A Tempting World: Introduction to Laser Spine Institute

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Like many Olympic athletes, I grew up competing every day for almost all of my life.  Over time, the aches and pains I got from performing at such a high level has taken a toll on my body and makes me think twice about the long term consequence of being so competitive.  Luckily, I’ve not had any major career-ending injuries and today through my introduction to the Laser Spine Institute (LSI), I am realizing how imperative it is for individuals who have had major injuries that high quality care is available.

To say I learned a lot on my first day at LSI is quite an understatement.  I received a crash course on the spine and learned a great amount about this amazing company.  Since 2005, the LSI has gone through explosive growth, having performed more than 26,000 surgeries. I had no idea of the size of the operation, nor the stories behind their philosophy and culture. What’s even more surprising is how it’s an outpatient center, meaning it’s not a hospital.  It lets them specialize solely on spine surgery and LSI is proudly the leader in endoscopic spine surgery. I was impressed to find out that the recovery time is significantly reduced from that of conventional surgery, while the satisfaction is greatly increased.  LSI has expanded to over 500 employees and continues to grow daily.

I was able to meet one of the founders of LSI, Dr. Perry, who described his vision of expanding across the globe as a leader in endoscopic spinal surgery.  I could see his enthusiasm for helping people and he expressed that this business is really a dream come true.  He is proud to be surrounded by a team of dedicated individuals who share in his passion for helping others each day.    I was able to ask Dr. Perry tons of questions and really was able to understand how they perfect their techniques and I was able to learn about the instruments they use during surgery.   What a great first day and another “A Tempting World,” I can’t wait to meet a patient tomorrow and follow them through the surgery process!

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