A Tempting World: Day 2 at Laser Spine Institute

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Bright and early on my second day at Laser Spine Institute, I met with various patient coordinators to learn about their functions in handling new callers. It was clear from the outset that they are real “people- persons”, as in, they enjoy talking to people with back pain, learning about the patients and their symptoms.   Their main function is to handle the relationship and help screen callers with all the necessary paperwork and questions, to then determine whether they are a good candidate for surgery.  The team of patient coordinators speaks to patients, on average, five times before they then meet with the scheduler and then ultimately surgery.  The training for these patient coordinators is very thorough as they are the patients’ points of contact prior to their surgeries.  They are responsible for coordinating the MRI scans, listening to patient feedback and taking copious notes so that when the nurses and doctors finally reach them they are fully briefed and all expectations are met.

The highlight of the day was when I met with a new patient at the Orion Center, which has the clinic and handles all the patients coming into surgery.  I was shocked to learn how long he was suffering from pain, for about 15 years.  He was looking for an alternative to traditional surgery, and came across Laser Spine Institute in an advertisement while living in Connecticut. He was excited and in great comfort in the waiting room of the Orion center, enjoying a gourmet lunch and relaxing in a recliner with his wife until his appointments with the nurse.   LSI takes great measures to make sure that the patients are taken care of – from greeters at the front door of the clinic to slower-moving elevators to avoid jolts for the patients – it is easy to see that there is a high level of care to make sure the patients are as comfortable as possible.

One of the patients I met informed me that he had multiple surgeries on different parts of the spine and was so excited to report that after being bed-ridden for 3 years, he was able to walk just one hour after having surgery.   What a great story to hear and how gratifying for the employees at LSI!  As I was shadowing my patient as he went through meetings with nurses and further MRIs and X-rays, I was impressed with the depth of knowledge that the nurses had about each type of spine ailment, giving precise information about the types of motions and what it was telling them about the patient’s spine.

After meeting with the patient, I walked back to the office building and I met the marketing team.  This side of the office is full of energy; success stories are showcased on the walls and overall camaraderie and excitement to be a part of the team.  Some of the employees I met even mentioned that they miss being at work when they are away!   I am looking forward to learning more about this organization as the week continues and catching the infectious passion for this business!

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