A Tempting World: Day 3 at Four Roses Bourbon Whiskey Distillery

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My first task of the day was to prepare the tasting for the German buyers at the distillery. The buyers received a fantastic demonstration of the 3 types of Four Roses Bourbon and were able to have a sample at every manufacturing step to really understand the process that goes in to making each bottle of bourbon. We also compared the brand with competitors and the taste of Four Roses Bourbon shined.  In my opinion, Four Roses Bourbon has a smoother taste and I really believe it has a lot to do with the constant care and quality control that they use in their manufacturing.

Next, we learned about the history of the Four Roses Bourbon brand.  Just like most other bourbons of the 1800s, the story has romantic overtones. Legend has it that Four Roses Bourbon was founded when the founder, Paul Jones Jr., asked a young southern belle he was smitten over to marry him. She replied, “If you see me at the church with four roses, then it will be a yes.” The story goes that she did in fact have a corsage of four roses and thus the name was born.

I feel that my experiences as an athlete really helped during the tour because I was able to help translate for some of the attendees – converting Celsius measurements to Fahrenheit as well as translating some German to English.  In addition, I feel that traveling abroad during my training and while competing has really helped me to develop the ability to network and feel comfortable with people from all around the globe.  I must say that the Southern hospitality that I have witnessed during my time in Kentucky has been tremendous and I really feel honored to have been given the opportunity to spend some time at Four Roses Bourbon.

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