Five Benefits of Hiring an Intern, Written by an Intern

I already know what you’re thinking, and before you decide this is just another cookie-cutter blog post on the importance of internship placement, hear me out. I’m an intern. More specifically, I’m a college intern working for Adecco Group North America’s marketing […]Read article

IT Career Transition Series – Part I: Why transition into IT?

Businessman using digital tablet in officeAdecco Engineering & Technology’s “IT Career Transition” series examines how to transition into information technology after having already started a career in another field. We’ll be sharing real-life stories along the way about professionals who’ve already embarked upon their IT careers after […]Read article

Top 5 U.S. Cities for CAD designers

Young graphic designer smiling and looking at the cameraThis is Part III of our CAD Design Series. In Part I, we discussed Design Engineering & CAD Jobs in High Demand. In Part II, we examined the Four Cs of Design Engineering Education.  The increasing need for the automation of integrated solutions for […]Read article

3 Things You Must Do in Q3

iStock_000016982164MediumThis is part two of our “Seasonal Hiring” blog series. Part one discusses the benefits of using a staffing company to help meet seasonal staffing needs. It’s no secret that recruiting should be a year-round effort. But carefully planning your recruiting and hiring efforts in Q3 can […]Read article

Savannah Graybill, Adecco Group NA CEO for One Month

Savannah-GraybillSavannah is a graduate from American University (2010) with a degree in broadcast journalism. After graduation, she followed her dream, trying out for the U.S. Bobsled team in Lake Placid, NY. She later switched to Skeleton, a fast winter sliding sport in […]Read article

One Hiring Tool You’ll Never Use Again

iStock_000003850499LargeWord on the street is that there’s an algorithm that can detect whether a candidate is likely to succeed as a help desk employee. The idea is simple—using voice pattern recognition, the algorithm can predict whether an interviewee will succeed in commanding your telephone […]Read article

Part II: What Baby Boomers Can Learn from Millennials

A recent Huffington Post article carried this provocative headline: “Millennials Work Better.” The article went on to make the case for why Millennials have a range of strengths that make them well-suited for the workplace. It also served up a refreshing break […]Read article