Looking For Holiday Jobs? Try Temp work.

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Having a hard time finding a job? The holiday season is a great time to snatch one up, especially because it’s not uncommon for companies to keep on some of their seasonal workers full-time after the holiday rush.

Retail companies alone project they’ll add about 755,000 seasonal employees to their payrolls through the end of the year to account for the massive demand the holiday season rings in. And retail companies aren’t the only ones hiring.

Top industries hiring for the holidays.

The holiday season ushers in the inevitable shopping rush; so, yes, retailers are in dire need of boosting their payrolls. But before you purchase all your presents and food in stores, think of how your products got there – planes, trains and automobiles.

Will you be sending anyone presents this year? Ordering presents online, by phone? Are you taking a family trip? All these actions affect other industries in addition to retail that need extra help as well:

Why get a seasonal job?

  • Flexible Schedules – Seasonal jobs typically offer a variety of schedules, so hours are more flexible. This is pretty attractive for people who may not normally work due to other responsibilities that take them away from traditional working hours.
  • Earn extra money around the holidays – Another bonus to seasonal jobs is that you can one up in addition to regular work you do, helping you boost your household holiday budget.
  • More jobs are available – If you know how and when to look, holiday jobs can be relatively easy to find. Many companies are looking for extra help at this time of year.

How to get a seasonal job.

First and foremost, start looking now! Quite possibly the biggest problem people face when searching for seasonal work is starting too late. Some companies begin onboarding seasonal help as early as September, although many start interviewing and hiring in October. In fact, more than 70 percent of holiday positions are filled by the end of this month.

Additionally, your best bet is to contact a staffing agency and ask specifically for their seasonal opportunities. Companies have such large-scale need during the holiday season, that they often contract with temporary agencies to find the people they need. Temporary staffing companies, therefore, have the “in” and can connect you with employers who are hiring now. Don’t waste your time driving around town and going door to door. Temporary agencies can be your one-stop-shop for finding holiday jobs. An added bonus is that you’ll only need to fill out paperwork once – one application, not several, and one set of hiring paperwork.

Once you’ve secured an interview, show a positive attitude. Companies we work with often cite this as a determining factor on whether a candidate gets hired. Also make sure you show:

  • Willingness and desire to have a flexible schedule
  • Commitment to work the entire season
  • Any previous, related experience

Ready to get hired? Learn more about our experience finding holiday jobs for candidates like you – and begin your job search with us.