4 Reasons to Apply for CEO for One Month

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What’s this CEO for One Month business, you ask? Oh, just you being the CEO of Adecco, our Fortune Global 500 company, for a whole month. NBD. You’ll work and travel with our President, Joyce Russell, and other business leaders gaining unprecedented experience and, you know, earning some pocket change of $10,000.

There’s the obvious benefit of being the go-getter who’s been a “CEO for One Month,” but maybe you need a little more convincing. Our 2016 CEO for One Month, Courtney Berger, is here to share highlights from her journey to the top!

Unlimited opportunities

When I applied, I wasn’t even sure if I’d make it through the first round of eliminations. From making it to the Top 6 candidates of CEO for One Month Bootcamp in Jacksonville, FL to traveling across the country for the internship, the opportunities kept growing. Since Adecco is an international company, I even had the chance to visit Amsterdam and Tokyo during my internship!

Competition prepares you for the future

Whether you end up working for Adecco (as I currently do), or move on to another company, this experience propelled me forward like I never imagined. To have this once in a lifetime experience isn’t just a resume builder, it opened my eyes with how to communicate and engage on a whole different level. This experience hones in on and amplifies your skills, making you a pioneering asset to any company moving forward.

It’s fun!

If you love competition, showing your personality and meeting new people, this is definitely the internship for you. I’m still friends with the finalists from my year! We are all like-minded and driven people, so the connection was there immediately. We shared an exhilarating experience that uniquely bonded us together.

You get to tour HQs of the top companies in the country

During my internship as CEO for One Month of Adecco, I was lucky enough to visit Nike in Memphis, TN, LinkedIn in New York City and San Francisco (I even met the CEO!), and Audi in Michigan.

If you like to travel, enjoy having once in a lifetime experiences, and love meeting new people, it’s simple – this is for you! Apply now!

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