We Need More Women in IT

woman-in-techApple CEO Tim Cook took a bold stance on women in technology. “I think it’s our fault – ‘our’ meaning the whole tech community,” he said. “We haven’t done enough to reach out and show young women that it’s cool to do […]Read article

Employment Policies 101: What about OPEC & the FED?

Marriner_S._Eccles_Federal_Reserve_Board_BuildingEmployment Policies Beyond the Election  Last month, job growth was way below expectations. It’s time to look harder at how major decision makers effect employment policies. We are all waiting expectantly for the results as articles pop up speculating on the future […]Read article

How Will Brexit Impact the U.S. Economy and Jobs?

Brexit imageJune 27, 2016 UPDATE, 9:47 am: The Dow Jones dropped 180 points on the opening bell Monday, continuing the sharp decline from Friday when it dropped more than 600 points in the wake of the Brexit vote. UPDATE, 9:00 am: “Day four after the […]Read article
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The Real Deal Behind The FLSA Overtime Regulations

Businesswoman using cell phone in officeToday, Joe Biden has announced the new Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) changes, impacting an estimated 4.2 million working Americans. The FLSA is the federal law that governs overtime pay and other labor issues. Although the changes became law today, covered employers […]Read article

2016 Presidential Candidates’ Views on Tech Issues

electronics-72055_1280  As the 2016 Presidential election approaches and party front-runners are locking into place, the country’s attention is focused on the inevitable changes ahead.   With the future of technology being integral to our country’s operations and economic strength, here’s a look […]Read article

The Gap Year: Finally, A Third Option

woman-690118_1280The rise of the Gap Year Let’s be real: there’s pressure to plunge right into college or work after you receive your diploma – from parents, teachers, and even your fellow classmates. But what happens if you veer from the norm and […]Read article
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5 People Every Small Business Needs Now

Group of business people working.The Mentor Small businesses can’t always afford traditional training and development programs. Fortunately, hiring technically talented professional who are also gifted teachers, offsets training and development challenges. These internal teachers eliminate the need to spend money on outside resources and can convey […]Read article

5 Ways to Celebrate the Military Spouse at Work

what-celebrity-moms-teach-usIt’s almost Military Spouse Appreciation Day! No, we didn’t make that up. The Friday before Mother’s Day was nationalized as “Military Spouse Appreciation Day” by President Reagan in 1984. Why? For every married active duty military member serving our country, there is a […]Read article