5 People Every Small Business Needs Now

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The Mentor

Small businesses can’t always afford traditional training and development programs. Fortunately, hiring technically talented professional who are also gifted teachers, offsets training and development challenges. These internal teachers eliminate the need to spend money on outside resources and can convey valuable institutional knowledge. Mentors also educate new hires on company culture, processes and business strategy. A mentoring approach forms a foundation for the future of your company by grooming future leaders.

The Knowledge Seeker

Not every employee is born to lead, or wants to — and that’s okay. Learners are equally as important as leaders. These employees aren’t satisfied with just knowing enough to do their jobs; they want to continue learning, This attitude can ignite other employees and inspire them to further their education in some way. Additionally, Knowledge Seekers keep the team up to speed on the latest industry trends. These employees are critical to staying current and relevant in today’s market.

The Renaissance Man (or Woman)

Small business owners often wear many hats — from CEO to CFO to COO to HR manager, so it helps to have employees on staff that are equally dynamic and multi-faceted. People who can dabble in several different areas of the company, “pinch-hitters,” can be immensely valuable. When work becomes overwhelming, you won’t be boxed in by a limited staff; you can count on these individuals to juggle additional duties and responsibilities while you focus on growth and strategy.

The Morale Booster

Working for a company that is going through organizational hardships can have a severely negative impact on employee morale. That’s why it’s imperative to have some people on staff that can find the bright spots in what may seem like the most hopeless situation. It may not change the company’s fortunes, but it can have a positive effect on employee psyche and culture, which absolutely impacts day-to-day business.

The Challenger

Having employees that support your decisions every time may seem like a great idea, but it’s important to surround yourself with people who are willing to speak out and challenge the status quo. Not every new idea is a good idea, and relying on “yes men” all the time will not benefit your business. Instead, you want to cultivate an atmosphere of healthy debate and discussion to be sure your business has strong strategies and ideas. Every now and then we all need a reality check — and the people who are living and breathing your business on a daily basis are just the ones to give it.

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