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Automation Gives as it Takes

Improvements in technology are the catalyst for amazing innovation, but the level of fear over how recent improvements will affect the workplace has never been higher. Fear is in the employee, who reads that half of all American jobs are at risk of being replaced through automation and worries their job may soon be obsolete. […] Read Article “Automation Gives as it Takes”

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Why PTO should be a staple in your company’s culture.

For most of my career, I believed I had to check e-mails, be on conference calls, and tend to other work-related things while I was on vacation. This is what was expected, and what I thought was “normal,” and others followed suit. PTO – what should stand for Personal Time Off – started being called […] Read Article “Why PTO should be a staple in your company’s culture.”

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How to Gain and Retain Top Healthcare Workers

Today’s healthcare landscape is in an interesting position. Recently, open positions have begun to outnumber those who are seeking employment, making it more important than ever to gain and retain talent. With many of the baby boomer generation aging out of healthcare, experienced, talented healthcare professionals are a hot commodity. In August alone, the healthcare […] Read Article “How to Gain and Retain Top Healthcare Workers”

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Top 5 Jobs in Healthcare & Life Sciences

In today’s job market, positions in the healthcare and life science fields are on a steady incline. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the healthcare industry are expected to grow by approximately 18% and life sciences by approximately 10% over the next decade. With unemployment rates being the lowest in years and […] Read Article “Top 5 Jobs in Healthcare & Life Sciences”

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What’s Happening with Wages in America?

Let’s answer that question by exploring various developments, news and trends around compensation. Wages, pay, compensation. Whatever you call it, it’s likely forcing your business to evolve. So, are you evolving? And are you evolving in a way that’s mutually beneficial for your business and your employees? If you’re aware of—and reactive to—the following developments, […] Read Article “What’s Happening with Wages in America?”

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The 2019 Adecco Medical & Science Salary Guide is Here!

The demand for medical and science professionals is growing at a faster than average rate. With the unemployment rate at a record low, the pressure is on for employers to attract and retain top medical and science talent. In our 2019 Adecco Medical & Science Salary Guide, we analyzed the nation’s top medical and science […] Read Article “The 2019 Adecco Medical & Science Salary Guide is Here!”

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The future of the workforce is older than you think.

This past February, I once again attended the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. I was pleased to be invited to speak on a panel presented by Mercer, titled “Health, Wealth and Work-Wise: The new imperatives for financial security.” The other panelists and I spoke to what we feel could be the next global […] Read Article “The future of the workforce is older than you think.”

Five Things American Companies Should Know about GDPR
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Five Things American Companies Should Know About GDPR

Effective May 25, 2018, the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into place with the goal of protecting the personal data of all individuals in the EU and the European Economic Area. The regulation has been called the most comprehensive data privacy regulation in decades, and it is. In fact, so comprehensive […] Read Article “Five Things American Companies Should Know About GDPR”

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The Benefits of Diversity in the Workforce

Adecco recently conducted a survey with over 500 C-Suite executives about their current workforce trends, pain points and management styles. The survey revealed that 57% of companies consider diversity and inclusion programs to be of medium-high importance within their workforces. But what do diversity and inclusion programs look like within some of these industry-leading companies, […] Read Article “The Benefits of Diversity in the Workforce”

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Top 3 predictions for manufacturing jobs in 2018

The spotlight on the US manufacturing industry was front-and-center in 2017. Manufacturing was at the forefront of President Trump’s first year in office, with the President addressing the National Association of Manufacturers in September stating his tax plan would allow manufacturing companies “more production, more investment and more jobs.” Though the President’s recent import tariffs, […] Read Article “Top 3 predictions for manufacturing jobs in 2018”