4 Ways to Turn a Seasonal Pink Slip into an Opportunity

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If you’re a seasonal worker, you may be in search of your next gig now that the holidays are over. But worry not- you just spent an entire quarter building your resume and sharpening your skills! Now is the time to scrutinize your resume, evaluate your social media profiles, embark on the job hunt and prep for the interview.

Whether you’re looking for your next temporary job or a permanent position, we want you to shine, and we’re here to help you do just that. Read on to follow our four steps to transition into a new employment opportunity

  1. Assess your skills and experiences

Seasonal work is so much more than customer service. Remember the experience you provided to the customer journey in your store. Did you analyze your customers’ needs? Did you consult your coworkers or work as a team to satisfy your customers? What was your function as a warehouse worker, and how did you impact your team? In what ways did you excel at your job? Consider the big picture and how you became a vital employee during the hectic holiday season and apply it to your resume.

  1. Evaluate that ugly sweater party album on Facebook.

Throughout the holidays, you likely went to a lot of social events. Look back and review your party content on social media. We found that 65 percent of recruiters admit to using social networks to screen the professionalism of a candidate. That group pic may be cute, but Dave’s suggestive hand gestures are not. Even if you’re not pictured in an unprofessional way, recruiters might question your sense of judgment if they see negative behavior from others on your social accounts.

  1. Win that job search

Job fairs, career websites, networking on LinkedIn… there are dozens of resources for finding a job. But start with us and we’ll do everything we can to find your perfect fit. We have an expansive network of employers with open positions to fill, and sometimes they aren’t listed on job boards. Go to our website to see job openings in your area and give us a shout as soon as you’re ready to take your search to the next level.

  1. Crush the interview

Dress well, be early, say thank you…but most importantly, be yourself. Know your resume inside and out and be able to share specific examples of how you demonstrated certain skills in your past work experience. This is your chance to prove why you’re the best over the rest. Put that customer service charm on high!

Finding new employment can be a stressful time, but using our resources can give you the confidence and know-how to put your best foot forward. Download our job seeker’s guide for even more tips and best practices!

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