7 Tips to Successfully Navigating the Workplace

0901-us-cjobs_full_600Finding a candidate with the correct credentials is easy (relatively speaking) but trying to find one that also shares the philosophy and cultural fit of an organization can be trickier. There are many things that can lead to one’s success or downfall […]Read article

Game Change

Five years ago, I decided to change careers. And I did it on a whim. I’d been working as a journalist since I graduated college, and at the time, was in my 11th year as a reporter for a financial newspaper. I […]Read article

Seven Tips for Managing Stress

Working in staffing can be very rewarding – but it can also be very stressful. I learned early on that if I didn’t learn how to manage my stress, I would inevitably go crazy. I learned how to manage my work-life balance […]Read article

New Moms: To work or not to work?

Me with KatherineTo be or not to be…a working mom? Every professional woman entering the novelty of motherhood is faced with the decision whether or not they will return to work after their bundle of joy is born. For some women the decision is […]Read article