7 Free Apps to Make Your Life Easier: Productivity, Travel and Notes

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Continuing the theme of my last post, where I shared with you 7 Free Apps to Make Your Life Easier: Commute, Inspiration, Social, News and Job Search, I wanted to share some additional free apps that have made my life easier. These apps focus on productivity, travel and notes.

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The 30/30 Time Management app allows you to set up tasks and assign a time frame to spend on each task. Tasks appear in a color coded list. When you start the first task, you start the timer, which can be paused at any time. When the time is up for a task, the alarm sounds to alert you to move on to the next task.

Availability:  iPhone, iPad, iPod touch


DuoLingo allows you to learn Spanish, German, English, Portguese, Italian or French – absolutely free and with no ads. The app is set up like a game, so learning doesn’t feel like work, and has been rated as better than college courses.

Availability:  iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Translator with Speech Free allows you to type in text, which it translates and speaks back to you. Translations can be done in 32 languages, and the app interface can be customized to 10 different languages.

Availability:  iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

TripIt allows you to keep all of your travel plans in a central location. Simply forward your confirmation e-mail to the TripIt e-mail address stored in your contacts to import a new itinerary; or turn on auto-import to automatically import travel plans sent to your e-mail address. Once imported, you can sync TripIt itineraries with your Outlook, iPhone, Google or Lotus Notes calendar. You can share your plans through e-mail or social media; and even create an “inner circle” to automatically share your plans with a select few people.

Availability:  iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Tablet


Evernote can organize notes, files, images, photos you take and web content. You can search notes by keyword, tag or text contained in images. Notes are synced across all of your mobile devices and computers, and can be shared with friends.

Availability:  iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, Windows Mobile, HP WebOS, Blackberry, Web

Once you have Evernote, the Evernote Trunk contains a number of useful apps, including:

SignEasy allows you to import various types of documents from your e-mail, Evernote orGoogle Drive; then create and add your signature. You can also add the date, logos or images. Once complete, you can export the document to e-mail to return to the sender!

Availability:  iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android

Evernote Hello helps you to remember the people you meet and eliminates piles of business cards. You can record information such as where you met, a photo of your new connection, contact details and additional notes. Information can be imported through Evernote Connect (if the other person also uses Evernote Hello), social profiles, calendars, address books or photos of business cards.

Availability:  iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android

Note: The apps included in this post represent my own particular preferences and opinions. I am not compensated in any way by app developers, app stores or device providers.

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