6 Tips for a Successful Video Interview

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In today’s global economy, relocating for a job is common. Interview travel expenses can add up quickly for companies looking to hire an out of state candidate. As an alternative, companies are conducting video interviews.

Below are six tips for a successful video interview:

1. Be prepared to answer the call at the scheduled appointment time. 

2. Avoid technical issues. Conduct the interview from a computer, rather than from your phone.  Incoming calls, the inability to stabilize your phone and intermittent signal may cause problems with mobile interviews. If using a tablet, connect to Wifi and place it on a stand. Close any programs that may provide notifications during the interview.

3. Take care with your appearance. Dress professionally as you would with a face-to-face interview. Women may want to apply a bit more makeup, but don’t go overboard.

4.  Look straight at the camera, rather than at your picture in the corner of the screen.

5. Consider your environment. Conduct the interview from an office or another professional setting and make sure there are no items in the background that could be distracting or embarrassing. Make sure the environment you choose is quiet and free of interruptions. Lighting should be adequate, but fluorescent lights should be avoided if possible.

6. Speak slowly and avoid using conversational fillers

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