is done because parents are so involved in their child’s selection between competing job offers. Additionally, she said that it was common for parents to call to ask questions regarding the nature of the job or to negotiate starting salaries. Looking back at that encounter, I can only imagine the look on my face. What kind of impression does that give a manager of a new graduate’s independence, maturity or critical thinking ability if they have to ask, “Can you talk to my mommy (or daddy) about this?”
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